What A Funny Situation…

It’s a funny situation…

In an act of absolute selfishness I made The TiClaw purely for myself.

Turns out:

It’s one of my most successful products to date. Crazy.

Maybe I need to just focus on what I want …and ignore you. What do you think? 😀

Okay, real quick…

I’m sure you noticed it already — and the name pretty much gives it away — but notice the front of the The TiClaw?


TiClaw - Titanium Bottle Opener


The very front of the The TiClaw is smooth so as to look like, well, a claw.

Actually… more like a talon on an eagle – like this:


The inspiration for the TiClaw™ design...

The inspiration for the TiClaw™ design…


In fact:

I was initially going to call it ‘The Talon’ …but I noticed there were already a couple of products out there by this name (they were not the same product at all – but the name was the same …and so I really wanted to avoid this).

Never the less – I like the The TiClaw name. It kinda stuck.

One last thing

Actually I’ve not had much feedback yet on The TiClaw …just a bit of a “buying frenzy” (which is pretty cool!).

So, whether you’ve bought The TiClaw or not, I’d love to hear your feedback (particularly since this is a product I initially made purely for myself)

Comments… …good and bad …I’d love to hear them.

Hit me…

  • bindibadgi says:

    I honestly thought you would call it the Kiwi.

  • Sveinung Kvist says:

    Great man 🙂
    I’ve ordered one, keep us informed.


  • Sveinung Kvist says:

    Love your “products”
    But there is the Norwegian Import Rule, We can not order more than 200 NOK, then we have to pay taxes and other shit. The 200 NOK limit has been the same since the ’80.
    If you send it as a “gift” we can get around it..

    Thx anyway.

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