Titanium Wallet Prototype

Important confession

This is very much an older prototype. I repeat… an older prototype.

But, in saying that, it’s been my full-time wallet for a number of months now.

And, to be honest…

It’s damn good!

I can’t tell you how awesome it is when someone asks for my I.D. …and I can just flick-over my titanium wallet and it’s there!

Take a look: (yes, I know, there are ugly, hideous screws poking out everywhere – but just look at it in terms of function for now)






There is no place for cash on this titanium wallet  …but it is an older prototype.

Thought you’d like to see it and I welcome your thoughts as always. 🙂


  • David Smith says:

    I actually like that. Just put a place for few notes and sorted

  • Kirill says:

    I don’t like this one. I would say at all. Sorry, Magnus, just trying to be honest with you.

  • Troyski says:

    I Agree with David Smith..somewhere for notes would be good.

    Now thinking…I use a wallet case for my iPhone….titanium phone case/wallet?

  • Hi Magnus,

    This has the potential to grow is a good solution, for me though. Please add space for some bank notes and I will start working on living without coins in my wallet. That is a promise to you…
    I like your thinking, I like your design, but…… this needs a little bit more of both 😉
    For a reasonable price, I would be your test person, my charges are not so high for that 😀


  • klyph says:

    Like many minimalist wallets you end up limited to number of cards you can carry. And if the hinge mechanis holding the cards in place is loose (which will happen in time and with use) you end up playing a mini game of 52 pick up at inopportune times. That and the lack of space for bank notes and coins makes it not a good solution for many. It’s a good solution for some.

  • Michael W. says:

    My first question would be, is this designed for front or rear pocket? I’m not fond of sitting on a hunk of Ti (I’m a rear pocket wallet guy). However, this wallet appeals to me. If you soften or get rid of the edges that might tear my pants over time, you just might have a winner here!

  • Matthias M. says:

    wow, looks great.
    i am missing two functions: RFID shielding and a secure place to put my money (notes only).
    but the wallet itself looks absolutely stunning.
    i hope, it is big enough, since i need room for 10 cards and money.
    i am lookinf forward to seeing more prototypes of this model 🙂

  • Marek says:

    Don’t like it either… I already have a few such wallets.
    Wallum (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2010554240/wallum-the-new-simple-wallet)
    Flexy (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/520589318/flexy-20-titanium-un-wallet),
    and waiting for Ti2 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mikebond/28-titanium-wallet) to arrive any time now, and I have to say I use wallum everyday for nearly a year now and there are only 2 things I would change about it.
    I would like to have clip instead of rubber band for the money, and of course have it made from titanium 🙂
    Orings are simply great. They provide flexibility – it doesn’t matter if I have 1 or 7 cards in (which is max I usually have with me), and they are cheap, easy to get and easy to replace (not that I needed to do so so far).
    The thing I don’t like about the rubber band, is that sometimes it is quite a hassle to get money into it. Thats, where the clip would come handy.
    So basically what I would like to see, is titanium Wallum with mini Ti2 on it 🙂

  • William says:

    Looks great, it has massive potential, and I look forward to the finished version.

  • Bob Lukach says:

    I like the overall design (I’ll call it “chic industrial”!). Not sure how bulky this will be in a back pocket? Just a small spot for cash and I’m all set. Nice job Magnus!

  • Herbert says:

    As you said, it’s not there yet, but i see a lot of potential and a potential winner there!

  • Arion says:

    I’m not sure I would use it, but it sure looks cool.

  • Julian says:

    So at first I did not like this at all, but it is growing on me. Its not as sleek as I would hope, but it is just a prototype.

    You had expressed a need to have a completely titanium product(no elastics), have you considered using a spring type mechanism. Admittedly titanium might not be the best product for this (too costly), and it may depreciate over time. Just a thought. But I’ll probably buy anything that can hold my cards and cash (no need for coins in the US) in a sleek minimalist design. Thanks!

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