World’s Most Dangerous iPhone Stand

It’s been a week since my last blog update – and a few things have happened…


First up… (Titanium Wallet progress)

Progress on the titanium wallet is going well.

It’s going to be launched on Kickstarter (but this won’t happen until the Titanium Mechanical Pencil Rewards are shipped to Backers of that project) …but that’s a good few weeks away.

I do know, at this stage, that it’s not going to be a cheap wallet …and this is because I have not compromised on anything (which is the same for all my products actually).

I’m still not ready to show the full thing (as there is still a bit more development to go) – but here’s a “sneaky side shot” for you:

It's going a little slower than I said (you think I would have learned by now!) ...but the titanium wallet is still progressing well.

It’s going a little slower than I said (you think I would have learned by now!) …but the titanium wallet is still progressing well.


Next up… (YouTube Shenanigans)

I’ve been continuing to post to YouTube every single day (not missed a day yet).

I recently did a video called “A Day In The Life…” where show you what a typical day looks like for me.

Here it is here:


Something Fun…

I made “The World’s Most Dangerous iPhone Stand” the other day.

It is not something I’ll be making – but thought you might like to see it:





So, yeah, that’s really it for this week.

I’ve been looking into a couple of new pieces of machinery. They’re not cheap and so I’m talking to the bank and such. I’ll talk more about this at a later date.

Actually, if you really want to stay ahead of everyone else …then my videos are where it’s all happening right now. Click Here to check out my YouTube Channel.



  • Cliff Poland says:

    How much for the proto type iPhone stand?

  • Cliff Poland says:

    Seriously I am going to keep asking you. Or as you say always my clients have been begging me for this. I want a titanium nuck that is more then just a nucks. I would rather see it as just a 1 or 2 finger design that acts as a phone stand. Titanium or tungsten. Be my heró Magnus.

  • Richard Johnson says:

    I’m right there with Cliff … make me one, too!

    Now, let’s practice what to say when the inevitable happens …

    “Of course not, Officer, how could you even think that? It is just an iPhone stand, that’s all …”

    • Cliff says:

      RI hard. I was thinking more along the lines of
      Pardon me Sir you think my paper weight iPhone stand ear bud cable organizer is a What!!!! Oh my that is unfortunate. But no no that’s not at all what it is sir. Not at all!!! how ever I will be sure to consider alternatives to all theset uses I have for my tool.

  • Adam H. Wohl says:

    Keep it up you’re doing greatyou’re, a natural at this mass media marketing, Kickstarter funding, water jet cutting, maker-movement, titanium nitride costing, Navy and coral patronizing, NZ specializing. YEAH!

    I am befuddled by this titanium wallet project and breathlessly wait for it to ultimately be revealed.

    I’m curious as to the status of your recent knife obsession?

    I really enjoy watching your videos they enable me to see you as a hard-working, tax-paying coffee drinking, caring son of some and a loving father to one 1.


  • KarateMike says:

    That’s the sickest iPhone stand ever. Please put it into production. Pleeeeaaaassssse

  • Edwin says:

    “it’s not going to be a cheap wallet …”

    Please define ‘not cheap’ 😉

  • KB says:

    I’ll take one of those iPhone stands too.

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