What Do YOU Want In A Titanium Wallet?

You might hate me for this…

I have a tendency to disappoint people when I talk about prototypes. It’s true.

Every so often I’ll write a blog post (like this one!) where I discuss a particular prototype and ask for your input. Then, more often than not, you don’t hear me mention the prototype for a long time (and sometimes not at all).

But here’s something really important:

I don’t forget about the prototypes and comments and discussions. Seriously.

The most popular post ever on this blog was when I asked for feedback and what you wanted in a titanium wallet (click here to check out the post). Believe it or not… I printed out all the comments on that post and studied them.

Now, titanium wallet time…

I’ve recently made some more progress on a titanium wallet and I believe I’m nearly there. I’ll tell you this… a titanium wallet is probably the toughest product I’ve ever tried to do. You can probably tell this by the time it’s taken.

Now, unfortunately, I don’t have any photos or such right now (it’s still at the obscenely ugly prototype stage and I’d be sooooooo embarrassed to show it to you just now).

What I want to do (since there is a lot more people on my email list that there was a year ago) is ask you again what your criteria is for a wallet. I know, from the last post I did on this, there is no way to make everyone happy.


I’d like to here what YOU want for your ideal wallet/card-holder.

Some things you might want to consider when placing your comment:

— Number of cards it should hold

— Does it need to hold paper money

— Do you need it to carry coins

— And so on…

Oh, also, the wallet might not be fully titanium… considering some carbon fibre in there too!


Simply put:

Write down exactly what YOU want. This way it’s very real and very accurate. 😀

The wallet is at a stage where, I think, I can make it “modular”. By this I mean there could be, say, a 4-card version… and an 8-card version. That kind of thing. 🙂

  • Eolake says:

    Will it be stiff?
    (Sounds impractical, but if not, how do you made it flexible?)

    Why Titanium for a *wallet*?

    Aaaaanyway, American moder compact wallet, which we want, tend to have no room for coins, cuz American coins are worth near nill. But European coins are worth up to three dollars. So a bit of space for that.
    Also, make it tall enough for Euros and Sterling.

    Compact. Simple. I’d want to be able to carry it in a front pocket.

    An eye for a chain would be good. In case I should visit a major tourist/pickpocket center.

    Maybe six cards, but it’s flexible. I have things like a cc-sized multitool…

  • Alex says:

    I use a Maxpedition Spartan Wallet at the moment and I don’t really need something new. A Titanium wallet would be too stiff and would end up tearing the fabric of my pocket (I don’t carry my wallet in a bag). Sorry, not interested in this one !

  • Golb says:

    My ideal titanium wallet would carry at least 6 cards, have a coin clip, some sort of elastic or rubber band for attaching coupons or notes. With a hole to attach some key chain or paracord, room for a small pencil and a ruler.

  • Matthew Anderson says:

    Modular sounds great. Personally I only need room for 4 cards but I am in the minority with that I think. I would also like a way to carry some bills. Coins, As an American coins are something we tend to put in a jar. As a commuter if there was a way I could display my train ticket ( same size as a credit card) with out removing it from the wallet or for others their drivers license that would also be great.

    So for me:
    Four cards
    Display for license or commuter ticket
    Front pocket carry

    Hope this doesn’t muddy the waters too much.

  • Neale Fetterly says:

    Hold 8 cards
    Cards at ends visible
    Easy to “fan out” the cards while some portion still being “held”
    No need to hold coins
    Ability to hold paper money “nice”, but not required
    Compact, compact, compact, did I mention compact

    As noted by Eolake (& I didn’t think of it before I saw his comment) – some way to attach it to a chain / clip.

  • Mats Lofstrom says:

    * It should be flexible or at least have a little give (I cram receipts into my tiny wallet).

    * About six cards.

    * Notes, yes.

    * Coins, no.

    I don’t know if titanium makes is NFC safe, but if it does (which I hope), the wallet should have one “outside” card slot for an Oyster card/Octopus/Card key/whatever.

  • John Pardey says:

    Hi. It would have to hold a 15 cards or more once you allow for a drivers licence etc. It should hold paper money but not coins, It should be, if possible a curved somewhat conformal shape. In a perfect world it would hold an SD card or 2.

    Flexible Titanium Mesh???

  • Jabawokie says:

    Please do make it suitable for GB and Euro notes. Coins aren’t that important – I don’t think one could devise a wallet that would hold enough to be honest….although it might be useful to have a small emergency stash for car parks etc. Would also be good to be able to get cards in and out without them unduly rubbing against each other. I have a TGT wallet which I love, but it does have a tendency to strip the plastic film off my cards after a while. It will be interesting to see what you come up with…your designs are always clean, classic and minimalistic….can’t wait.

  • Dawn says:

    Hi Magnus. I backed the Minimo wallet on kickstarter. It is by far the best one I have backed to date. I have 4 cards in it a present but can slide notes under the band if needed. Something along those lines would suite me to a tee!

    • RvdH says:


      I have 2 of them, they rock!

    • Mike says:

      Yes, something akin to the Ti Minimo with coin/usbkey plate option!

      I backed the Minimo after backing other plate-based wallet options like the HuMn wallet, and it’s by far the best. It’s flexible to fit everything from one card to over a dozen, can be used with one plate for a compact solution or 3-4 plates for compartmentalization and organization, and even has a coin plate (via Kickstarter, not among their current offerings) for storing SD cards, coins, compact USB flash drives, etc.

      You’re correct that you’ll never make a single wallet to fit everyone’s needs. It’s much better to make a SYSTEM that can be upgraded and personalized to do what an individual customer needs. This also makes it easier to swap out components to try out new anodization colors, replace damaged parts, etc.

      Possible improvements upon the Minimo model:

      Taper the edges of the coin plate so it doesn’t feel as thick. Items are only held at the center, so extra material at the edges is just more weight and bulk for no benefit.

      Slightly increase the curvature of the outer plates so it’s easier to slip cards into the middle.

      (Also, check that Ti will block RFID skimming, if you want to offer that feature. I’m hoping it works as Ti is rather non-conductive.)

  • Aaron Grove says:

    wallet should be like a bicycle chain..you know like on the sides so it’s flexible in your pants..then somehow clip into inserts.. maybe they clip on to the rivets of the chain.. maybe something carbon fiber would have enough bend to it?

  • Brent says:

    I was really keen on one like the maximus wallet from billitus but that dude is screwing around. Check it out I would like something similar to that

  • Sam says:

    I’m not sure about titanium either there has been alot of attempts on kickstarter with elastic supports and latches, but none resemble or feel lik a wallet.

    All I know it has to be small and look like a wallet replacement.

  • Daniel P. says:

    Hi Magnus

    I can not use a minimalist wallet as it needs to hold paper money and carry coins too….also i have quite a lot of cards……


  • Steve says:

    I would need it to hold about eight-ten cards.

    Yes unfortunately I would need it to hold paper money.

    Not necessary that it hold coins.

    I would need to be able to keep it in my front pocket. I also need to be able to keep a credit card sized multitool in it. Also would want it to be NFC safe. It would look cool if maybe you could make it out of the MokuTi… And I like Eolake’s idea about it having an eye for a chain possibly. Either way have fun experimenting Magnus and I look forward to doing business with you again. I dig your products.

  • Mike says:


    Have you seen the current Kickstarter campaign shown below?



  • Jim Montag says:

    At least 8 cards
    Room for paper money
    No coins

  • Attila says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I have backed HFS Dial Slim Wallet https://goo.gl/gsDEgm. I would look for something similar as the designs of Wallum https://goo.gl/zuuV33 and the like did not work for me (o-rings disintegrated, cards destroyed, bands got loose, etc).
    If this the design you go for, I’d say no bands whatsoever, just an optional clip, no coins and to provide flexibility on the number of cards it can hold, you can offer frames, so anyone can have the wallet as thick as they want by adding more.
    Customisation is always welcome (engraving, anodised, DLC coating etc), even if it means a logistical nightmare on your end :p

  • Branden says:

    I own several metal and even one Titanium wallet from Kickstarter.. Honestly all of them leave things to be desired. My Titanium wallet was black, but the finish has worn off (Ridge 2.0) and I no longer use it because its gotten so ugly after wear. Now I have my “HFS Dial” wallet in Carbon Fiber.. but am not happy that the finish on the screws holding it together is wearing off after only a week.. Does not bode well for the products longevity. I think any wallet you make needs to hold around 6 cards, up to 8. I carry a credit card, debit card, two IDs, business cards, and a starbucks gift card and have no more room in my current wallet.. so personally 6 is a good point. I’d love to see something like the HFS Dial in Titanium personally. Obviously you can’t make their exact design but I like a fully enclosed with an opening and closing latch. Just my personal opinions on the matter. Coins = NO. Paper Money = Yes.

  • theodore says:

    Hi man i think u need to think of 2 or 3 different uses…..office…outdoor…casual

    Office/casual – can be thick …
    structure – thickness collapsible, min -quarter of an inch to max 1 inch.
    – one side notes the other cards and the middle business cards.

    5 cards… have a middle see-saw tab (bottom) to push cards up
    2 to 6 business cards.

    notes – to be inserted on a pole … like a towel rack …pull out and push in…. 3 pole structure… folded note over and under to be tucked away and neat.
    no coins.

    structure – slim
    – 1 piece broken into 3 parts – as goes in the back pocket it can curve a bit ( 2 cards can bend a bit)

    – one side notes and the middle cards. the other side attachments points ( i dunno how but able to attach yr prybar or ZW cyclops)

    notes – to be inserted on a pole … like a towel rack …pull out and push in…. 3 pole structure… folded note over and under to be tucked away and neat. (one pole in each section).

    a rotatable “o” enough to attach a small clip to a lanyard and hooked to the pants.
    able to be fixed to Molle of bag….(nice)… through slots.

    Waterproof…. a rubber band thick enough to fix around the openings….. cross-section is “u” shape….. to prevent the rubber band from slipping off….. each of the 3 side has 2 stubbs …the rubber band has corresponding holes…… a mark on the rubberband and the wallet makes it easy to fit the rubber band.

    Name: Ti Cocoon

  • My only concern is the edges being rounded to prevent wearing holes in my pants pockets. Im a front pocket wallet person and live in Europe so tall enough for euro bills as well. If the metal thickness allowed a flexible wallet that would be fantastic! I have thin titanium eye glasses that are very flexible indeed!
    Love the titanium items, workmanship and attention to detail!!

  • Liw says:

    – Holds 6 cards.
    – Holds a few paper notes in a discreet compartment.
    – Coins? No.
    – Expendable/flexible.
    – A pull tab to remove cards quickly and easily.
    – Able to put a key ring.

  • Bill says:

    I’ve seen countless titanium, carbon fibre, or whatever wallets offered for quite awhile now & not one of them interests me. Guess I can’t embrace change but from what I’ve seen most of them are light on adequate room.
    I carry a NY drivers license, registration, & insurance card. One debit card, seven or eight cc-sized ‘store’ cards, and three or four appointment/business cards as well as 0-20 US bills. I also stuff receipts in there.
    As my rayskin wallet is pliable, it simply gets thicker or thinner as needed & parking my butt on it keeps its shape (which brings me to my reason for not wanting a rigid wallet – pain in the ass…)

  • Lukas says:

    Hi Magnus.

    I own a credit card wallet in Titanium. It looks nice and minimal, but its edges are way too sharp. It even managed to slash my sturdy selvedge denim pants. If you want me to invest in your wallet (which I’ll gladly do), please keep an eye on the edges. I’m sure you will solve all the other problems, but this one could easily go overlooked.

    Best regards – and sorry for my bad english


  • Jauvane says:

    It should hold some 8 cards (some NFC cards are thicker than normal CC, so that some extra room would be welcome), some cash (about 8 folded-in-half notes). Ideally it would accept items slightly larger than a credit card (in my case our driver license is, unfortunately, slightly larger than a CC).

    I’d rather have one which does not block RFID/NFC, as I’d like not to need to remove the card in places that use those (our botanical garden as well as admission cards for bus/subway). Yet with regards to NFC/RFID, one option would be an insulated shell for most items, but external pockets at either side for NFC/RFID cards which should be allowed to communicate freely. BTW, A while back I backed a plastic-based wallet which was RFID-safe on one side and not on the other. The wallet then came with a RFID blocking card, so that whichever cards were between the RFID card and the wallet back wall was isolated from the outer world, whilst those cards between the wallet front wall and the RFID-blocking card would be able to communicate freely. That gave quite some flexibility, as one could choose from zero to all cards to be able to communicate with the world. Search ZENLET on KS. I recently received the wallet but I am unsure if I’ll actually use it. It is sitting in a drawer as of now…

    An eyelet for a chain or split ring to eventually attach a car remote of similar would be welcome as well.

    As of today I use a synthetic leather folded in half wallet which is compact (front pocket compatible) and has two pockets on each half. One half has two horizontal pockets (the back pocket being larger and holding driver license, larger cash bills and some CC sized cards whilst the front pocket, shallower, holds cash bills. The other half has one horizontal back pocket and one vertical front pocket. The later is ideal for cards used very often.

    • Jürgen Buschek says:

      1) Number of cards not important to me (I never carry more than five cards max, including Driver’s Licence.)
      2) Room for bank notes – I don’t need room for coins.
      3) I definitely would want an eyelet to attach a key

      I hope that helps.

      Should I wait for your product? In this case I would cancel what I am backing right now (which has some very good features but is not “ideal”…). If so, what is your tentative timeline?



    • Jürgen Buschek says:

      This one looks pretty much like the wallet I would want to have…!

  • Chris says:

    For me it needs to be RDF blocking to protect my credit cards.

    I currently use a secrid wallet which holds the cards in a metal shell and has leather also for cash. A titanium /carbon wallet which held similar cards cash and business cards would be great

    1. RDF blocking
    2. Hold 6-8 cards
    3. Somewhere for paper cash
    4. Somewhere for a few business /non credit cards

  • Herbert says:

    Hi Magnus,
    i would like it to hold up to 8 cards, one card (or two) should be always visible (ID, public transport card), it should be easy to find and retrieve any of the cards, it should be lightweight and not much bigger than a credit card.
    And it should hold at least 2-3 bills/banknotes.

    Some of the best wallets i know:

    The DM1 (i think you backed it, too)
    (The Aluminium version works great, i trust the Ti-Version will do the same)

    The Machine Era wallet

    Ti2 Titanium wallet
    (though this one is a bit rough to the cards i think)

  • Thomas says:

    I backed the Ridge Wallet on Kickstarter: and got the carbon fiber one. It looks great.

    I like it a lot but it has a couple drawbacks. The screws are raised, so if I try to slide a card (like a parking lot ticket) it catches and bends. The screws had a tendency to fall out too but I was sent replacement screws that held better.

    Each side of the wallet is about the thickness of 3.5 credit cards. Thinner is always better.

    Sliding cards in and out is very easy and the money clip works well. They had multiple options and I chose the spring loaded clip. 5 or 10 bills folded is common. It would be nice if the money clip were removable. There are times I go out cashless and the clip just adds extra bulk.

    The paint on the black side is wearing off and making it look a little worn.

    I don’t need a place for coins.

    It has to hold a variable number of cards securely and still be easy to quickly access any of them. I often carry 4 credit cards a drivers license, medical card and international id card. That is about the max. Other times I carry 2 or 3 cards total (a credit card and 1 or 2 id cards).

    Would be nice if it blocked rfid but not a deal breaker.

  • Scott says:

    I would like to see a titanium wallet that carries about 6 credit cards, an integral money clip or other way to carry cash. NO need for coins, makes it too bulky. Front pocket friendly. Carbon fiber would be a good option. Prefer no elastic.

  • Robin says:

    * Size as small as possible, so card size plus a little bit.

    * Able to keep at least 1 NFC/RFID card on 1 of the outsides

    * Money clip to hold notes

    * Programmable NFC chip on the outside

    * Maybe changeble outside(s) to accomodate 2 NFC/RFID cards and no money clip and or other type of (optional) outside.

    * easy slide in/out of cards, no rubber band or something like that to keep the cards inside.

    @ Aesthetically pleasing, so minimal distracting thingies (gaps, holes, etc.)

    * Holding coins would be nice but no dealbreaker for me (and does probably not fit within above mentioned wishes that are a lot more important to me).

  • Jon says:

    Hi Magnus
    I currently use a Belroy Elements Pocket which is proving ideal (for the moment!) but the features I like are 6-8 cards, space for a Yale type key(the head on mine is squarer than a Yale), space for notes folded three ply, pocket for dry cleaning tickets etc. what it’s missing is rfid and an external pocket. I’m not so concerned with a chain hole as that would most likely increase the size.
    That’s my thruppence worth keep on creating

  • Vladimir says:

    Ideally i would like it to hold betwwen 4 and 6 cards, have a little stash for cash. being able to cary coins would be a very big plus, although I’m not clear how this is technically possible assuming it will have a slim profile. Carbon fiber is a very good idea. It might serve both decorational purposes while having a certain purpose. and that’s it,

    Thanks you very much, Magnus

  • Emnasut says:

    I need 6 to 9 cards, some (folded) paper money, no coins and a few larger pieces of paper (my largest ID in my wallet is 10.5 x 7.4 cm…).
    The paper money should be somehow in the wallet, not just a money clip tacked on at the outside.
    Not-RFID blocking would be great for two or three cards.
    Making it modular would be nice, especially if it can be changed quickly (so as to decide on the spot if I only want to take the most important things with me or everything)
    Some extra place for notes, bus tickets etc. would be nice.
    Water proof for some papery things?

    Let’s see what you come up with! (:

  • Chuck says:

    I would like a Ti wallet that would be slightly larger than credit cards and would accommodate folded bills and slightly thicker cards (maybe 6 cards and some bills). Would like it to be totally Ti and be a fully enclosed (RFID) wallet, not a half shell (like a money clip). Could have an elastic or rubber strap outside for bills. Or you could create a slit that bills could be placed. Prefer rounded smooth edges so the wallet easily slips into any pocket. The help prevent any pick pocket the rubber band option could be used to make it harder to remove if desired while also holding bills.

  • Rambo says:

    To answer your questions first:
    – 6-7 cards
    – Must hold money
    – Better no coins

    After I became a vegan, I keep searching for a good non-leather wallet. And I am still searching for it. I have used this two wallet lately:

    At first I give minimalist wallet style I try. I found it just not work for me. Now it sit in my backpack as a card holder.
    I am using the A3 version in titanium.

    – Titanium and look cool
    – very flexible on number of cards
    – It is RFID block

    – basically you can’t take out anything with only one hand
    – Edge is a bit too strong that may damage your pocket
    – It’s hard to take out one particular card. You need to search though the stack
    – It’s a bit too big for my cards. you need to align the cards
    – RFID block, I must take out the card to use the smart card. If out put the card on the outside. It can’t protected by the wallet. Then why not I just use the O-ring with a stack of cards.

    This is the one I currently using:

    – Carbon fiber and also look cool
    – Thin, light weight and still give very good protection.
    – RFID block on the outer layer only. I can open the wallet to use the smart card without taking it out.
    – have multiple pockets that I can easily take out one card only. The ripstop fiber work well on holding the cards

    – the carbon fiber is still a bit too stiff, it limit the number of card I can put in. But it maybe a good point that make me keep clearing things out of my wallet. Also because of the stiff, the cash compartment can’t be “wide open”. It’s little hard to take out just one bill.
    – The size is a bit small. Hong Kong Dollar bill is bigger than US. It is just too fit. 5mm larger already good.
    – It’s not titanium

    From the above experience, I think of a few points:

    – Materials: Need to have some degree of flexibility. The carbon fiber is good but sometime I just wish it to be softer. I have a impression that titanium can be very flexible. There are some titanium eyeglasses frame that you can bend it like crazy and it just spring back in shape. Just some crazy idea…maybe a dense titanium mesh with some backing? Or even “Titanium fiber” in soft resin? I just don’t think pure titanium can get it done. Definitely need to consider hybrid materials. Or layers of material.
    – better to have a few pockets.
    – RFID Block: yes, but also need to easy to “disable” it.
    – total silent when use
    – No sharp edge or corners. Maybe having a soft bumper edge? You won’t notice it when you are using leather wallets. Think about a titanium plate drop on your foot. Or rubbing against your pocket on every step you walk.

  • Scott says:

    I’ve been using a snap wallet for years. Love it, But it has some small issues. It’s plastic. It’s only partly rfid shielded. And it’s just a hair too small, both in card capacity and in length (insurance cards, and punch cards for coffee shops and such tend to be just a little larger than legal tender folded in half. . A small external clip (or better yet 2 clips or window/pocket so if can’t fall out) for a security card is absolutely necessary. Spring loaded assisted opening for the cool factor. WATER RESISTANT.

  • Bob says:

    Hey Magnus,

    Happy to give you my feedback on what my ideal wallet would be.

    1) It must be small. No more than 6-8 cards, and 1 business card. I say one, because my use case for a business card in my wallet is for that “just-in-case” moment. For all other events where I know I’ll be handing out business cards, I’ll bring a dedicated business card wallet.

    2) It must be EASY to get the cards out. I have yet to find a minimal wallet that makes it easy to take out cards – most of the time you have to take out all of them, or pull them apart and try to get your fingers around the one that you want. Short of making it easy to get each card out, would be the option of making it easy for one or two primary cards to come out.

    3) Avoid elastic bands. I’ve found that they never really hold up to daily wear and tear. However, if you have some new material (kevlar or something), maybe that will work better. If you do go this route, offer replacement bands for sale on your site.

    4) RFID protection. This is an extremely nice feature to have these days, and is an absolute must when I travel. For my daily around town wallet, it’s not as important, but I always consider this a major bonus if it can be integrated nicely.

    Good luck in the final stages of your design process!

    All the best,

  • jade says:

    tri-fold! bills inside, two cards in each of three slots, plus an outside slot (or two) that need only hold one card. no coins. magnetic latch, or similar.

  • Sean Logue says:

    I’m thinking around 8 cards. It needs to hold money, but just for emergencies, so folding it into a tight square before putting it in is not only okay, that’s how it should be to reduce the size. It should be as small as possible, not much bigger than the stack of cards it holds. It should be anodized in different colors for style. And, finally, it should not carry coins. I only use money for emergencies, so I don’t have any coins to carry either. That would just take up unnecessary space. Hope this helps!

  • Guto Versiani says:

    — Number of cards it should hold: 6

    — Does it need to hold paper money: Yes. As an earlier poster, make it big enough to carry euro notes, that are about the size of Brazilian Reais

    — Do you need it to carry coins: yes.

  • AlkEsh says:

    Eolake’s comment seems petty much on point.

    Cards : 8 with a bit of flex for slightly larger cards

    Notes : of course but should fit tall notes as well for € & £

    Coins : yes please!!!! I hate shuffling around for coins

    Cards could be in external part as well for RFID and NFC


  • Josh Dick says:

    For me, it should be able to hold 8 cards and 10 bills folded in half. It wouldn’t need to hold coins.

  • John Baring says:

    no coins but 3 to 4 cards, driving license, medical ID (medical insurance cards), folding money and business cards. Folding money can be on a clip. Hope this helps

  • Guy says:

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ve found my ideal wallet, and I’m in line for one in titanium from this Kickstarter campaign:


    Here’s my hard-anodized aluminum version:



    I also have the money clip, but I found that I don’t really need it – the wallet is so small, it just drops into my front pocket, and the rounded edges make it easy to remove. I never really feel it on me. I also tried dangling it from my key-chain, but it kept knocking against the steering column and my knee, so I backed off that option. I still have a small key ring in one corner, and may decide to add a lanyard and bead at some point so I can just pull it out of my pocket without sticking my hand inside.

  • Mike Viramontes says:

    At least 6 cards,no coin.Money/Bills/Notes is a plus for me.My biggest complaint about ALL the minimalist wallets I’ve seen is that there is a VERY small percentage that carry Notes/Bills in Half.If I see a minimalist wallet where you have to put the Bills in thirds or quarters, I’ll ignore it and go on to the next project.

  • Dan says:

    Il think that 8 cards plus some cash should be OK. Coins.. Well, I carry them in my pocket, but it will be curious to see what you come up with. Maybe you can make this part modular/detachable?
    Also, a little hole for a split ring or something similar would be nice!
    Can’t wait to give you some money for this 😀

  • Bill Hochreiter says:

    My likes for a titanium wallet:
    – some flexibility so it can be carried in either front or back pocket without discomfort
    – ability to carry 6 – 10 cards including Drivers license
    – ability to hold 5 to 8 bills of various denomination
    – secure in pocket – edging/indentations or rubber/plastic buttons on outside to make it difficult to remove without noticing
    – does not need to hold coins
    – thin as possible for comfort
    – thin piece of titanium with flat spring clips on both sides to hold money and cards tightly? just a thought!
    – I currently use an old cigarette case with internal spring clips and carry it in my front left pocket. Cards and drivers license on one side and bills under clip on other side. Thin, light, convenient, easy to open/close, comfortable, etc… I like it much better than old style leather wallet.

  • Kevin says:

    I think the true beauty in a minimalist wallet is to be simple and yet flexible. A wallet that can hold as many cards, bills, and coins as the user wants, and yet be as thin as possible for what it is holding. Since titanium is extremely strong, you could probably make it razor-thin.

    Personally I have an ultra-thin wallet from Slimfold (the soft shell version) and it can easily hold n cards while being n+1 cards worth of thickness. That’s the kind of design that wins.

    Keep in mind that US bills are not as wide as bills from other countries. My Slimfold would hold US bills nicely, but a Canadian bill’s edge sits flush with the top of the wallet. I believe other countries have even wider bills that wouldn’t fit properly.

    On the RFID blocking thing, what I would find very useful is something that blocks RFIDs from the outside, but you can open it and use RFID without taking your card out. So while it’s folded and in your pocket, your information can’t be stolen, but using a RFID credit card would be as simple as flipping open the wallet, scanning, and flipping it closed again.

    That said, I’m very happy with my Slimfold so you will need to really impress me if you want me to buy one of yours. =)

  • David says:

    I am not convinced that a titanium (or CF) wallet offers anything more than a well-designed model using traditional fabric but here goes.

    What I want from a wallet is the ability to hold:
    – up to 20 cards (this is *after* a ruthless de-selection)
    – European notes
    – some receipts

    Ideally it would also hold:
    – a passport (9cm x 12.5cm)
    – a couple of memory cards: SIM, SD & microSD plus one of those little things to eject an iPhone SIM carrier

    I don’t need to carry coins.

    My current wallet is a Slimfold Original (http://www.slimfoldwallet.com/collections/thin-wallet/products/thin-wallet-black-gray-original-soft-shell-rfid) which keeps cards side-by-side. This layout has reduced the thickness of my wallet by 1cm/40%.

    I imagine a titanium wallet something like this: [img]http://i.imgur.com/8UpzLgP.png[/img]

    • Keith says:

      What you need already exists – it is called a bag 🙂

      20 cards, notes, receipts, passport, memory cards? Please don’t do it! I’ve just come back from an evening out..1 card, driving licence, a few notes…that’s all i need. For daily use, maybe a few more cards, nothing else. I’m looking for a daily wallet, not a travel bag.

      • David says:

        I know.

        The trouble is that I travel frequently and my life is split between two countries, which doubles up the number of bank and travel cards, business & personal credit cards (plus a backup because some places don’t take my main card). One country requires me to carry my passport all the time and in any case I travel a lot for business. That adds hotel & airline loyalty cards, although these have been relegated to second wallet (in my bag).

        Could be worse: a recent project had me splitting time between three countries, which added two extra cards (bank & travel) plus a SIM which had to be swapped every trip.

  • I’m sure your prototype, even in its crude state, surpasses all metal wallets we’ve seen on Kickstarter so far – can’t wait to see some photos.

    The functions: not too bulky, a slim version of the wallet; a wavy pattern from your tweezers on both sides for a better grip; a hole to attach keys; a cash clasp; no space for coins, we have pockets for that; laser marked inches and cm; a brilliant system to hold and remove the credit cards.

  • Benjamin says:

    I’ve never seen a rigid wallet design that really did it for me, though there’s a first time for everything, and I’ve loved all of your other products.

    On the other hand, I would be VERY excited about a flexible wallet made out of woven titanium. I’ve worked with a variety of woven metal meshes and cloths in the fashion industry, and I think a wallet made out of such materials would be fantastic. The biggest problem with metal cloths, however, is durability, as they can be quite susceptible to tears and cracks with repeated deformation/folding. Not sure if this makes such a wallet impossible, as I’m not an engineer, and have no experience with such applications.

    As for wallet requirements, it’s gotta be in my front pocket. I don’t care too much about size or weight so long as it can go comfortably into the front pocket of a pair of jeans or slacks. Gotta hold 4-6 cards, a few bills, but no coins. I much prefer a folding design to a hard-case or any kind of strap arrangement.

    • Greg says:

      I had a stainless steel woven fabric wallet. I really like it, however over time a few of the wires broke and then they stab you as the gauge is quite small.

      I wonder of CP titanium would be more durable with the breaking problem. There do seem to be some woven Titanium “fabrics” that really are a screen or filter as a primary use. Without see or feeling them it difficult to determine if they are suitable.

      The stainless one I had, had some fabric liners. The draw back, is they will not “stretch” to accommodate more cars. Ok that might be a feature, rather than a flaw, as it keeps you from stuffing extra stuff in there until it is so large it hurts to sit on, for a man his wallet in his back pocket.

  • Liam Cooper says:

    Ideally i look at something that can hold 8-12 cards (yes i have a high number of cards)
    It also needs to hold cash.

    Other then that i’m not really bothered, i don’t carry coins NFC isn’t a must nor is a blocker.

    I’ve backed a few different wallets on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, havent’t recieved all yet so i wont pass judgement.
    The wallet i currently have is a leather wallet about three years old. It is starting to tear and fall apart. For my i need something that can fit in tight trousers or jeans, can get wet or dirty and be washed easily.

    A wallet is supposed to be easy, and simple, and if it can be made of titanium that sounds great to me.

    (I’m not a fan of the carbon-fibre though)

  • Joseph Hilton says:

    I am embarrassed to admit this but the best wallet I have ever used is the as seen on TV slim wallet. It has a money clip on one side and a card holder on the other. The only problem is it is made of cheap steel and has sharp edges that wear on your pants. However, it is minalmist enough that you can’t tell it is cheaply made in China. My ideal wallet would be something like that, just with your level of detail and craftsmanship, super functional with a minalmist design.
    The ideal Ti wallet-
    1. Money clip on one side and bills on the other.
    2. Needs to hold at least 4 credit cards.
    3. Coins are useless here in the U.S. But an add on attachment for International customers would be nice.
    4. NO elastic bands it really cheapens the look and feel of a wallet and could turn a wonderful professional appearing wallet into something that is more appropriate for a 16 year old boy.

  • 4rmless says:

    6 cards is about right, no need for anything special for cash as that can be folded and stuck in with the cards.

    If the cards can be accessible with one hand, that would be ideal.

    Include a bottle opener like the FireTi Omega wallets do.

    Lanyard hole would be nice.

  • David says:

    Titanium wallet suggestions:

    – flexibility to carry any number of cards
    – ability to carry paper money
    – ability to carry coins
    – NFC/RFID blocker
    – external pocket for mass transit cards; NFC/RFID enabled
    – hole through corner of wallet; for a split ring, chain, lanyard

    How could all this be achieved?

    Possibly offer several different add-on options as you did with your Pill Pots.

    How do you add-on these features to a wallet?

    Such as this Kickstarter wallet campaign:

  • Michaël says:

    Hi there,
    For me it would be 5 credit cards and up to 4 folding money. Some extra room for few coins and / or flat items would be a plus.

    As for other people, some way to attach it to a chain would be nice if needed.

    Above all out would be thin and compact, comfortable in back or front pocket, and not slippy.

    I find that classic wallet are way too bulky. I actually use a small visit cards holder for my driver license and health card, and a small money holder for my money, credit card, coffee machine card and so on.

  • Phil says:

    Just make the thing however you want. I’m positive it will be extremely over engineered and worth every penny. I can’t wait to buy one

  • Aaron says:

    Hmm I was thinking, “nah you can’t keep coins in a titanium wallet”, then I saw you mention coins. So yeah, it’d be interesting to see how you hold coins. Maybe like the oyster wallet.

  • Trevor says:

    I use a kickstarted Obtainium wallet for my EDC, and really like it. I have found though that despite the hard anodizing that the drops do leave marks and small burrs. It holds 8 cards and a couple of receipts with ease, which is my main requirements. If I was to consider improvements, I would hope the top edge of every card could be visible, I often find I take out several cards looking for the one I need. The other thing I would like to see is a clip on the outside that can be used to clip to the inside of a pocket, or perhaps as a paper money clip.

  • Jason says:

    Currently I own the Omega Ti wallet.


    So far it has been the best wallet I have owned, fabric has nothing on it. The O rings will start to deteriorate after a bout 3-4 months of everyday use.


    6-9 cards is what I carry. (License, medical, 2 credit, gas card, Home Depot, and a gift card) With my work I generally have to turn in my ID to pick up high security passes which are generally the thickness of 2 cards. What I like with the Omega is that with the O rings it adjusts to what I have in there at the time.

    Now I did take your recommendation and back the DM1 with the money clip, but with the clip I can only hold 8 cards, and may have to slide one into the money clip for it to be an every day carry kind of wallet.


    Paper money:

    100% yes. I can’t buy street vendor food and my drug dealer doesn’t accept credit so I NEED to carry around cash. Usually 5 or 6 bills folded in half can get me by.


    I hate carrying around coins, I throw them in the car or on the table at home immediately. Yes american coins are worthless but even when I travel abroad I do the same thing. (The most I’ve had was 57 Euros in coins on my table after two weeks in Vienna)


    Access is the number one things that fabric wallets have and with titanium the lack of dividers make it more difficult. I was sold on the Omega because of the way you squeeze it and the cards separate for easy access, and the DM1 looks to be similarly easy to select cards without having to take them all out and rifle through them for the right one.

    Hope this helps.

  • Richard says:

    Hi Magnus

    I’ve been using the secrid Aluminum wallet with a black aligator skin on the outside. The aluminum portion holds four cards while the wallet folds out with room for additional cards. At this moment, I have seven cards total in the wallet.

    It looks like this:


    I carry a separate money clip and a few coins.

  • Kevin says:

    I made the switch to a plate & elastic style wallet last fall with an ‘Asset’ from Kickstarter. I like the concept, and still use it, but I had to go through a number of ways to carry cash. Here in Canada we have our fancy new plastic money that keeps its shape after being folded. More than one fold and it becomes a real nuisance to flip through to find what you need. My current remedy is a cheap moneyclip attached with 3M command strips to the outside of the wallet (above the elastic, tried it under and it didn’t work as well).
    I’ve been looking at all the wallets as they appear on Kickstarter for something that does a better job with cash. The one that intrigues me the most is the Ridge Wallet w/the money clip. But that clip seems to stick out rather far, much farther than a non-spring clip.
    I’m not sure if it’s possible to come up with a design that doesn’t use elastics/silicone bands/o-rings. It would be really neat if there was a way to make one using the flexibility of the titanium (or CF) itself as the retention, without requiring many different sizes for various amounts of cards.
    Cards and cash are my requirements – no keys, coins, or anything else.

  • Enrique says:

    I think 8 to 12 cards would be best, with possibility of holding bills as well. Coins can go elsewhere (ahem, that opens up the possibility of a separate coin carrier!). Nonetheless, I think it should be compact enough for the front pocket.

    I have been looking at these two wallets in KS (one was mentioned before):



    The 1st of these looks interesting as it’s a single piece (plus another one if you want the money clip). The second one has the advantage, being modular, that one can adapt it to different number of cards (plus it has the cool factor of incorporating magnets! Of course, this may have the drawback of interfering with the card’s magnetic band).

    I agree with previous comments that an eyelet for a chain would be good.

  • Louis says:

    simple – expandable – facility to fasten to belt chain / key ring for security
    Perhaps two thin sheets of metal linked by metal “Springs” to enable it to expand / contract
    Able to hold two to ten cards and Sterling / Euro notes.

  • Mark says:

    I too have reservations that a titanium would be the best choice of material for the construction of a wallet but if you can figure it out, i’ll look at!!

    I would like to see:

    1) External money clip for 8-10 bills for quick access. I use the
    clip on my current wallet for receipts as well, until I can
    offload them.
    2) External ‘window’ on opposite side for driver’s license so
    don’t have to remove from wallet when asked for I.D.
    3) Room for minimum 8 – 10 cards. Reality is as we use less
    cash the more cards we end up with.
    4) No room for coins. In Canada we have coins for $1 and $2
    denomination but they are quite large and it would be
    prohibitive to fit in a well styled, slender wallet.
    5) Must look cool!!
    6) Suggestion of titanium and carbon fibre mix is intriguing.
    7) Fit in front pocket without unsightly bulging:)

  • Being an European I’ll like to have
    Up to 8-10 cc, one slot for driving license and one for ID card
    No coins
    Room for Paper money (Eu and USA sizes)
    Compact, slim for front pocket

  • Keith says:

    It needs to hold about 6 cards. More is OK, less is probably not. Notes, yes definitely and it should accommodate Euro notes (folded is OK). Coins, no…I never carry coins. And I don’t see how you could accommodate coins and keep it looking cool. So no, please, no.

    Titanium is what I signed up for. If it varies from that, I need to see what it looks like. Even carbon fibre, cool as it is, needs to fit the original design ethos. If it starts to have elastic or rubber bands, then I’m out – I might as just wrap a rubber band around my credit cards.

  • Matthew says:

    All titanium wallet with RFID & NFC.
    No external stretch/rubber bands.
    Cards: 8-10
    Bills: 12
    Secure closure
    Good grip
    Easy to open
    Front pocket loading

  • Fred says:

    hey i just found you from KS because of Bomber and cool products.
    now for a wallet i think the 8 card one, coin slot seems obsolete these days so without that wouldn’t be a big deal, money slots either because you’d have to make 2 models. One normal model for people like me in canada for normal size bills and then a big model for euro bills (which i think are big for nothing).
    i usually don’t buy wallets when they are big. i keep wallets in my back pockets and when they are bigger then my Galaxy S5 i turn away.
    I don’t wear wallets in the front pocket, never understood why people do it, its cumbersome.(around pick pocket places i understand)
    So overall small normal size.
    Mainly 8 slots for cards.
    optional bill slots, if some make them US size or make 2 models.(im sure lots people like me don’t like big wallets, especially if made from metal.)
    coin slot i think is obsolete.
    these days people are more and more starting to carry plastic or pay by mobile/online.

    P.S: i wanted to subscribe to the newsletter for a discount but accidentally closed the box and now theres no where else to sub.
    Help on that would be nice

  • Wes says:

    Simple and small
    4 cards with easy access for one CC/license
    Must hold paper money on inside
    Coin holder is not important here in the USA and when I travel abroad I use a different wallet
    RFID blocking
    No silly bands, straps, etc.

  • Nick says:

    Hmm now this is a good one.

    essentially I was a T.A.R.D.I.S as a wallet, see what you can do =D
    I keep saying I want a small wallet. but always end up putting oodles of cars in anyway, so a modular would be cool. cause you could drop off sections you don’t want when you go out. and have accessorys what modular on, like a small coin bag or money slot/clip a transparent aluminum ID holder =D

  • Jason says:

    A wallet that would hold:
    -8 cards
    -RFID protection
    -Hold a few bills and receipts
    -minimalistic design

  • Vincent Goudreault says:

    I do not like to offload and reload my wallet, so end up carrying everything that I would normally need.
    And that is a lot of stuff. In Canada we have $1 and $2 coins instead of bills, so for anything like vending machines to park meter, I carry between $6 and $10 in change.
    I also have 10 bills of various, and a lot of cards: the equivalent of 30 (it is more than 30, some are thin cardboard, but they add up) regrouped in 4 categories and places in my wallet. Folded, my wallet is 4 cm thick. And is pretty much worn out as of now (I have had it for over 15 years).

    So, my ideal wallet would be one that can take that much without complaint, and be indestructible.
    It should also feature the possibility of putting a few selected cards (the ones most often used) in a preferred position that is easier to access, while keeping some other cards in a more secure position, where they cannot even be seen when first opening the wallet–basically a vault.
    The banknote section should also bend with a gentle curvature, so as to avoid crimping notes. I like crisp and clean looking bills… For that reason, the banknote section should also be deep enough so that the bills are completely inside, with enough margin that they don’t stick out (my current wallet is marginal in that area, I wish it was a bit deeper than the 75 mm it has; say 80 mm. Canadians bills are 70 mm by 155 mm)

    The one gripe I have with my current wallet is that the coin case flap is attached with only one snap button, and long ago developed a sagging edge when the smallest coin sometime slip out. A longer flap, or one that is closed in more than one place, or has a flap that can bend in one direction but is rigid enough along the other axis that is cannot get crooked and open on one side.

  • Peter says:

    Of no interest, sorry. For me a wallet is a leather item. Small, flexible and moulded to your body after time. I carry 5 cards, some cash in notes, coins live in a greek coin purse in my bag

  • Ramy says:


    Currently using a lovely wallet made of old bike inner tubes. It’s soft to the touch, durable, with a nice sheen.

    I need from my wallet:
    6 cards, with room for at least one slightly thicker than Regular credit cards

    Holding a few coins flat would be nice

    Must hold bills easily, like no fiddlyprecise 3-fold money clip business. Bills not visible or vulnerable to wet counters etc.

    No strappy elastic bits
    No leather
    All the kickstarter metal wallets are ugly. No ugly

    Gotta be skin safe if you sit on it in tight jeans or if a baby nephew chews it.

  • Shaun says:

    Similar to this one…


    Otherwise I’d rather keep it leather for a wallet.

  • Glen Oswin says:

    would like a bottle opener as part of the body of the wallet and no need for coins. i think 4-6 cards and hold some notes. want it to be minimalistic.
    cant wait to see your wallet

  • Sam says:

    I like to have a small ‘front pocket’ wallet for about 6 cards, 3 debit/credit cards, driving licence and 2 medical/medication info cards.

    I currently move between two wallets which I got from kickstarter, a minimo aluminium wallet for casual and a bronxton minimalist leather wallet for smart . Both have the ability to hold a few UK notes to – minimo in the rubber band and the bronxton has a back strap. I also have a couple of money clips (1 titanium) in case I carry a lot of cash which isn’t often.

    I also have an Ogon Designs card case but although I like it I can’t get used to it, just a little too bulky.

    So I suppose I’m saying something very practical for 6 cards and a couple of £20 notes that is understated but starts conversations like my pillpots do daily at work.

    Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve


    Can’t wait to see what you come up with


  • Joshua says:

    I’m currently using the Ti2 Design minimalist wallet and I would love something similar that is designed to hold four cards at max.

  • Moose Man says:

    8 cards with two quick release cards.
    Needs a detachable money clip that would probably take the place of on of the quick release slots.

    I’m thinking one longitudinal side is hinged with the two halves each holding 4 cards – it would therefore almost be a 4 quick release slots because if unhinged you’d see the outer and the inner cards.

    It would be ok for an elastic (not rubber) strap to hold it together but you could still easily access the outer two cards as quick access.

  • Kyle says:

    My ideal wallet would consist of:
    Somewhere to store coins.
    Storage for up to 10 cards.
    Not to big to be kept in pocket.
    Soft/Flexible for comfort

  • Steve Thompson says:

    I would want the ability to carry 4 cards.
    Rounded titanium so as not to damage pockets.
    The ability to be able to quickly check all 4 cards are present.
    A small hole for a key ring – to attach a cord or a chain.
    I would like to be able to carry say 4 notes.
    The ability to carry a camera memory card and /or sim card would be a plus.
    Perhaps space for a photo and/ or business card.
    Hope that is some help. I like your projects.

    • Olivier says:

      My ideal wallet would include :
      4 cards, rounded titanium,
      space for a memory card (SD Format),
      and a clip to clip the wallet to my trousers (very convenient and safe when you travel a lot).
      not more.
      Thank you Magnus for all the great stuff you make for us !

  • Morten says:

    Mine would basically be the Anso Matrix, sadly i missed the kickstarter. I prefer hard wallets that gives less wear on cards.

    Room for 5-6 cards
    no money clip
    no room for coins
    1-2 quick access slots.

  • charles wheatcroft says:

    -8 cards (2 debit, 2 store, 1 credit, 1 health, 1 driving licence, 1 vehicle recovery)

    -Money clip/holder – folded is fine

    -No coins

    -No sharp edges

    -Possible have one covered, or mostly covered, face. This would prevent puncturing of cards if sitting down on a sharp or protruding object when the wallet was in the back pocket. This is the reason I have the screen to my phone facing towards my leg in my front pocket. This won’t help if I am speared through the back of the leg but at that point I am unlikely to want to post a facebook update.

  • Steven says:

    Simple is best. I like a few cards and a bit of paper money. Not a fan of carrying shrapnel in my pocket! Interested in the carbon fibre talk. Sure I’ll buy it either way.

    Quick access to bank card and ID.

  • Edward Burr says:

    Sadly, my desired wallet is far from the “minimalist” concept. I need to hold a couple credit cards, driver’s license, AAA card, insurance cards, corporate card, and a bunch of various store loyalty cards. Oh yeah, and sometimes even a bit of cash. When it’s time to replace my wallet (about every other year or so), I always have a hard search to find one with enough pockets to hole everything.

  • Jeff says:

    Need not hold coins, has 5 or less card space (e.g. ID’s, a CC or 2 and a few business cards) can hold some cash.

    Easy Peasy!

  • Robert says:

    Number of card slots: 8
    Needs to hold paper money: Yes
    Hold coins: No
    Seperate holder or spot for I.D.
    Bill divider would be nice, but not crucial.

  • Joe Fallon says:

    Here’s my carry list:
    – 4 Credit Cards
    – Drivers License
    – 4 Health Insurance Cards, plastic & paper
    – Cash, paper only
    – Spare car key
    – Stamps
    – Dry cleaner receipt
    – Meds list card on a business card
    They all are used – some much more than others during any given month

  • >