What Do YOU Want?

I’ll keep this super-short…

I have various prototypes on the go right now.

The next Kickstarter project will be launching soon (shortly after all the HookUp Clips from the last Kickstarter project have been shipped).

But, in the meantime, I want to know the titanium products YOU are craving?

What do you desire?

What specifically do you want?

A pen? …a wallet? …a belt buckle …a phone case? …or maybe something entirely different?

Let me know and I’ll reply to your comments… (might not be right away though as I’m as busy as an ant in an under-staffed ant colony)

  • A few of the things I’m working on (still at the thinking and sketching stage):

    — Some sort of 360-degree “swivel” type titanium thing for key-chains (a customer gave me this idea …can’t quite recall who right now)

    — Miniature “Swiss-army-knife” style set of titanium mini-tools

    — High-end titanium lanyard beads (the designs are done …just waiting for the titanium to arrive and will then send to my machinist with the designs)

    — Larger ViperFish-style titanium carabiner type clip

    — Titanium hex-bit holder that isn’t “clunky” (and hold perhaps 2 to 4 hex-bits)

    • One small thought… Could the Magnus Army Tool Set ( MATES? as a name) made so that it is allowed as a hand luggage part? I travel a lot and traveling light means a lot of limitations on the tools you could cary in.
      Regards and looking forward on your new inventions


    • Scott Zerby says:

      A clever tool that also acts a stand for my phone or tablet and fits on a key chain

  • Joe says:

    Definitely the swivel keychain. Basically a hook-up clip with a spinning base, so whatever it’s connected to isn’t locked in at right angles.

  • Ken Maddeford says:

    Hmmm let me see….. All titanium.. a clip that has a lever that opens and closes to hook on a belt loop… it will be shaped oblong.. but the part that fits behind the belt loop will be flattened instead of rounded,, the bottom of this oblong clip will have a swivel mechanism where ring for keys to slip on will be……something like this one on the attachment but made of titanium and fancier! http://cdn.opentip.com/Home-Kitchen/Aspire-Pcs-Key-Ring-Swivel-Lobster-Clasp-Combo-p-4703421.html?gclid=CMqqldDPi8ECFcgF7Aodik0Aig

  • John J. says:

    So I am looking forward to the wallet the most. Seems like I’m not alone.

    An alloy phone case seems like a bit much to me. Guess it depends on the gauge and design though.

    Just bought a couple TiClaws, but I can’t think of anything else I would use on a daily basis that I can be made out of titanium.

    I’ll keep thinkin’ though! In the meantime keep me posted about the wallet, will definitely purchase!

    • Will do John!

      (Wallet is still a priority …but it’s taking a long time …with various design setbacks – I thought I was almost there, but a bit of a design setback recently)

      WILL get there though.

  • klyph says:

    A titanium belt buckle. With bottle opener and safe edge. Like a gut hook. Basic lyrics something to cut open boxes or small strings that can be consumed as a knife. Also would love to see a large titanium cache. Say a diameter of 1 3/4 inch to 1 inchs and 8 to 20 inches tall. Food grade so you can use it on a fire to boil water removable top and bottom caps no fancy exterior machining just Smooth stone washed beautiful titanium. Would do well with a lanyard loop on one end. O rings of course. And a male male attachment so you could buy two or more and screw them all together. The tread would need to be at least half an inch. Yep I would love to see that.

    • Klyph,

      Man, that is one excellent and detailed explanation. Thank you for this.

      This is what I’m going to be sketching in my design book tomorrow for sure!

      Damn it – I already want one myself.

      Watch this space!

  • Keith says:

    I would like to see a leather/titanium key holder for my belt loop. I should not rattle and the leather makes it feel better in the pocket. Of course it does not need to have leather, just as long as it does not have edges that would scratch or hurt something/someone. I need something clean simple to use easy to access the keys while making it nice to wear. I am not looking to hold a huge number of keys maybe 4 – 8 at the most. The real ‘key’ is to not rattle to allow me to sneak up on people 🙂

    • I’m currently designing the Rabbit V2 Keyholder.

      it’s proving a lot trickier than I thought – but getting there slowly. So watch out for that soon Keith – should be close to what you’re after.

  • David G says:

    Titanium chopsticks

    • Man, I’d love to do these – but I would find it tough to beat the Aerodynamic Inspired Titanium Chopstick.

      I have a set and they are so well designed and made (these guys had quality control problems initially …but the end result they came with was fantastic).

      However, I DO have a craving to create some titanium chopsticks. Will think about this over sushi tomorrow (that’s not a joke by the way… :-D)

  • Jeremy Anderson says:

    An iPhone 6 and 6 plus case that eliminates the ability for mere mortals to bend the blooming thing with their hands. Imagine the viral video marketing potential: “The End of Bend(Gate)”

    • Ha-haa …yeah, I didn’t find the iPhone 6 bending video that interesting …UNTIL I saw someone unable to bend a Samsung. Kind of put it in perspective.

      Maybe there is now a NEED for a titanium iPhone case …thanks Jeremy!

  • Dwayne says:

    How About A Keychain FlashLight, But Not A Big Super Bright One. Even Though That Would Be Very Nice. But I’d Like To Have One That Looks Like Those Diamond Shaped Keychain Lights That Have A Small L.E.D. Light That Shines Out Of One Of The Points Of The Diamond. They Have A Slide Button For On Or Off, Or A CLicky Still Push Button Made Out Of Injection Molded Plastic. But Let’s Make One Out Of Titanium. Should Be Fairly Simple Machining, Well Not Sure About That. But It’s Just A Diamond Shape Housing With The L.E.D. With Electronics And Coin Shaped Battery And TorX Head Screws Holding It Together. Just Enough Light To Help Shine The Key Hole To Your Car, House, The Floorboard To Look For That Rare Coin You Dropped On The Truck Floor And It RolleD Under The Seat. Well You Get The Drift. And As For Goals For The Project. You Can Anodize, Polish, Inlay. Somebody Reading This Is Saying, This Is A Great Idea. Well There’s More Were That Came From. But Let’s See If You Think That Would Be Something You Would Like.

    • Hey Dwayne, thank you for your thoughts. I’ll tell you… and flashlight is something I am absolutely itching to do.

      But I’m pretty sure I’ll have to partner up on something like this as flashlight are such a huge topic. I know little about these. I’ve done some research but not getting anywhere fast on it.

      I like the diamond-shaped …had not thought about that kind of design. I had mainly focused on classic cylinder-style design.

      Thank you Dwayne …got me all motivated again!

  • Rob says:

    Tactical Pen!

    • YES! I started designing one not too long ago.

      And, most likely, I will continue with it soon (but most likely won’t be released before the end of the year).

      I have read a lot about pens and so have the specification nailed down (I think).

  • William says:

    What about a shoehorn (just to be awkward)

    • If you pay for the prototyping (most likely around $2k to $3k).

      (Don’t worry everyone …this is my Dad being, well, my Dad! ha-haa)

      • klyph says:

        Just throwing this out there a strip of white 3 inch pvc pipe cut on the radius to to the size of your heel and 2.5 feet long makes the best shoe horn money can buy. Flexible yet stiff gentle on the heel and boot (caviet you have to round the edges) and it works as an excellent paddle if you have insubordination children….wink wink nudge nudge.

  • Michael says:

    In ancient Japan (And Britain), people carried fans. Folding fans. These were every day items. They cooled people down, and in Japan, metal (iron) versions called Tessen doubled as a self-defense weapon. I’ve been thinking about a small Titanium folding fan, about the size of the average pen that is very slim, has a pocket clip, can be used to cool oneself, but can also be a Kubaton or self-defense tool.

    • Michael …that is an awesome idea!

      Had never even thought of that in my wildest dreams!

      I started thinking about how it would work today …I have no idea (so far) how all the “fans” could hold together without some sort of material.

      I’m going to see if I can come up with something. Definitely won’t have mass appeal – but, hey, the Japanese might enjoy these as much as I enjoy sushi!

      • klyph says:

        A slot and a rounded rivet system for each fan blade 3/8th down from the top outside radius. Just a thought to the conundrum.

    • Oh, wait, did you draw that image Michael? (if so, man, that is awesome!)

  • CatsTide says:

    A master link to hold your keys.

    • You won’t believe this, but…

      I actually sketched something along this lines while I was at the beach today (I scraped it into the sand). Crazy.

      It was an okay design – but only a starting point really.

  • MikeM74 says:

    How about a mini tool box that has different configurations? All Titanium, of course. If I am working on one project one day, could configure it that morning. And if it was just a regular day, I would have my basics in it. Maybe the same tools a Swiss Army knife has but updates to your style. Tweezers you already have. Maybe the tools can fit somewhat like a bit or whatever you think?

    Second, a great nail clipper! Most are junk.


    • I like the idea of a “toolbox” of sorts – but there becomes many issues when you allow people to put things together and take them apart (as opposed to the product being a finally, fixed product).

      Yes, I’d like to include tweezers in such a design – that would be awesome.

      With regard to the nail-clipper. I agree 100%. Most are really, REALLY bad. I have a set right now that are phenomenal …and the crazy thing is …I only bought them for the box. Total luck.

      I’ve have loads (make that TONS actually) of people ask me for nail clippers. I initially assumed it could not be done because of the “blade/edge” required – but I’m thinking that maybe it CAN be done.

      Going to research this more… (thank you for the heads-up on it)

  • Herbert says:

    Wallet is still No. 1 on my wishlist, then comes a comb, tweezers, toothpicks.
    Tweezers and toothpicks would be great to come with a hole so you can attach it to a keyring or carabiner clip, or might also be integrated into a comb (removable of course).

    • Thank you for the you reply Herbert – hope you are well?

      Yes, wallet is pretty much my #1 as well (and I’ve been thinking about it for over a year now – crazy!).

      Maybe that’s why there are so many wallets on Kickstarter …nobody can make the “perfect” one??

      Also, the tweezers are coming very soon – woohoo!

      • klyph says:

        Take some notes from the billitus maximus carbon fiber wallet campaign going right now magnus. As far as minimalist and we’ll thought out its the best I have seen. The multi had to much going on on it which was a pealing but not a very practical or well finished final product. I really like Brad but his wallet though beautiful does not have that special something going or it. Wallets are super hard to get right. Key items. Must be light yet durable, eye catching and unique. Minimalistic yet serve as more then just a wallet.ie phone stand, Bottle opener, Ear bud/ cable organizer. And finally it should be smooth so as not to get hooked on or destroy pockets also in a pinch will it perform as a bludgeoning device. If I have to lug it everywhere and some nahrdoweller wishes to have what he is not welcome to will my wallet be up to the task? (No I’m not kidding…..OK I am a bit but seriously I have actually trained on a heavy bag with my multi. It’s not very ergonomic but it is still harder then my skin and bones.)

  • Sherman says:

    1. 360 swivel double sided carabiner
    2. Portable chopsticks – there are many chopsticks that can be taken apart (screw apart in the middle) for portability, but nothing in titanium…with a titanium carry case would be ideal

  • Rod says:

    A compact but functional/strong shovel/trowel for backpacking with serrated edges for digging in hard dirt and through roots/vegetation. Dimensions of about 3″ x 6″ shovel with a folding handle would be nice. I’m sure you could sell a zillion through REI. Heavy steel shovel such as this, http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=u-dig-it&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=49845037345&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13181619111246207431&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_31fhcfxzb0_b seem to be the only thing available.

  • Engels Wilson says:

    +1 for the Miniature “Swiss-army-knife” style set of titanium mini-tools, I really need/want a whole ti multi tool, and if it is “mini”, the best, and maybe you could add your tweezers, a HookUp Clip, a Tiny Wrench, a mini wrench, a blade, and if you can add some tritium to the formula, that will be orgasmic. Maybe something like this, https://www.quirky.com/shop/598-switch-12-piece-customizable-pocket-knife , but smaller.


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