Too Much Titanium?

Good-day to you!

I’ve been doing a little thinking lately and thought I’d run something past you…

Take a look at this photo:

A Selection of Some Of The High-End Titanium Gear I've Produced Here At Cogent...

A Selection of Some Of The High-End Titanium Gear I’ve Produced Here At Cogent…

What’s the common theme here? Yep, you got it, it’s 100% titanium (hell, all that gear is even resting on a titanium sheet!).

Don’t get me wrong…

I love titanium. The more the better for sure.

But lately I’ve been doing some thinking. What I do here at Cogent Official International Headquarters (or,“my kitchen table”, as I more commonly call it :-D) is make things better than others make them.

And not just a little better… but 100% the best. Best materials. Best finish. No compromising. The whole shaboodle!

Here’s my thought for you:

Why just limit things to high-end titanium gear (that typically goes in your pocket or bag)?

I’m thinking I should take some of my no-holds-barred-Magnus-you-cannot-be-serious-no-one-else-would-consider-doing-that approach to the design and creation of non-titanium gear.

For example: what about a small, high-end rucksack. My initial thought would be for all the “hardware” components on it to be made from titanium (none of that plastic stuff everyone else uses).

I’m just kinda throwing this out there.

Actually, I’m not even sure if I’m telling the truth here – perhaps the reason for this post is because I’ve received a few things recently that I pledged for on, they have come from China¬†and they’ve been pretty damn disappointing in terms of quality. They looked so good in the photos as well! Damn it.

I’m not knocking Kickstarter either. I love Kickstarter …it’s what allowed me to start Cogent!

Oh, and I don’t even mind that products come from China (hell, most electronics are made in China – Sony, Apple, and so on). It’s really just the level of quality (and almost always the feel and function of the end product).

Yeah, maybe that’s the reason for this post. I think I’m just kinda sick and tired of being disappointed again and again that something I ordered is, in fact, a piece of mass-produced garbage.

I’m happy to pay three or four times the price for it …I just want to KNOW it’s going to damn good quality.

Okay, I’m done ranting! ūüėõ

So, yeah, I’m keen to venture into the non-titanium world and offer you something that still conforms to my you-gotta-be-kidding-me, sky-high standards (as well as my Lifetime Guarantee, support and everything else that other businesses seem to miss).

If there is anything in particular you’d like me to make, then comment below…

  • Doug says:

    Love to see the little titanium wrench revisited. Most of the one piece tools out there are not worth a crap.

  • Bella says:

    I would love to order three pair of tweezers .
    I enjoy the blog , you do write well . Bella

  • Travis says:

    I am a fan of plain ole tumbled titanium. That’s it and that’s all, man.

    A titanium capless pen would be awesome. Titanium belt buckle. Titanium hardware on a backpack sounds good. Titanium wallet.

  • Mark says:

    A nice rucksack would be good ,as would a small titanium wrench.

  • Phil says:

    I say make whatever you want. full blown, high end, over engineered, expensive products are your specialty. Why limit it to titanium?

  • Dan says:

    The regular ones. The slide out are cool and all but I think they are more of a novelty item and less practical for every day use. Sure they would make a cool gift but I think the regular would be better for actually using and not just looking at. Im in for a set of the regular ones

  • michael says:

    Rucksack would be hard i think, far out of your comfort zone. you make titanium stuff for it but also the bag itself needs to be mill spec rigidness.

    Something like titanium cobra style
    buckles, other titanium pen designs etc would be cool

  • Shaun Quinlan says:

    Stick to what you’re doing and doing proper well, making everyday objects with a beautiful material and unique design. I’d like to see more everyday things with your design sense applied to them, everyday for me is metric spanners. Also ditch kickstarter, I know it got you started but you’re way past that “fund this awesome idea” stage now.

  • Eric Brady says:

    I say make what you want. Other than titanium, maybe you could try zirconium on a few products(ie. Mr pry, key hang, beads).

  • Brandon says:

    I would love to see some sort of small combination wrench. There isn’t really a good option out there.

    I think making things from Al, Cu, or Brass would be good. It might get others interested and hooked on your products at a lower price point.

  • Jing Magsaysay says:

    An everyday carry bag thats not bulky, doesnt look like your military, not a fashion item. Plenty of pockets for all that titanium, solid metal buckles, weatherproof, an edc bag to end all edc bags.

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    Hi again Magnus. I have numerous products from you and I love them all.

    I am still waiting with bated breath for news on your Titanium Wallet. Do you have any more news on this front?

    I work in retail and every day I have the need to open boxes, lots and lots of boxes. I have your Scalper bottle opener on my key ring, and I often use it to open boxes. But I would ideally love a dedicated box cutter with a bottle opener and possibly a couple of other functions (pry bar, screwdriver, etc).

    I am also a big fan of the finger hole (as you have on the Scalper) so if you could keep that, it would be a bonus.

    Thanks and I can’t wait to see what you have planned next.

  • Brad says:

    I think expanding to other materials and types of products is a great idea. Even if you started simply by offering some of the products you already make in other metals, like copper or brass. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

  • Suwandi says:

    I’m still prefer Titanium than other material.

    For me it’s exclusive, if want something common then I can just buy from amazon

  • Todd says:

    I buy your stuff because it IS made from Titanium. Love it. I even bought a Titanium toothpick from another site.

  • DanO says:

    I quite like the idea of titanium hardware for bags – I ve had several WWII era and earlier military bags, and the only thing I haven’t seen duplicated to this day is the quality hardware.

    While you making the entire thing yourself would be cool, I could also see teaming up with one of no compromise bag makers out there to make a special edition with titanium hardware – like Saddleback Leather or Red Oxx manufacturing.

  • Yasin says:

    Hi Magnus,
    I kind of like the idea. I too am a keen supporter of Kickstarter. Like you, I have been disappointed with some of the items I pledged for. They look good in the pictures but it is another thing altogether when you received it.
    But there are those that surpassed my expectations. Your products are one of them.
    Back to your rant, the answer is an absolute YES!
    It would be great to have a small high end rucksack with titanium components. Something along the line of the Oakley ‘Kitchen Sink’ model but a downsized version. It would be awesome! I use Bobblebee backpacks too so you have an idea what I mean. It doesn’t have to have an all fibre glass outer shell but you know what I mean in terms of products that these 2 brands represents:- quality . Something that you have in common. It can be a small to medium rucksack , with rather minimalist design. Compact enough to carry a 13inch lap top or iPad. But with titanium accessories that can be attached ie carrabiners, hooks or mesh for bicycle helmets, pockets for water bottles with titanium loops for attachment etc. Just some ideas to play around with. And just as important is good quality material for the rucksack and quality stitching. The last is something to really think through. So far one such good product from Kickstarter is the Ranger backpack from Mochibrand ,another Kickstarter product. Hope you have some ideas from my rant! Lol!! Looking forward to your next project!

  • Josh Batcher says:

    What about some superconductor beads? It’s copper and titanium together.. Just a thought..

  • Lawrie says:

    Please please please do a backpack with Titanium buckles! I’ve been thinking about the exact same thing. But please make it out of Hybrid Cuben Fibre (or Dyneema or Spectra or whatever its called theses days). Then it would be the toughest, coolest, must own bit of kit out there.

    Check out Hemi Planet for bags with Ti Buckles –

    and Outlier for a way cool bag made of Hybrid Cuben.

    AND THEN, bring it all together into one awesome rig!

    All the best and GO BROTHER!

  • Anne says:

    Don’t compare what you make with what is made in China – quality ranges from horrible to good. Certain manufacturers produce good stuff because they have huge contracts that ride on what they supply. Others have their customers’ QC people stationed there and yet others employ companies to oversee their QC.

    Unfortunately, Kickstarter projects are new business and are often taken advantage of by the manufacturers who cannot or will not produce to the standard they have promised.

    There are many unscrupulous manufacturers in China; they fake salt, eggs, milk powder – just about anything that can can make a dime on.

  • Rambo says:

    Something for EDC? Since you already start making pens, how about expend you pen line up to “Tactical” pen? Now most of this kind of pen in the market are too “tactical” look that it looks like you want to start a fight anytime. Maybe something that look more like a normal pen, just a little thicker for the grip and still have the function of glass breaker. Another EDC item is a small hook knife that cut seatbelts. Maybe just the size like your Scalper. Both these items are just for emergency but I would like to have one with me when I need it.

    About the other materials, maybe consider bronze, copper and brass. I have a brass pen which I don’t use it as much as your “the one” pen. But it look cool when they cover with patina.

  • Natalie says:

    measuring spoons – either stainless steel or titanium is OK. There are no decent metal measuring spoons out there – they’re all sharp edges and a horrible finish. Also a SS or Ti funnel with a wide mouth say about 3.5 to 4cm wide (the mouth) for funneling food into jars. They are two things I’ve been trying to get for ages

  • Florian Ladwig says:

    There is no such thing as too much titanium… then again copper would be nice… or zirkonium… ūüôā
    Also instead of the rucksack, what about a satchel/messenger bag?

  • Ben says:

    I’d love to see some copper and superconductor stuff just love the way they look

  • James says:

    Multi tool – make it not too big, say 5:6 tools is plenty but a corkscrew knife, plier, screwdriver, awl combo is pretty hard to beat

  • Solid brass items would be nice too…

  • Bill says:

    Mokume is really cool material. I’ve seen some excellent replacement scales for popular pocket knives like the Benchmade Griptillian & mini-Griptillian

  • Michael says:

    I work in the real estate market and I have to do repairs from time to time. I do not like carrying a tool box with me as it clutters my vehicle. With that thought, have you ever considered a screwdriver set, pliers or something along those lines? Items that are sized for EDC and still functional would be a great option.

    The items in the local box stores are either too large and bulky for EDC or so small I can’t really use them effectively in my situation. I have gone through 3 or 4 multi-tools of good quality but I wear them out with daily use.

    I also like the idea of a rucksack and would be interested in seeing a concept design.

    Thanks for everything and look forward to the possibilities!

  • Sylvia says:

    I see would like to see a titanium chap stick holder. It’s one of those things everyone carries in their pocket and misplaces…

  • Daniel says:

    I’m a big fan of titanium but I also like high end stainless steel and aluminium very much and wouldn’t mind seeing Cogent using those alloys, too.

  • steve says:

    Nah. Hardware is like 10% of what makes a pack work or suck. I say stick with titanium. Want to really stretch yourself? Try some really cool Titanium sunglass frames. you could source some high grade lenses elsewhere. Or really, really stretch things and try a totally rad watch. Maybe a collab with fellow kiwi Dion and his own obsessive brand Magrette on something.

  • Mats Lofstrom says:

    As said earlier: EDC stuff in titanium would be great.

    A rucksack with all “hard” parts in Ti would also be great, but designing and manufacture a great rucksack is hard. Make sure to get help from someone that knows how to do it. Maybe your fellow Kiwis at Minaal:

  • Mats Lofstrom says:

    One more thing: Bigger pill pots. The ones we got from you are a too small to be useful.

  • David says:

    I’d like to see you make a titanium vegetable/fruit peeler.

  • damon says:

    COPPER! I love copper either keeping it shiny with wax or clear coat or just letting it patina on its own. Plus there are many different ways of forcing different color patina!

  • Bill - again... says:

    Maybe it’s just my fading eyesight but I find myself seeking out a small magnifying lense a few times a week. It’d be handy to have in a protected enclosure on my keychain.

  • Chris says:

    Totally agree on your Kickstarter thoughts. I won’t name the project but a titanium watch I received somewhat recently (also made in China) was severely disappointing. I sold it immediately.

    As for future projects, the pack idea sounds interesting. How about some kind of small titanium case? Sorta like a modern day version of a cigarette case only for EDC items?

  • Tom says:

    Good 8oz drinking cups without handles but clean titanium

  • erik says:

    I would love to see many of the same things, and some new ones in copper. that doesnt fit with your overall theme of overbuilt for the sake of making as near perfect version. Copper is softer, so it will wear or bend, where as titanium pretty much never will. Titanium is the right material, copper is a good looking material. it would just be nice to have some less expensive, still functional, and beautiful in a different way options. most of your stuff is beautiful in an engineering way. the design, machining, material, everything is so far thought out and perfect, it makes it beautiful in that it is the perfect version of whatever it is.

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, I think you need to find a need for a product, then design and build it. The products you have offered in the past are similar to other products on Kickstarter. I would like to see you come up with products that are new and haven’t been offered before on Kickstarter. I love titanium. If you want to use other materials, that is fine, but please consider what is available on the market already. I would like to suggest that whatever product you are considering to make, that you first Google it and see what is already available.

  • jmg says:

    I would LOVE to see the HangKey in brass.

  • Christophe says:

    Hi Magnus,

    you’re quite knowledgeable about titatnium processing, and running a one man business right ?

    You could try using noble materials such as brass or tungstene, but others are already supplying nice items out of them, so is that worth the trouble ?

    As far as I’m concerned, high end titanium chopsticks and dices would be a real treat


  • Kevin OCamb says:

    I would love a high end rucksack with titanium. That would be a great start.

  • Michael says:

    You do you. You get support for all that you make because it’s all great stuff. Even the suggestions you get based on popular demand you make your own. A bag would be sick. Maybe some accessories every once in a while, too. You’ve made beads, so what about high quality leather and Ti/ Timascus jewelry?

  • Eric says:

    I think you’re limiting yourself by only using titanium. I know your pens have ink cartridges and your capsules have O rings, but it’s pretty much all titanium. Not the I don’t like titanium. You’re clearly set up to work with titanium though so I understand your reluctance to diversify.

    I’d love to buy a Marlin spike, architect scale (pocket sized), and long thin pen or mechanical pencil (like around 7in). Titanium would work for those things but could be could be cool in brass or copper or steel

  • Ron Hollatz says:

    I love titanium, but also like the look of copper. I small toolkit similar to a bike set. Not just a one piece multitool. Packed in a nice ballistic pouch.

    A rucksack would be cool. I too have been disappointed with most of the Kickstarter bags and give them away for birthdays and Christmas. The best way would be to partner with someone who makes quality bags. I like my Maxpedition petition bags because I can hang anything on them. Some people aren’t into to the military look. I use my Kodiak sling bag and Versapack daily. Probably because I can get them in a left hand version. There are several companies I know of who make quality bags that would tie in well with your hardware.

  • Cheryl says:

    Gotta love the titanium, that’s your speciality, I feel other lesser metals would be a compromise. I keep my EDC in a Maxpedition small pouch, which has now expanded to two pouches… I’d like to see a nice medium size admin. pouch to put all my EDC items in so I can just throw it in my truck or pack it easily. As far as a rucksack or backpack, I know I already have my own “tried and true” favorite, Northface, and don’t think I could get used to using another style.

  • Will says:

    i need you to stay committed to titanium! if you mean you would like to branch out into other types of products that dont involve metal, then so be it… but i feel that if you try to start manufacturing stuff in other metals, you will lose focus on your specialty, and i need you to continue to offer me titanium stuff! sure, most if not all of the items you make probably have a steel or other metal counterpart that may last as long, but im not interested in steel or other metals. my edc will only be titanium, for three reasons: a.) it looks cool, 2.) its LIGHT and III.) its durable as hell. when i buy stuff from you, its the LAST stuff of its kind that i will ever have to buy, and that is the point.

  • J J WOOD says:

    Bomber bag! Seriously a holdall-type bag from you would be awesome! I’d be all over it.

  • Jmin says:

    I *really* dislike the ads on your page which have dishonest close [X] options that launch other windows and applications. I hope that anti spam app that launched isn’t malware. And so… I’m less likely to check out the links in your email messages.

  • Sylvia says:

    Or how about a titanium handcuff key?

  • Andrea says:

    I’d say stick to titanium, it’s your signature and more importantly, your niche. when I think (or see) titanium products I think cogent and that word association has got to be good? there are already heaps of (well made) backpacks available

  • Robert says:

    I’m interested to see your take on a backpack, duffel bag, or other type of EDC bag. Need a better way to carry all your titanium things without being bulky.

  • Bill Hochreiter says:

    I’m like you Magnus, I love anything titanium. But you could expand your vision – titanium bracelet, ring, belt buckle, wallet, walking stick, knife, nail clippers, plant trimmers, trowel, tools, sockets, screwdrivers, clipboard, scissors, steak knives, decorative items, watch case and/or watch band, and phone holder. Hope this list helps. If you made half of these it would keep you busy for awhile.

  • Brenna says:

    It’s a great idea to branch out to other products and keep up the outstanding quality that way there can be a product for everyone budget.

  • James M says:

    I love your titanium items, but if you were to make some new items from copper or brass i wouldn’t complain…

  • Jon says:

    I love titanium, love the stuff of yours I have. A really cool, kinda small, easy-to-carry in amusement parks and day-to-day rucksack would be awesome, especially to your standards. I like the idea of any day-to-day use item that will outlive me. I’d like to see you do a titanium nail file (seriously). And someone mentioned capless pen – second that! But mostly it’s your philosophy that makes everything great – do it better than anyone else!

  • David Shenawy says:

    Not only would a titanium adorned rucksack be nice; but a pocket organizer or tool carrier would offer an opportunity to incorporate prized high end materials into a daily carried vessel.

    It would also be swell to see you do a set of ear tunnels at 9/16 inches. But not just tunnels, maybe small screw container vessels that can be worn in the ear while carrying something else. At 9/16 in. it would be hard to store something, but for folk with larger could accommodate.

    Someone also mentioned a nail file, that would be cool as well.

    Shoot, a set of flatware would be very appealing. Just a fork knife spoon combo, maybe with matching chopsticks? Nothing too fancy.

    Have you made a yo-yo yet?

  • Mark says:

    One word;


  • Tom says:

    Already emailed you my thoughts but for public consideration a 4-way sillcock key – these things weigh over a pound. I completely back other commenters about a lite weight tool kit.

    Keep being awesome.

  • Christopher says:

    Titanium lip balm holder

  • Jeff says:

    Raw idea: Wallet in form of titanium clamshell with a fabric hinge, kept closed with powerful magnets. Titanium isn’t ferrous, so magnet force is not distributed through shell. Each clam shell half has some feature that works, like a clip to hold money or cards in place. This needs careful consideration to get right. The fabric hinge allows half shells to slip out of power attraction position. Fabric like seat belting, really tough and strong. I’d like first dibs on a prototype. Your obsession will result in good detailing, of course, Angus.

  • ThatGuy says:

    4 way Silcock Key would be amazing; no one else is doing it

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