Updates and Shame

This post includes a whole load of updates, apologies and other stuff for you…

I’ve screwed-up over the last few months in so many ways it’s depressing – some of it in my control and some not so much in my control (but I still take 100% responsibility for all of it). I’ll talk about this in a minute – but first, I’m going to cover a few updates for various products first (both pre-orders and Kickstarter projects).

The ‘Ego’ spinner

The ‘Ego’ spinner pre-orders started shipping around 1 week ago from here in New Zealand to all around the world. They are now 95% shipped.

You may or may not have received an automatic email notification about this. I’ve had issues with my usual shipping method and have had to use a new company and as a result there is no tracking.

I know MANY of you have requested tracking – unfortunately I’m not able to provide this right now (until I get a better shipping method in place). I am sorry about this.

Your ‘Ego’ spinner should arrive in 2 to 4 weeks (on average). If it does not arrive then let me know …and I will sort out a replacement for you.


The ‘Click’ Pen (Kickstarter)

This is another project I’m delivering late on (and have, quite rightly so, received a lot of “feedback” for this).

These are almost ready to go and will start to ship next week.

As a side note…

I’m not going to give any excuses here …but the reason for the unreasonably late shipping on the pens for Kickstarter is a mind-boggling amount of “issues” arose. It was frustrating, disheartening and costly.


The ‘PillPots’ (Kickstarter)

This project is another late project (again!)

Progress stalled for a couple of months because of significant issues trying to sand the bases of them.

However, we’ve managed to solve this and production is now ’round the clock and *fingers crossed* shipping will start in the next couple of weeks.


The ‘Air’ Spinner (Kickstarter)

This project is the latest one I’ve launched and is pretty much on track to be shipped on time (should be at the end of this week …or, possibly, the beginning of next …but no later).

Here is a photo of the “in progress” from a few days ago:

And here is how they look ready and waiting to ship (400 in the boxes below and another 200 being assembled today and tomorrow):


I’ve Screwed-Up BIG TIME!

The way I’ve run my business over the last few months has basically been a complete “car crash”.

Dozens upon dozens of frustrated and annoyed customers have contacted me over the last few weeks and months – almost entirely because of the delays (in the projects I mentioned above).

I’ve let my business get into a bit of a mess (albeit temporary) …and customers are paying the price! It’s shameful and everyone (EVERYONE!) deserves a hell of a lot better than I have been giving. What I mean by my business getting into a “mess” is essentially:

— Taking on too many projects at once and falling behind (because I was a one-man-show)

— Poor forecasting of money coming and going out got me into awkward corner with my cashflow

— Not being vigilant enough on the inevitable “issues” that arise when creating each new product

— And so on…


Over the last few weeks I’ve been buckling-down and putting in the time and effort to get these late projects out the door – and I will be doing the same for the next few weeks too.

However, my communication has been completely lacking on this front …and I knew this as each day passed that I did not provide an update for each project.

There is a chance you’ve experienced this with other Creators and Makers, right? They’re running late on a project and they just kind of go off the radar. You want an update from them (anything would do!) and you just get silence.

The reason for this is shame. Shame is a very powerful thing. In the last few weeks I’ve not provided any updates …and it was because I was ashamed of what a mess I’d made of things. So what did I do? I buried my head in my work and just focused on getting on with getting the projects out …even which I knew I SHOULD have been providing updates. Yet I didn’t give updates.

It is “damage control” right now on the huge number of people I’ve let down. 2018 will be the year of building trust again with customers and treating business like business.

  • nargalzius says:

    Hey Magnus,

    I couldn’t speak for your new customers but speaking as one of your old ones, I totally understand and appreciate your admission of mistakes. We all have our bad days – in your case – a couple of months LOL.

    What counts is that you’re doing your best to make it right –
    and not making excuses. I will continue to support you; because complications of logistics is not reflective of the and dedication you have with your products – which old customers (us) can vouch for.

    Any first timer here with doubts; just hang in there – Magnus will pull through. He’ll make things right for sure.

    (PS, can you delete the comment before this – my grammar there was terrible hahahaha)

  • Ryan says:

    “The first thing I noticed was that I had to be on my guard
    when talking with others.

    Someone would say something negative about someone
    else and, because I’m human (I think :-D), my automatic
    reaction was to join in.

    So, for example, I’ll be talking to someone and they’ll
    say something like, “John is such a lazy, good-for-nothing
    waste of space”.

    Now, I might think this is true of John …or might might
    not think this is true. Whatever the case…

    I don’t join in.

    I don’t even acknowledge the negativity.

    My typical reaction in this scenario is to say something
    completely neutral and/or positive like, “John has a really
    interesting job. Oh, and he told me this awesome story
    the other day…etc”.

    Magnus Macdonald always delivers a quality product…

    • Ryan says:

      I want to add that I *AM* disappointed, but I never doubted your ability to deliver. I did at times feel you you were stretching yourself out too thin, and were maybe a little distracted by fidget spinners and YouTube vloging. I have thought to myself, maybe Magnus should have his nose down in his work… But I also get that people sometimes need a distraction.

      Through all of this the ONE thing I have wanted an answer to was the ability to add on a desk stand and a followup to my inquiry to a double (pen and pencil) desktop stand for the set. My hope was one might be offered before the rewards ship to save on shipping. However I’m doubting that double desktop stand will happen at all at this point.

      I still wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you products to or friend or back an interesting project myself. In the future I would recommend not making promises you are unlikely to keep.

      I’m excited to receive my rewards none the less.

    • Dingo says:

      When you don’t say negative things, people never learn. Magnus McDonald is a failure at communication. He makes nice things, and they eventually get to you, but don’t count on regular communication when things get bad. He still hasn’t realized that is real failure is not all of the stuff that happened, but his utter failure to communicate the issues to the people involved.

      It’s a problem when you say: “can’t ship next week before the post office is closed” and then 4 weeks later we find out that things aren’t even packed in the shipping boxes yet. What the heck is that all about? Blaming strangers for your delays? Just tell people “I was too busy to ship them” or “The proper boxes haven’t come yet” whatever. Just make it the freaking truth. Geez.

  • Boris says:

    Well magnus at least you told us the truth after all! I’m definitely happy to hear you kind of got your business back on track. Try and keep it like this this time 🙂 keep up the good work! Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Daniel McGill says:

    Hi Magnus
    Thanks for that: glad that you have surfaced – I really appreciate all the effort and creativity your projects take. and so we learn 🙂

  • Tristan says:

    I hope 2018 is a better year for you mate. We learn best through our mistakes, and it appears you’ve made a few. Still excited to receive my spinner, which looks like will be arriving on my Australian door step tomorrow 🙂

  • Justin H Collins says:

    Your doing alright mate, things like this happen when your trying to do great things. Thanks for letting us know what is situation is and i am sure that some people are upset, but i am not one of them. I have great faith that any thing you make is worth the wait and more…

  • Rickard says:

    The feeling I’ve had through the entire project is that you promise high. When you then fail to deliver you promise again.

    Personally I am not bothered but you should promise low, deliver high.

    When you start to miss deadlines, talk about the milestones and how you are moving forward.
    Say that the delay might be 3 times more than you yourself think. That gives you time. If you then deliver early everyone will be thrilled.

  • Mark says:

    Hello Magnus, my Ego Spinner arrived yesterday and it was worth the wait ..The edges of the wooden box are a little rough though ..
    I think when you are trying to grow a new business things can get difficult and you run out of time, so much for one person to do ..
    Keep up the great work

  • Herbert says:

    Hi Magnus,
    being a long-time customer of yours, i am not upset – i know you since your first project, have got almost all of your stuff, and never been disappointed, you have absolutely earned my trust in all that time.
    And i have experienced a lot of longer delays with less updates on kickstarter …. running a business all alone is not an easy task, and sh*t happens!
    To 2018, and beyond!

  • Michael says:

    eh, whatever happens… happens. You can’t run a business and have a motto like “to impossibly high standards” without hitting a few bumps on the way. I’m sure if you take a look at the big picture you’re on the right track, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Grant says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I’m a loyal customer because you are a master of:
    Form/Function/Quality…underscored by Simplicity
    (with your products)

    Hell…just apply the same best practices to your business model and operations in 2018. You already understand that balance…and that’s something that eludes most people!


  • Stefan says:

    don’t worry, we are at your side and stay there. On long time projects I’m always patient but for the impatient part of your customers I suggest this goal for 2018: stop making “realistic” shipping schedules, your work is not following “realistic” rules. Make schedules including a hefty time margin and if you happen to deliver ahead of time: fine. If not you are still in time, no shame, no need for excuses, perfectly normal communication conditions.

  • Bill says:

    Damn. I hear you man. On behalf of everyone that knows your work and your unwavering passion for making the best tools possible, I feel I can safely say we don’t mind waiting a while longer, and that your wellbeing is more important than any inconvenience a delay could possibly cause. I’ve never taken on anything like a Kickstarter campaign, let alone several at the same time, so I can’t imagine the stress you’ve been going through. I have backed one of your previous projects though, and along with the delivery of that reward I purchased another one of your items. Before I held your creations in my hands, I had never seen handmade craftsmanship of the level you delivered. I treasure those items, not only because of how well they perform the functions for which they were designed, but because they were made by the Rembrandt of titanium tools. It is a privilege to own anything you have designed Magnus. Please don’t let guilt eat at you and rob you of your energy. Do whatever it is you need to do to bring your house in order so you can keep doing what you love doing without the unhealthy stress that comes from guilt and shame, and so we can support you in making it happen. Few people in this world have the vision to create anything wonderful, and fewer still are actually tenacious enough to make it happen. When the stars align and a person with your passion and skills comes around, they should be supported in every way possible in order to see where their dreams will lead. Stay strong Magnus, and keep fighting the good fight. As long as there are people who appreciate unparalleled craftsmanship, you will be successful.

  • Spoken like a true craftsman – well said.

  • Peter says:

    Hi Magnus,
    I appreciate your honesty and taking responsibility for the issues.
    Every now and then we all fuck up. In our lives or at work or both. Shit happens. It’s just a matter of how we deal with it afterwards.
    As long as I eventually get what I paid for, I am good. It won’t kill anyone if he or she has to wait a bit longer than expected.
    I am totally excited. Can’t wait to finally hold the “Ego” spinner in my hands and spin the hell out of it. 🙂
    Keep your head up.

  • Pete says:

    Hi Magnus

    It is clear you deliver quality products and I must say I thought your original delivery date for the click pen & pencil set was optimistic to say the least when you see the interest and pledge levels.

    I’ve no issues with waiting and you’re updates yes could be more frequent but if you’ve nothing new to share then …..

    When I get the pen & pencil they’ll be put to good use. Before that I have numerous writing implements that still leave ink or lead in illegible format on the paper so no issue.



  • Daniel says:

    As an old client of you… no worries. I know you deliver perfect products, even if you get on a mess sometimes. Do not worry. Thanks for your art.

  • Stan says:

    Look, it will all come down to, the quality of the product, if it will be the best quality spinner in the world as you claim, then I can understand, great things don’t come easy or fast, but if it will be another garbage spinner the like of Nomad or stealth spinners then it’s a different story. So far I haven’t seen one decent spitter out there, so very curious of what will this be

  • James Yun says:

    This post read like a confessional and that was very refreshing. Everything you said was what I had already suspected was going on and that was the key, which was that you were very honest. You did not try to sugar coat your situation or try to put the blame where it did not really belong. The bottom line is that you are at least working very hard to remedy the situation and get the products out to your customers. This is much more than I can say for many Kickstarter projects I supported. As a long-time customer, the one big reason I knew was the reason why there were delays was because you were not willing to ship the products unless they met your quality standards and it appears that you got that sorted out.

    But once the products get into your customer hands and they are then available for regular sale on your website, you should start getting orders for them and that should significantly improve your cash flow. The quicker that happens, the better your situation should become. I, for one, can’t wait to receive your products.

  • Brent says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. While this is my first purchase from you, I’ve been following you for a long time and have never had any doubts that you will deliver an amazing product. I understand things happen and I knew when I placed the order that you were stretching yourself too thin and running behind on other projects, so I was estimating January as the realistic ship date for the Ego to begin with. I’m actually very pleased that you’ve been able to meet the original delivery estimate on the Air despite all the other setbacks. I’m just as anxious to get my hands on them as anyone, but my impatience is my problem not yours. Even though you didn’t meet the original estimated ship date, it was just that, an estimate. You warned us up front that this would be a lengthy process and to keep that in mind when placing our orders. I know that great things take time, and have no doubt this will be worth it.

    My only complaint has been the recent lack of communication. I understand the difficulty of facing those you feel that you’ve let down, but we are all human and I think that you’ll find for the most part that we are understanding and forgiving so long as you are up front and honest with us. You’ve always owned up to your mistakes and I commend you for that.

    For me the journey is a big part of the experience and I’ve looked forward to each new update with as much excitement as the end result. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work.

  • LTOTH says:

    I am sure that most of the people that have purchased from you are fans. You just need to communicate with them when you run into problems/delays and all will be good.

  • Jay S says:

    I’ve followed you on YouTube long before I was a customer and understood fully the contract I entered into with you to possess a product of your genius. Perfection is a rare commodity and I more than some understand the challenges faced when dealing with incredibly tight tolerances. I believe in what you are doing and have no doubt that you will achieve in delivering a product you are proud of. Don’t be ashamed for an instant, if what you were doing was easy I would not be your customer. For what you are producing your products are under priced by probably 50% of what the market would pay if you market yourself in the correct circles, however, you are a one man show so you probably spend more time chasing demand with different products than you should. I don’t blame you as that I will benefit from your tenacity by having a product that is closer than you think to the best of whatever it is anyone can buy. The only time I’ve been upset with you is when I missed out on purchasing the ridiculously discounted Cogent labeled tweezers that sold out in less than 24 hours on your website… Keep doing what your doing Magnus. When you get passed this multiple product induced deadline crunch focus on dialing in your logistics process, then let your imagination wonder into the next brilliant creation I’m certain I will not be able to live without.

    Your Friend,


  • Brad says:

    Impossibley high standards take time. Keep up the great work.

  • cve says:

    THIS is the kind of update I want, when things aren’t going as planned. If you admit where you’ve messed up, people are much more forgiving, and patient.
    Thanks for being upfront about this, and for sucking it up and getting things done.

  • Nicolas Compagnon says:

    Dear Magnus,

    I would like to tell you that , as an old customer of yours, I don’t care about the delays, I ony care about the quality of your products. I am pretty sure most of your customers have the same attitude. Too bad for the impatient !

    Take your time and continue to make great stuff with passion, we will wait for them because they are unique.

    Best regards from France,


  • Manuel says:

    Magnus you’re OK man, no worries from this customer. Keep up the great work and craftsmanship. Thank you!

  • Michael Buley says:

    I’ve had a business for 23 years. I know the ‘shame’ feeling when you don’t get something done. And rather than just call the customer … you don’t. And the shame grows … a terrible, awful feeling. I think artists / creators can be extremely sensitive to criticism, and simply the fear of a customer’s disapproval or anger, can be incapacitating.

    And, too, we can grow ourselves out of business if we’re not careful. Too much, too fast, can’t deliver, cash flow problems — all the things you mentioned.

    You’re a good man. You create great stuff. Thanks for the update. It’ll all be good. We learn, we get back up, we go again — which is just what you’re doing.

  • David says:

    Don’t beat yourself up over this, mistakes happen and everyone experiences bumps along the way. I will admit I was a little disappointed with the delay of everything and was left scratching my head when I saw you were taking on more projects but I can understand why. Keep your chin up and you’ll pull through. Looking forward to the end product and I will appreciate it even more after seeing your perseverance. Keep on trucking!

  • J. D. MacDonald says:

    No worries on the delays here. It’s something to learn from, but you have and are working through it. Thank you for keeping us updated and working through the issues. Also don’t sweat the detractors, there are plenty of us here that enjoy your work and want to see it keep going.

    Also the quality is worth the wait, I can keep using pens I have found to write with till it gets here. My world will not implode.

  • Brenda says:

    I have been scammed by a project that the creator ended up deleting all means of contact. Indiegogo won’t do anything about it, so now I have to contact the DA.

    I’m grateful for the communication, even if it comes a little late, as I know you are on track. Maybe not the timeline you originally wanted, but for a quality product, I’ll happily wait.

  • Kerry Maxwell says:

    Glad you are making progress against your backlog, and look forward to seeing you back on YouTube with at least the occasional video. I did get an email notice about my item shipping, but New Zealand Couriers only provided tracking up to it’s arrival in Auckland. Looking forward to the package! I realize you need to run your business like a business, but to be honest, the delays didn’t faze me, as I was sure you would make good on the final product.

  • Christian says:

    Hi Magnus,
    your products are awesome, so some delay is part of the business.
    Waiting for an EDC knive in Magnus style.

    Ciao from Italy

  • Sam says:

    Magnus, not a problem, as others have said, I know you always deliver and it’s always worth the wait.

    As for the new shipping method, it’s great, better than before, my ego spinner turned up yesterday here in the U.K. It’s just as good as I expected it to be. Now ready for my pen and air spinner to turn up.

    Keep up the good work

  • Paul says:


    You are a breath of fresh air as far I’m concerned. Rarely do I find a businessman willing to accept responsibility even when it’s not their fault, something you willingly do. The buck stops with Magnus, which is why I will always be a loyal customer. Your business is young and you are still learning how to time the manufacturing and delivery of your high quality products. Your customer service is impeccable. Things will get better and I will be here to see it.

    The Titanium Once Click Pen I received is the gold standard by which I will measure all other pens. I can’t tell how happy I am with it. I am eager to see what you come up with next.

    Your Loyal Customer


  • Jason says:

    <3 you bro, not to mention your content on youtube.

    Some enjoyable stuff you put out there. I am excited to get a product, but the reason for my excitement is because it is actually made by you. Heh, I still remember watching my first Magnus Macdonald vidya and thinking DANG I really really want one of those bad boys, 😀

  • Henry says:

    I got my Ego spinner today. Very happy. I live in United States. the shipping only took 1 week. Magnus, I love the detail you put into your product. Please make more timascus stuff.

  • DAVID says:

    This is David speaking. Just got my sparkling new order!!! Today , right on time for my 21st bday, (37th actually ) either way, would have been worth another 6 weeks wait. Awesome , can’t wait for new products , keep at it. Simplicity and detail, is key!!! I’m going to use the heck out of my new click pen and spinner!!

  • J. Cole says:

    Haha Magnus remember in the very beginning of this, the people who invested in your kickstarters pretty much knew what to expect. We saw the videos, we knew the chaos going on over there haha I just can’t wait to see the AIR.

    Most loved, hated, scrutinized and anticipated spinner remember? Haha thanks for the update man.

  • Cado says:

    I have backed multiple products from you on Kickstarter. I have been happy or better with everyone of them. This is a delicate situation with crowd funding that you, with your honesty and integrity show that you are a class act! Despite late or off track or whatever the fact that you make no bones about it and take the credit or fault earns my respect. As I said I’ve been very pleased with the projects I have backed and will continue to back your projects when they meet my desires because of your excellence in character and despite delays since some things are out of our control as humans you have my trust that you fulfill if not surpass expectations at the end of the day. Thank you for being an example of integrity and taking responsibility. You are a model of what customer service in this world should be

    • Dingo says:

      “Thank you for being an example of integrity and taking responsibility. ”

      That is exactly what he did not do. He blamed the Post office for the shipping delay around the holidays. Zero integrity… absolutely blaming others that weren’t even involved because the packages were not ready to go out…

  • David says:

    Things happen. That’s called life. I am a previous customer and I bought a pen. I would say you have been communicating. To those people who are upset, it IS worth the wait!!!

  • Jay says:

    Is the button on the ‘Air’ spinner higher than it was on the prototype? Not complaining, I think that’s actually a good thing.

  • Jim Krenz says:

    Thank you for the updates Magnus. Shorter, more frequent updates would be appreciated. It is a lot easier (and faster) to send off a single paragraph than a page like the above.

    When you focus on work, realize that communication is part of that work. Schedule it in.

    Don’t beat yourself up. Shame is a poor tool—it is a bludgeon. 1. Apologize; 2. fix things; 3. make/implement plans that will prevent/minimize the issue from happening again. If you do these three things, you won’t need shame. At all.

    If you need organizational help, read David Allen’s book: Getting Things Done. Embrace it.

    One other thought: When you ship items, include a personal note in each package. If you need to, write: “I’m sorry this is late!” Sign it by hand. Remind your customers that there is a human on the other end of the transaction.

    I hope the above helps.



    P.S.—I’d consider changing “To impossibly high standards” to something like “To amazingly high standards” (you don’t want your subconscious meditating on standards that are impossible…)

  • Joe says:

    Hey Magnus don’t beat yourself up too much over this. You have plenty to be proud of and your work is, like you said, mostly a one man show. Not easy by any means. Customers have to be a little more understanding. Your excellent products are that way because you do not rush inferior quality out the door. Take care.

  • Brent says:

    Received mine today and all I can say is WOW! It’s so silent and smooth, and this finish AMAZING! I can’t stop running my hands over it, it’s almost more satisfying than spinning it. Magnus you’ve outdone yourself, well worth the wait.

  • Shaun says:

    Ego Spinner arrived in ????????????????????????????Scotland this morning and i agree, it is amazing.! the size, weight (50g) feel, finish are all perfect. Fantastic work Magnus????

  • LTOTH says:

    My Ego spinner arrived today and it’s great. It’s a little smaller than I had imagined (which is a good thing) because it seems like it’s the perfect size.

    It’s machined really well. It spins very smooth with no wobble. It’s perfectly balanced and is virtually silent. It’s far better than any of my other spinners.

    • LTOTH says:

      For those that are still waiting for their spinner to arrive… don’t trust the tracking updates. I tracked the status of my order about 8 hours ago and it was showing me that it was still in New Zealand…then it arrived a few minutes ago in my mailbox in the U.S..

      • Trevor says:

        It hurts my heart because i know everyone else is getting their spinners and I still have yet to recieve mine. I think I will go mad if it doesnt arrive by week 4 lol (U.S Michigan)

  • Mike says:

    Ego spinner received today in Plano, TX

  • Trevor says:

    Just got mine today actually. Crazy excited and it is amazing! Well done Magnus. Cant wait for the Air!

  • Morgan says:

    Dear Magnus,
    I am eagerly awaiting my click pen.
    I know that things got on top of you for awhile, but I have faith you will pull through.

    I am interested in your ‘pill boxes’.
    What do you think is an honest idea of shipping times if I bought them now?

    I am pretty sure that I am your only customer in the Marshall Islands.
    Thank you,

  • Specifically echoing the well written words of understanding, support, gratitude and enthusiasm.
    In general very happy that the Super Blue Blood Moon(set) yesterday was soon followed by the Sun still rising.

    I respectfully dedicate this one right back to you Magnus… “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

  • John says:

    Hi Magnus,

    Thanks for the update and the honesty. I totally understand. Was just wondering, what timeframe can we expect the spinners to show up in the USA? I understand there is no tracking but was just looking for an estimate of the time window.

  • Dingo says:

    Your #1 problem is your lack of open/honest communication. I would say it’s deplorable that you blamed the post office for being closed over the holidays only for us to latter find out the things weren’t even in shipping containers yet. It’s ok to be late, but if you are, it is necessary to be completely honest with people. You would not have hardly any unhappy customers beating down your door if you were honest. The problem is that some have detected deception (rightly), and that is the last thing you want to do…. Be late, but don’t give anyone the impression for even a second that they’ve been lied to. Easiest way to avoid that is to simply not lie.

  • JohnTz says:

    Received my airspinner but it’s jit as the project described or the pictures shown. The finish is not polished and perfect like your photos but stone washed. The buttons are taller and not flat and the bearing quality is awefull. Does notvfree spin more than 10 seconds. Tried like hell to remove the buttons using blue tack but have had no success. They are on there solid. Any suggestions on how else to get them off would be great since I want to replace this crappy bearing with a nice ceramic one so this Spinner can actually work. Maybe I got a bad one. Are the others happy with theirs? Did the others get the finish as pictured? Do the others spin for a reasonable time?

  • David Kelley says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I have been meaning to write you for a while now. Over the past couple of years, I have purchased multiple high-end spinners. It has been fun to debate with my two middle-school sons which is the favorite spinner. Well, our debate quickly ended when we received your Ego spinner in the mail. The simplicity of your design is incredibly elegant, and the precision of your machining is impressive. “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple. – Albert Einstein. Thank you for pressing on through your business growing pains and delivering on your promise. You have gained three more loyal customers.

    Dave, Liam, and Luke

  • Brad says:

    Hi Magnus,

    My Ego spinner arrived today and it is perfect. Thanks so much for the time and effort.

  • Ed Dulong says:

    I just received the EGO spinner. It is superb. You can change axis and no wobble it is a great fidget item. Finish is great.

  • >