TiWrench™ Launching Soon…

Here’s another “sneak peak” for you…

I’ve decided to call this ultra-minimalist titanium tool the TiWrench™.

You may not believe this but it’s taken a lot of time and energy to get the TiWrench™ to this minimalist and compact state.

Here’s a little “insider secret”: It’s actually more difficult to produce a simple design …as opposed to a complex, intricate design.

As someone famous once said (it was Leonardo da Vinci I think) …“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Take a look at this:



Classic Cogent Industries Matte finish…


A TiWrench next to a standard Bicycle® playing card...

A TiWrench™ next to a standard Bicycle® playing card…


Here’s what you need to know…

At the time of posting this little update for you – then I’ll be launching the TiWrench™ around 24 hours from now (make sure you check your email).

  • roman says:

    Hello Magnus, I have not received one of my orders. How to get your help with locating the parcel. All I need is any receipt/document that you received upon sending it out. Please let me know how to best contact you. Tried to reach you by email several times already, no luck 🙂

    ps. received Pry Mal – it is really cool, thank you

    thank you


  • Michael says:

    Do you’ve any size comparison pics for the double sided tool? To a card, or the hangkey, or in hand?

  • Joe w says:

    Wow I never realised how small it was, its very compact, nicely done Magnus!

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