Weird Titanium “Art” For You…

It’s easy to make functional products…

Making a functional bottle-opener …or a pocket-tool …or a key-holder is super-simple. I’m serious here.

But, there’s another side to this:

Trying to go beyond that and ensure it’s beautiful, simple, practical (a very different thing to “functional”), make-able (is this even a word? …basically what I mean is: can it be made?), elegant, and so on — well, that’s a different game entirely!

I try to engineer beauty (in one form or another) into everything I create. It’s easy to go from nothing to something functional …but getting from this “something functional” to include all the things I mentioned above … now that takes countless hours of frustration, stress, head-banging-against-wall and throwing away 99.9% of the ideas I try. (…and I bet you thought I just pulled this stuff out of thin air!)

One last thing…

Before I get to the real reason for this post, I’ll let you in on a little “insider” secret (well, one of my secrets at least):

“The simpler a product looks …then, almost always, the more time and effort and work and frustration has gone into getting it to that stage”


Okay, so, there is beauty and art in what I create (well, I like to think so at least!) …but there’s also beauty in the process itself.

I’m talking specifically about the titanium “off-cuts” from what I produce.

Maybe it’s just me and my obsessive-compulsive personality traits – but I find these kinds of things beautiful:







  • These are just so artistic. Sent you PM.

  • Peter Caldwell says:

    You ARE an artist, despite saying you are not!

  • Brad says:

    I have about 200 sheets of grade 5 Titanium waterjet like that, you want them?

    • Alex Yu says:

      I may be interested in those; my dorm room looks bland as is. How can I contact you?

    • Tempting (although shipping would be a killer! 🙂 ), but I’ve got a bunch of sheets like that also and trying to figure out what to do with them. Is there a metal-market for recycling this stuff?

  • Joe w says:

    Really love these! I can imagine them replacing fences or being hung up on walls at some fancy place.

    Perhaps an avenue to explore Magnus? You could sell these…

  • William says:

    All you need now is a capricious nature and volatile temper then and only then you can be considered a truly great artist, all your left over scrap will be held in great esteem and poured over by the great scrappy’s of the day with them grappling to understand, attaching and reading into your work, subliminal messages and obscure meaning which they’re barely able to comprehend, but actually is intended for more advanced generations still yet to come, just by your left over masterpieces of scrap. Gosh


  • Anne Barron says:

    You’d get an exhibition at the Bonhoga way quicker than I sould with my conventional art

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