Updates and Other Titanium Stuff

Let's talk about project Updates first...
Project/Product Updates

The TiVault and PillPots are still on target to start shipping in September. I'm not sure which we're doing first (or if we're making them at the same time) - I will Update you on that once we get closer.

The Magnatron, Fliptility and Project ZERO knives are progressing a little fast now because I have managed to hand over most of production to Yngvar (one of our machinists). I have been struggling to produce them while at the same time run the rest of the business.

ALL the pens (Click, Pencil, Bolty and writing set) are just a few weeks away from shipping. The Bolty pen main bodies are done and we're starting the rest of the parts this coming week. All the parts of the Click pen and Pencil are done apart from the clips and buttons (we've just started the clips in the last two days ...and the buttons will be after this). So, pens are not far off.

One more thing... (and feel free to skip this if you're already totally fed-up with my lateness and excuses and don't want to hear any more!)

A couple of things I feel need to mention again (and yeah, you've already heard me talk about this before).

You will continue to see me offer other products for sale (here on the blog and through email) ...some we've made before and some new. If you've been waiting for a late project (or even more than one project), then this probably looks like a crappy thing to do on my part. And I totally understand!

We're late on projects because I screwed-up (in a variety of ways). Although we are still behind ...we've caught up significantly since the beginning of the year. So we are making progress.

But here's the problem:

If we ONLY produce products that are late (and nothing else), then we will cease to be a business (because rent, wages, insurance, etc. etc. will not get paid).

If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would be in this position of delivering late on multiple projects, then I would have said it was "impossible". I would never have thought I would be disappointing so many customers.

While we have refunded many people who could no longer wait (and that is absolutely justified!) ...I really appreciate those of you who are excercising patience and allowing us to work through this. Thank you!!

How To: Titanium Key Holder Assembly

We shipped the first run of the CoolKey™ - Titanium Key Holders a week or two ago ...and the feedback so far has been tremendous.

We've had a lot of people happy that there is now finally a high-end titanium key holder (to go with their other titanium gear). Many of these customers previously seemed to be making do with cheaper, aluminum versions because there was nothing better on the market.

Here's a video showing the assembly and how it works (it's a little different to other key holders on the market):

I'm just finishing up a few more of these (literally Sunday morning here as I do this) and so there MIGHT be some left available here:

CLICK HERE --> CoolKey™ - Titanium Key Holder

Pen Progress

You know, it's nice to physically SEE progress (rather than just talk about it).

I talked about the pens above - but I thought I'd show you a couple of photos too.

Here's the Bolty™ Titanium Pen bodies:

(Oh, and yeah, that's the drill in the bottom of the photo that drills out the solid bar to create the tube for the pen)

And here's various parts for the Titanium "Click" Pen and the Titanium Mechanical Pencil:

It's nice to see rock-solid progress in finally getting these to you.

Back in Stock: Titanium HookUp™ Clips

The Titanium HookUp™ Clips are a funny one...

They are small and fiddly to make ...and we have tried many times to stop selling them.

However, every time we take them off the website, the emails start piling up asking when we're going to have them available again. I'm not complaining though. It's always nice to have people demand and pester you for particular products. 🙂

Anyway, we've just done another run of them and they're available again right now.

Titanium HookUp™ Clips

  • Michael says:

    I was salting my steak, and the shaker needed a refill. I grabbed the measuring spoons, and these “high quality” stainless had rust.
    My first thought, “huh… titanium measuring spoons would be cool… titanium measuring cups would be cool… I have all the cheese slicers and graters… hey… what the hell happened to the titanium pizza cutter?”

    So that was my morning.

  • Paul Tollenaar says:

    Please talk about the Ti vault. I wonder what happened…

  • Jonas Christoudis says:

    Hi Magnus. No mention of TiWallet and the Sideclick?

    • Jason Price says:

      I got an email from them last week about the SlideClick. Hopefully the ones that are supposed to ship in August for the people who didn’t catch the kickstarter will start to have theirs shipped in the next week or so. We shall see. I’m still so damn excited about mine. I will use that thing every day at work.

  • Andrew says:

    Not a big fan of the giant logo on your key holder. I’ve always liked that most of your products had the clean minimalist look with no visible logos. I would prefer no logos on your products, but if you have to put one, make it small, inconspicuous (superficial etch vs deep etch) and preferably on the interior side. Just my opinion, I know plenty of people will disagree. For the record, I won’t be buying the key holder (no need for one), but I just hope this isn’t a trend for your future projects.

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