Updates And NEW Titanium Key Holder

Okay, some updates on late products...

While we are catching up - it's slow and steady progress. Not happening as fast as I had predicted.

The pens/pencils/writing sets that were meant to ship in July are now going to ship in August (we have 60% of the components made ...working on the rest just now).

The Magnatron and Fliptility (and Project ZERO) knives are going slow. These are some of the products that are most late and it is frustrating for sure. We are working away on them - but it's taking time.

TiVault and PillPots should (hopefully) still be on target for August and September respectively.

It is challenging for us but a terrible experience for YOU - learning a lot from these mistakes.

I will continue to update as we get out of this quagmire.

SlideClick (One Handed Blade Change)

One the product page for the SlideClick™ - Titanium Utility Blade Knife I talked about being able to change the blade with one hand if you really wanted do.

I forgot I mentioned this on the product page ...but I received an email this morning from someone who was skeptical (although, in fairness, there is a chance his knife is a little stiffer to get the slider out).

Because it had been a while since I did it ...I started wonder if it WAS actually possible.

Here's a super-short video about it:

NEW Titanium Key Holder (I Have A Question For YOU)

We have a Titanium Key Holder coming out soon and we're trying to figure out how many keys YOU would put in it.

Here's the front (ignore the beat-up looking screws and the unfinished look ...this is a prototype I've been testing and thrashing the hell out of :-D):

Here's the back (how cool are those flush screws? :-P) :

We've decided that the minimum will be 4 x keys (two on each end) because it's unlikely anyone is going to want to carry a key holder for just two keys (that's my assumption at least).

We are going to offer a 6 x key version (three keys at each end) ...and an 8 x key version (four keys at each end).

If you want more than eight keys, then you're out of luck sorry because we're not going to offer that just now (unless there is more demand than I expect).

So my question to you is:

Are you likely to carry 4x, 6x or 8x keys on a key holder like this?

If you can comment below, I would really appreciate that because it would help us a lot in knowing what to offer you. Thank you!

P.S. One more thing... The screws are very special on these as we've used ceramic detent balls in a particular way so that it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for the screws to accidentally open (anyone else ever have the issues of screws coming loose on a key holder? - I certainly have!)

P.P.S. Oh... And you have complete control over the tension in the screws so that you can select if you want your keys to fold out easily ...or if you want them super-stiff to move ...or just anything in between. 🙂

  • Sebastian O says:

    In for 4 Keys!

  • Jesse says:

    Currently 4, maybe 6

  • Bob Pluss says:

    I will carry 4 keys in mine!

  • Rocco says:

    5, with one being twice as thick, and counting. There is at leadt one more that would make sense.

  • Kelvin Chong says:

    At most 4

  • Georg says:

    7 keys and your bottle opener. Already have one where the screw broke, I would appreciate one of your products!

  • Arthur Manalac says:

    1 house key, 1 pry tool, and a way to carry my car fob

  • Karl Vauter says:

    Most likely four keys, possibly six, never eight—too large a chunk of heavy metal for a pocket.

  • Richard says:

    Never mind new projects. Where’s the Ti-wallets? No update here???

  • SGT B says:

    I have one of these made by another company and it included extra spacers, washers, and various length screws so that the buyer could adjust how many keys they carry with one single kit. That’s what I’d recommend you do. I would be angry if I had to buy a new key holder every time I added keys I need to carry.

  • vlad says:

    6 to 10 keys. Different in shape and size of the flower, thickness, length. I would like a ring as I also carry a fob, two small tools and a mini-flashlight. I hope it comes with a few screws of diff lengths or a system to adjust gauge.

  • Mark says:

    4 is goood!

  • Noah M says:

    4 Keys, one being a bulky Car key with buttons

  • Herbert Eder says:

    3 keys + 1 Orbitkey Chipolo Tracker, so basically 4 keys.
    My current setup is by accident exactly the same as the one shown in the shop:

    I did have full Titanium keyholder before:
    but i tend to prefer leather now because it is more comfortable and safer for the pocket and safer to not scratch anything else i might carry in the same pocket.

    Flush and secure screws are a big plus.
    Your version holds keys on both sides – i had keyholders like that before and tend to prefer to have all keys on one side, because not all are the exact same shape and size and with keys on opposite sides they may negatively interfere with each other where they meet in the middle.
    Also make sure the keys are fully covered inside the holder and don’t poke out or they will snag onto the pocket or other stuff in the pocket.

  • Enrique says:

    I have a keysmart with the equivalent of 8 keys (4 slots are occupied by kingston flash-drives and one by the keychain adaptor).

  • Robert H says:

    Probably a six key. Reason I have a special key that is longer than the standard keys, it is also thicker than a normal key, probably two normal keys. Currently I have solved this with washers for the other side and a small key (mailbox, locker key) By adjusting and some trial and error it fits in my current key holder.
    Are you also including a loop ring?
    Looking forward to the finished product.

  • Abrasham says:

    4 max

  • Thomas P McGill says:

    I carry 3 keys everyday.

  • Emanuel Robins says:

    As a suggestion Magnus an adjustable key holder to suit each persons needs. With a pry bar/bottle opener and loop for car remote

  • David S. says:

    Currently 4 keys, but would want to be able to expand to 6, possibly 8 (not likely, but could happen).

  • Christian Meade says:

    6-8 keys for me.

  • Michael says:

    4 key is fine by me.

  • Chris says:

    I carry 5 all the time.
    one of them is however a little longer than standard, at 59.4mm, the rest are 56.7mm or less

  • Thomas Callan says:

    Magnus, I’ve had several of these type of key holders, none of which work for me. Different key heads, key fobs, etc. make this design impossible! I’ve not found an overall design that works, so I use several, which I hate!

  • Nick says:

    would be in for one with different spacers for different numbers/sizes of keys. aka changeable key axels with different lengths.

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    I would not order one simply because I like my keys to hang loose. I carry a Mr. Pry with my keys, also along with 8 others of various sizes. However, I would like you to make your version of a key ring I use, the Wilson key ring made by Craighill.co (https://craighill.co/collections/shop-all/products/wilson-keyring-brass). It would be cool if you would make a similar one in titanium.

  • Ro says:

    4 key version, with provision to attach a HookUp mini keychain clip perhaps?

  • Timothy W says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Bryan Frank says:

    4 Keys. BUT, also a way to attach/detach one holder from another holder, OR attach a holder to someone’s EDC.

  • Michael says:

    Interested in the 4 key holder design. Wondering if you’d be able to make a 4 keyed version where all 4 keys attach at the same end.

  • Simon Jackson says:

    I’ve given up looking at these as a solution due to 1 key being a chub key. Nothing works with this key

  • Stefano valeriani says:

    5 max

  • David says:

    I would use the 8 key one.

  • Stefan says:

    4 — but for me it needs a “nose” with a keyring hole! My current solution is a Titanium KeyGrip™ by Raven Workshop, attached to a keyring that has a couple of your HookUp™ Clips (to hold my car key and your “Mr Pry”) plus your HangKey™– hangs perfectly in my left front pocket.

    Could you possibly make it so it can be changed from 4 to 6 or even 8 with only replacing the screws or adding a screw extension?

    And am I reading this right — I set the friction and the mechanism keeps this friction forever? This would get rid of the need for loctite which I currently use for my KeyGrip™. The problem is: even with the screw held with loctite, the brass washers between the keys have wear and eventually you want to tighten but now have to fight the loctite. Being able to adjust and forget for a few months would be heaven! And maybe Ti washers would even have less wear than brass?

  • David Rad says:

    I carry 30x keys in my smartkey solution.
    Its super compact and handy.
    Sorry I cant attach pictures here.
    10x with a minimalistic design would be nice – with that I mean using as little material as possible.
    –My SmartKey sides is in titanium – but the inserts are in stainless steel and breaks after a while as they have a manufacuring fault and have breaklines in the internal extension nuts.
    Contact me if you want to discuss designs.

  • Anders Kvammen says:

    I think 4 keys!
    Now, I have three but with a bike key. It’s a bit thicker. Maybe some sort of way to incorporate odd looking keys? I know this would be a very difficult task of course…

  • BlackBeard1 says:

    Not a fan of this style personally. Just don’t don’t it functional for how often I utilize my keys. I’m currently using a hang key with a titanium 5 hole key ring adapter and 6 keys on it. It works well and is easy to grab at a moment’s notice. My keys get used pretty large amount during a work day.

  • bert says:

    Make a set that does all 3 configurations. Make the key holder!

  • B Ho says:

    4 keys plus a bulky car key

  • Derek G. says:

    I’d go four but it would ultimately depend on how bulky it would get to hold six – if its not much bulkier than four then I’d go six. I like the idea of having the extra slots if needed. Either way, great looking rig, I love it already! Great work, Magnus!

  • andrew bates says:

    If i had a way to attatch my car key fob and also clip to my belt i would love this and any way to make it adjustable from 4-6-8?

  • Design Engineer says:

    for some design inspiration on the details… search the internet for “Victorinox Safari Trooper” (for edges, texture and no straight lines), this is a classic and worth more than when new. You could also add duplicate components for customers to make them for 4/6/8 keys themselves.

  • Stephen T says:

    8 keys would be optimum

  • Stan Teate says:

    Key extension link broken, can not select it.

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