NEW Titanium Utility-Blade Knife

​Quite an exciting couple of things to share with you today... (well, I'm excited about them at least :-P)

​First up:

​I have a new titanium prototype I've been working on. I'm fairly pleased with how it's coming together and thought I'd ask for your thoughts on it before I start going for production (just in case it's super un-popular)...

​Titanium Utility-Blade Knife (Prototype)

I'm going to be flat-out honest with you here...

The design I'm about to reveal to you is something I am fairly confident is going to be popular.

I'm damn excited about this design. It's super-functional ...minimalist ...fully-titanium ...and will be made entirely in-house by me. 🙂

However, here's the truth:

I want to make sure I'm not mis-guided or over-confident because, let's be honest here, this could be a poor product and I'm not seeing it objectively.

The design is 95% finished ...and I just have a handful of small tweaks to go to finalize it - so what you will see is a decent representation of what the finished product will be.

Oh, and one more thing...

Typically, when I design products, the longer it takes me the simpler and simpler the design gets.

So, ironically, the simpler and more "basic" the design looks - the longer I have spent on the design (this played out with all my designs almost without exception!).

The design is simple - but it has taken me a long time and a ton of frustration to get there (yeah, I know, it probably doesn't look like it when you see the end result).

Here is a short video with a little explanation and showing the function of it:

(NOTE: This is a prototype and not the final product ...there are more design tweaks to go!)

​And here are some photos to give you a better idea of it:

IMPORTANT: The final button design will likely be fairly different to this. The button below is a little "busy" (the final design will be cleaner looking).

​Here are a few "features":

  • Fully Grade 5 Titanium
  • Simple two-part design (Frame + Slider)
  • ​Blade can be replaced without tools
  • Loop at rear for attaching to keychain
  • ​"Clicks" into position when closed (and does the same for the open position)
  • Accepts standard "Stanley" utility blade
  • ​Blade extends out around 21mm (or 0.83") - more than most similar tools
  • One-handed operation

The dimensions:

  • Length: 70mm (2.75")
  • Width: 25mm (1.00")
  • Thickness: 5mm (0.20")

​Curious as to ​your thoughts on this? Please do comment below - thank you!

Next up...

​Custom Knife-Grinding "Jig"

​Over the last few months I've been sharing the progress on the Flixx™ - Friction Folder knife.

We have had various production issues - but the issue that's caused us the most grief is the blades.

The blades are CNC machined and, if you take a look back at the last handful of blog posts, you'll see we've tried different approaches​ ​machining the blades.

​Long story short:

After one or two more "failures" we've finally figured out a method that now works.

The downside is that the blades are not now 100% cnc-machined only. There is now an element of hand-madeness (is that a word?) to the blades.

We now give the blades a light skim on a knife-grinding machine to "clean up" the main bevels on the blade before tumbling/heat-treating.

​It's working very well and we're starting to ship blades again (after endless problems for the last couple of months).

Now, here's a little secret about me...

​While I really enjoy coming up with new designs for products that will end up in hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of peoples hands ...I also enjoy designing and making things that only serve the purpose of improving our own in-house production.

​This last weekend I spent two days designing and making a custom "jig" for the sanding of the bevels on the Flixx knife.

​It's totally over-built - but I needed to guarantee the rigidity of it:

I had to wait until Monday to see if it was going to work. The reason for that is I have never ground a knife blade before - but Nathan has done quite a bit of it ...and so he was tasked with the testing of it.

​Turns out it's working even better than we ​hoped - woohoo!

​So, yeah, like I said ...this new jig is finally letting us finish the blades and ship them (the project is already late).

​And that's all I have for you today. 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Neat. But whee i live it might as well be named The incarcerator. Laws are too restrictive and open to interpretation.

  • Max says:

    It looks like blade touches the frame. So it will become unsharp very quickly.

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    Sold! Where can I send my money?

    Not sure if it is possible, but it would be great if as well as having it lock when open and closed, if you can have it lock in different open lengths. Sometimes when opening boxes, I don’t want/need the blade fully extended. Just my 2 cents.

    I’ll be buying a couple either way.

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Lucas, good to hear from you! Yes, this is something I had considered – the “notched” opening. I’m not 100% sure I’ll do it – will see how the prototyping goes.

      Similarly, I have used this kind of knife with only a little protrusion of the blade.

  • Linwood says:

    Finally!!! Can’t wait. Definitely gonna need a couple.

    • Linwood says:

      I usually like a prybar of sorts on these things…. But I have so many that I kinda like the minimalistic nature of this….

      Maybe you’ll have a couple versions over time.

      The size is perfect!

    • Magnus says:

      Cheers Linwood – thank you for your thoughts on this. Yeah, going for minimalist here for sure.

  • ET says:

    I agree……..Whee……Not robust…..for big hands…..

    great design…..( a little bigger…….and I order several…..

  • Mark Gamble says:

    I quite like this fit well in my toolkit and would order one.
    In the UK I don’t think you could carry it around on a chain though..

    • Adam says:

      Should be fine for uk carry, if the blade locks then you’d be in trouble, it’s not long enough to be oversize.

      • Magnus says:

        Hmmm, I did not think locking would be an issue for legality – interesting.

        • Curby says:

          Having a friction fit or detent may be fine, but some jurisdictions have restrictions on traditional locking mechanisms like lockbacks, liner locks, etc.

        • Adam Waller says:

          Its only an issue for UK carry if the blade locks in the “out” position, and as the other comment says, a small detent that can be overcome by light thumb pressure is fine.
          UK carry laws are for length and full locking mechanisms.
          Im sure this will be no issue.

  • Per says:

    Looks very nice the utility blade knife!! Clean and simple!

  • Kelvin says:

    Really like the looks of the utility knife tool! What I have currently in use and love is the titanium TPT slide with pocket clip. I hope the keychain hole is not diagonally oblong as it slides around key rings etc too much. Perhaps two holes, one hex shape for hex bits? A low profile almost invisible pocket clip? Built in bottle opener? Best wishes and kakite.

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you for your feedback. The hole, at this stage, is diagonally oblong. I am still testing that hole at this stage for it’s functionality.

      I like the idea of a pocket-clip – that would be very cool. Had not considered it to be honest – will see if something is possible in that regard.

      Going to be the design minimalist – so won’t put any other feature on it such as bottle opener, etc. this time.

  • Jerry Welch says:

    The utility blade open and closed positions need to have a very strong, positive click in so it’s somewhat safe for cutting and pocket carry.

  • Rick Kier says:

    Looks good.
    Where do I send my money.

  • Javier Vives says:

    Hola Magnus, me gusta el nuevo cúter. Parece ligero y pequeño, me gusta para mi trabajo.

  • Joe says:

    I like it! I often carry a similar device, a popular and expensive model, which I like very much. However, I carry this one in place of a regular knife. This one I might bring along in addition, and use where I don’t want to risk damaging my finer blade. Hopefully not too expensive!?

  • JK says:

    Does the blade lock in the open position? That would be a deal breaker for me if it doesn’t. I’d also like to see it a tad longer.

    • Magnus says:

      Yes, it should lock open (I’m still tweaking that part of the design on the prototypes).

      I’m trying to make it as small as possible. However, someone else mentioned having it larger …so maybe that could be a different version.

  • Fabian says:

    It appears like utility EDC tools are quite a trend these days. I do understand it though. I’ve been carrying the TPT by bigidesign a lot! That’s also the niche where I would put this tool.
    However with the TPT, a lot of possibilities are covered: great extraction, tool-less assembly, no rattle, prying, bottle opener, flat screw driver and even a wrench…. it would be hard to compete with the TPT and even more importantly: it shouldn’t. Rather make something unique like you have always done so far!
    This being said, a problem I see with most of the utility blade “keeper” is that only the first centimeter of the blade can be used.That’s a shame in my opinion. Maybe you can modify your slide in a way that the whole length of the blade can be used? (spectrum energetic came up with a mechanism for a folder which allows that, maybe you can turn this into a slider that needs no tools for assembly?)

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you for your feedback Fabian.

      This blade should get around 20mm of use – but definitely not the full length unfortunately.

      I also have the TPT – from Kickstarter I believe. It’s incredibly slim!

  • Vitaly says:

    Hi Magnus,

    The design looks good, but I would love to see the super-grippy “finger grooves” (like on your HangKey) on both top and bottom of the handle. That’s a sharp blade and hands get sweaty sometimes. 🙂

    Also, would it be possible to have two sizes of the utility knife? A small one (like your prototype) for EDC and smaller jobs, and a larger one for the toolbox and jobs that require a better hold of the knife?

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Vitaly, two good points!

      I am starting to think about two versions.

      Also, yes, I’ll take a little look into finger grooves and whether they are needed.

  • Barry says:

    I like it and will buy it.

  • Jeff J. says:

    I’ve been caring pocket knives for about 30 years now. The RUK has replaced my knives for 99% of my EDC needs. I own a TPT, TPT slide, & a R.U.T. I really like the RUK for its ergonomic one handed operation, however I hate the bottle opener hook. Everything EDC has a bottle opener on it now. How many bottle openers do I need to carry? Please don’t put a bottle opener on it! Also, I think “Max” is onto something…. find a way to protect the blade from dulling from sliding inside. BTW, the TiWallet is a complete game-changer! I love how minimal it is, and how it slips in and out of the pocket so easily. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you for your thoughts Jeff. I had not seen the RUK before – it’s a nice design.

      Also, glad you are enjoying the wallet. Very cool!

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, I already have a good utility blade knife made in Japan. Since your product is actually a holder for a Stanley blade and not made with a titanium blade (made by you), I’m not interested in owning one. I would want one if you also made the blade as part of the design.

    • Magnus says:

      Cheers Robert. Yeah, this one will definitely be for standard blades.

      However, if I was to make a blade – then it would have to be out of steel as titanium will not hold an edge unfortunately.

  • Charles A. says:

    Could there be a belt clip on it as well?

  • George Stanley Teate says:

    Please do make this knife. If price point is not too high and blades are not Titanium, quick & easy to replace, I’m in.

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you George. Yes, blades will definitely not be titanium. I have seen that your can get ceramic blades …which is interesting. Never used one myself though.

  • Jesse A says:

    I currently have a dozen Titanium Utility-Blade Knife from different makers some good some just outright useless, a few things I would recommend, first must fit the LENOX Gold Utility Knife Blades these blades are a slight difference then the Stanley blade. Second, if possible a small magnet to help from rattling, third must lock up securely.

  • Curby says:

    Two things re: safety:

    1) A split ring or other attachment mechanism in the lanyard hole could contact the back of the sliding blade carrier, and possibly unlock it. Having a fully-enclosed lanyard hole in the body will prevent any amount of jostling from causing your keychain to strike the back of the blade carrier.
    2) In the closed position, the body barely covers the tip of the blade. Extending the body out a bit further will make for a safer product.

    And two about variants:

    3) Any chance for a lefty variant? Right now if I were to open it with my left hand, the blade edge would be facing up. An alternative would be to make an ambidextrous design where the blade can be installed in different orientations to accommodate handedness.

    4) People are rightly asking for a larger design, for better ergonomics, grip, etc. However, what about a smaller one? Many jobs like opening mail and packages just requires a tiny blade. Using #11 hobby blades would allow for a convenient, compact package, and is an area that hasn’t seen a lot of innovation. We already have a bigidesign TPT. How about something that can do most of the same tasks, but also handle more delicate tasks that require finer control and a sharper blade tip?

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Curby, all VERY good points you’ve made…

      In reply to these:

      — I’ll do more testing and see if a separate lanyard hold is required.

      — You’re right about the tip of the blade sticking out when in the closed position – this was just a prototype issue (will not be so far out in production).

      — I’ve really struggled to make the knife able to accommodate left/right handedness at the same time. However, I don’t see an issue with make both versions – will see what I can do there.

      — Yes, I would like to make a smaller one at some point in the future with a #11 hobby blade for sure!

  • Joe Zhang Hougaard says:

    I would buy it!

  • Maxim says:

    “In March, the Transportation Security Administration had announced a decision to allow passengers to once again carry small, folding blades up to 2.36 inches (6 centimeters) in length, such as small pocket knives and foil cutters for corkscrews, on board commercial airplanes”

    So make sure that the blade is <=6cm 🙂 Then the tool will be much more useful.

  • Norman Miyamoto says:

    How much do you think your utility knife will go for ? And yes, I believe you have a winner. I’d back it right now…

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you Norman. I’m aiming to get it under 100USD – but, truthfully, the machining on this is fairly involved. Will have to see how it unfolds over the next couple of weeks.

  • Bryan Frank says:

    Without having it in hand, the “MUST HAVE” factor for me is that the blade stays locked, no matter how much (human hand) pressure you apply to it. Mechanisms that are easy to use and very small are also sometimes too easy to unlock. I’m all for minimalist design and size (and I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in the design and build skills of your team), but I’d be interested in what “tests” have been done on this one issue, because:

    I had a utility blade holder “unlock” on me while I was putting “some” pressure on it, to push the blade into a material, and the really sharp blade made an EXTRA DEEP cut in my hand! It looked sort of like “Psycho” had happened, with all the blood!

    I’ve never lifted weights or done anything that “athletic”, though, so the amount of force wasn’t all that much. If it can AT ALL be be “deformed” or made to release in any way, I would be concerned (as that made a lasting impression on me, even though it was YEARS ago).

    Thanks for reading and thanks for hopefully “not so impossibly” high standards! 😉

    Bryan Frank

    Wasn’t sure whether I needed to fill in the name and email, so I did anyway (even though I’m on your email list…?

  • E. Jones says:

    Your new Ti utility-blade knife is a lovely design – minimal and elegant. I suggest adding a lock in both the open and closed positions, for easier use and general safety. Maybe employ the blade as a spring, flexed by the opening button to release, so no added parts.

  • b says:

    I used one bigidesign. Too gritty. That mechanism is super important. Replacement of the blade should be super easy as well. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Gusto says:

    Ceramic blades are a little thicker, but if you adjusted the opening to accommodate them, then incorporating a magnet would keep steel blades from rattling. Providing a “sampler pack” of blades would be an awesome stretch goal or add-on.

  • Lyndon Clements says:

    Hi Magnus. It’s been a long time, years. Glad you are thriving. The utility knife looks great and I will buy one, if, the blade does not lock out ? You know UK knife law, things are bad here blade wise at the mo so I’ll only carry sub 3 inch non locking blades. Let me know if you can. Cheers

  • Prash says:

    On a completely unrelated note, please make a fountain pen if at all you had any designs in the pipeline! 😀

  • Mike Nayler says:

    Utility knife looks awesome 😎
    I’m in ‼️

  • Richard Knapp says:

    I believe that a “depth” adjustment would be of a great benefit. That would allow for trimming pictures from magazines, cutting string, opening a box without cutting the contents inside or performing minor surgery or shaving the insulation from an electrical wire. Exacting work. I would also like to see a locking mechanism so that the blade would not move, regardless of pressure when in use or open unexpected in ones pocket.
    Having purchased your products I have no doubt that you’ll figure out what is best.

  • Michael says:

    I’ve ordered a bunch of your older stuff, and I, honestly, haven’t been excited about much until your Fliptility. I wanted to comment on that page, but I couldn’t find the form.

    Anyway, at a 200-250$ price point, I would have been super excited! At a 400$ price point, I wish you luck.

    I’m also excited about your belt buckle. Take care!

  • This is perfect for my lighting crews on film sets. I’d love to order a couple of hundred if the price is right. Could you let me know when the are available.

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