TiVault – Secure Titanium Storage

​Do you remember the TiVault™ (Secure Titanium Storage Cache) I mentioned on the blog previously?

​Well ...it's going to be made soon.

But, before I get into that, I'd like to take a minute to mention a Kickstarter project to you. My friend Steph from www.KohiPoint.com​ (she's the one who makes the various leather pouches for my products) ...has just launched another Kickstarter project.

It's a minimalist Slim Leather Wallet made from a single piece of leather (I think I might have given her the idea ...I honestly can't remember ...but I better not take credit in case it was actually her idea :-P).

Click Here to check it out right now.

​I've been carrying this wallet for a couple of weeks now ...and it's been working damn well.

Althought, to be honest, I've not used the front pocket for paper-money because here in New Zealand not many people carry cash (it's pretty much all cards here). I've only used it for cards.

​Titanium Spinner (Last Few Left!)

​One more thing before we get to the TiVault™...

​We have some (well, 9 to be precise) bead-blast finish Nerve™ Titanium Spinners available.

​The reason we have them available is because they were colored either red, blue or black ...but the buttons were a slightly different tone ...which kind of bugged me​ to be honest.

So, long story short:

I've bead-blasted them so the bodies and buttons work well together in terms of looks.

Here's what they look like:

​Like I said, I only have 9 available so I'm pretty sure they will sell fast (especially since I've knocked the price down to just $99).

Click here to grab yours right now.

The 'TiVault™'

​Okay, so finally we can talk about the TiVault™!

The TiVault™ is 100% happening. The final prototype should be finished this coming Thursday/Friday.

​We've almost finished the final "key" for the TiVault™. Just have the tumbling process to go and it's done (but I wanted to update you right now ...so I never waited until the tumbling was done :-D).

Here's some of the process of the making of the key...

​​The water-jet cut blank:

​CNC milling of the water-jet blank into the part:

​Before and after of the milling of the key.

​The underside of the key (that triangle at the front "slots" into the the cap of the TiVault™).

​The topside of the key:

​So a couple of things about the "key:

#1 - I've designed it so it will fit onto your keychain along with your regular keys - it's 53mm (around 2") long.

#2 - I've given it a little bit more of a design "flair" than I typically do on products​. Usually I keep things super-simple ...but, in this case, it's just come together really well.

Like I said, the final prototype of the main TiVault™ body + cap is being done right now ...and should be finished at the end of the week.

​Now, the tricky bit...

I'm going to have to do a self-hosted crowdfund (or at least a pre-order) for the TiVault™ ...because, honestly, the material to make these is a tough one to carry in stock.

​Not only is it fairly costly for the material ...but I don't make any other products with 2" diameter titanium bar - so I need to know exactly how much material to order to make these.

Luckily I have a couple of fairly fast and reliable suppliers for titanium round bar ...so, once the pre-order ​is done, then it only takes two to three weeks to get the bar (although, I think Christmas might extend this a bit).

One last (important) thing...

​The window to order your TiVault™ will only be open for something like 48 or 72 hours - and then I will close it (probably until next year ...but, hey, maybe never again ...because that has happened with some products in the past).

​The reason for limiting it is because I'm going to buy exactly the amount of 2" that is required - don't want to hold any extra in stock.

So, yeah, keep an eye out for an email in the next few days for the TiVault™. 🙂

  • Kelly Stinnett says:

    Thanks, Magnus, for the update!! Cool wallet (I think it might have been her idea!!)
    EXCITED for the tivault…. thanks for making this a reality 🙂

  • Bob Gelb says:

    What’s a TiVault used for?

    • Vance Newton says:

      I’m interested in the TiVault but I still don’t understand what it is used for either. Is it a container? a keychain ? I don’t understand it.

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