Would You Like THIS Gadget?

Here’s the deal

My horribly successful Titanium PillPots™ Kickstarter project (click here) is about to end… and I recently just launched a made-to-order salt and pepper shaker set called the TiShakers™.

Out of these two projects (and because a bunch of people have given me some interesting feedback) another may possibly have been born – I literally just came up with it a few hours ago (forgive me if I’m a little excited about it :-D).

Here’s where YOU come in:

I’d like to propose this crazy project to you (and, if the response is favourable, I will get it produced a.s.a.p.!)…

Okay, so here’s my “crazy idea”…

A super-secure titanium cache that requires a special “key” to open. This “key” will be in the form of super-small key-chain tool.

This ‘key’ will then be required to close and open the titanium cache. Now, the key won’t be totally unique, I will vary them. But your key will match the cap on your titanium cache.

Here’s a “quick and dirty” initial concept for the “key” (not the final design!)…




Further to this – the titanium cache will not be a super-light, thin design. It will be rock-solid, air-tight, water-tight and totally and utterly bomb-proof! I’m talking balls-to-the-wall completely indestructible.

I’m not quite sure to the size yet – but I’m thinking the inside will be something like an 25 to 30mm (1″ to 1.25″) diameter and the length around 60mm to 100mm (2″ to 4″).

Here’s what the cap and body as a whole might look like (again, it’s a “quick and dirty” sketch to give you an idea of what I’m talking about):






Now, it’s not 100% secure like a proper key (although, to be fair, I’ve done a bit of lock-picking as a hobby – and you’d be shocked at just how insecure most locks are!) – but it’ll certainly prevent even the most determined person from getting access.

I have a few things I’d like to keep in such a device – and I’m sure you have them too (you do NOT need to tell me what you will be putting into this device. That is up to you).

Would love to hear your thoughts on this – they will most likely make or break this idea. Thank you. 🙂

  • MikeM74 says:


    I love this idea. I have a few caches and the only one that is different has both ends that come off. This is neat in case something gets stuck. I love your idea with the key, as well. Im interested in purchasing. Will these be a KS Project or asap type of deal. (I’m into locksport, as well. Have any homemade lock picks?)


    • Peter Caldwell says:

      I agree. I’d love to have one. But a spare key would be well worthwhile.

    • Yeah, I could probably do it double-ended. Not sure how popular it would be – so perhaps have to offer double-ended and single ended.

      This would not be a Kickstarter project – but would be pre-order. I’d get some prototypes produced – then offer them for sale and have them made to order. So a couple of weeks until they would ship kinda thing.

      Have only dabbled in locksport… and, yeah, the picks I used were all homemade (that was part of the attraction… making my own tools to be able to open a lock)

  • David says:

    I’d love something like this, for one. The question’d really be “What sort of things would I *need* to put in there?”, since that’d be the size constraint. A standard flash drive’d be good, maybe.

  • Ed says:

    Magnus, I love the idea but it would hope it be big enough to hold paper money as that is probably what I see as the most obvious use for a keyed item. The bill sizes over here (London) are a bit bigger than they are at home in the USA, so I’d hope that could be taken into account?

  • John says:

    I would buy it since it is titanium, lockable and unique…I would want two tools/keys (key chain tool) with mine! I am a fan of spares particularly when it comes to keys or key tools….

    Check out microtech knives…Great craftsmanship…Mr. Marfione uses unique fasteners for his fasteners and sells tools which will fit fasteners for instance if belt clip location needs to be relocated for owners personal selection of tip up or tip down or left vs. right hand use…

    Thank you for your creativity and attention to detail!


  • Bob Gelb says:

    A solution looking for a problem…not sure people will buy..not sure of any benefit.

  • Edwin says:

    Hi Magnus,

    Great idea! Frankly I like it better than the pillpots I’m backing. If you could have the solid side made with a looped lid and have a spare key made like John suggested this would be the best solution for me.

  • Brad says:

    Did you ever lockpick with my TiPiKs?
    Put 2 small notches instead of one is the only thing I can see that would help.

    • Ah, yes, I did receive them. But now I can’t find them (along with a bunch of other stuff I can’t find). I think I know where they are though. But, I will add, they are very cool! Going to try and dig them out tonight…

  • Garrick says:

    Think it looks cool, but agree that two “keys” would be needed for this kind of thing.

    I’m not sure I’d buy one despite it being cool – I can’t think of anything that I would keep inside it.

  • Peter says:

    I’m in – ’nuff said…

  • Peter says:

    +1 for spare key too…

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    I’m in and agree, need a spare key.

  • Matthias says:

    i really like the idea.
    if it is some watertight and a spare key is included/obtainable, count me in 🙂

  • Richards says:

    Awesome, when/where can I order?

  • Simon says:

    Spare key is a must, I know that it’s sketches but if you had two holes and pegs then you can change the radius of the locations and get a lot more combinations, also, the pattern on lockable wheel nuts springs to mind

  • Rick Herald says:

    Absolutely love it and I want some! Can they be in the mail by next Monday? LOL
    Fantastic idea! Run with it and put me down for one or two of them.

    PS: I was going to send you a note today about an idea; short and sweet a titanium toothpick in its own cache. Guys are always looking for a toothpick and being titanium it could be used many other place than the teeth.

    Best of luck on the locking cache!

  • JOHN says:

    A key would be nice feature. Larger cache size as well.

  • Richard Johnson says:

    Not for me, but thanks for asking … I don’t have any real need for locking my caches; and with my memory, the key would disappear, not to be found when I needed it!

  • Brian says:

    Love the idea! Let me know when it launches!

  • Mats Lofstrom says:

    Neat idea, but not for me.

  • Sazad says:

    I like it Magnus, excellent design , if possible please make both short, say 2 inch and 4 inch long caches.Thank you

  • Asbjørn says:

    I hate to say this, but I’m in!

  • Al Eisen says:

    Add a spare key and I am in. It would be better if the bottom could come off also.

  • Christopher Warnock says:

    I can think of many uses for a secure cache. I would offer two suggestions: The first is I would make the keychain tool multifunctional: screw/Pry tip and bottle opener at the very least That way I could justify giving the key a permanent place on my key chain…The second suggestion is to have the cache not be round at one point so that it could be securely set into something, such as a post or a rock with some bonding mechanism, this would prevent the cache from spinning when it was being opened.

  • stevej says:

    Great work, Magnus!
    I like it.
    Whatever happened to the TiChopsticks? I would buy a dozen of those!

  • Erwing says:

    Love the idea. Stop everything you are doing and make them NOW!! 🙂
    (helping with your whole, “customers demand that I make them” theme)

    I would add a lanyard hole, that would make it perfect for my needs.


  • Steve says:

    Looks good i like it Magnus. Being a locksmith i would like to see the locking mechanism and 2 keys are always better than one.
    Im in.

  • Guy says:

    Magnus – if you didn’t get my e-mail, see the link below for the screen shot I attached:


    My thoughts on the larger “Bomb-proof” cylinder are as follows: anything of real value that I don’t need access to on a daily basis (i.e., EDC), but requires secure storage (gold coins, stock certificates, birth certificate, passport, firearm & ammo, cash, precious stones, etc.) I’d store either in a bank safety deposit box or a fire-proof lock box on a high shelf in my bedroom or inside a hidden wall or floor compartment. Something as small as your cylinder seems to scream to a thief, should he find it: “hey, I’m Titanium, bro! I look expensive! I must have valuables inside me, so fuck the key, just take me and figure it out later!” And if I hide the cylinder, then it doesn’t really have to be secure – justy moisture proof. One idea you might consider: a loop with a large enough diameter to insert a padlock shackle – that way you could secure it to a padlock, cable lock, or a bar.

    • Will reply to your email soon Guy. Yes, saw your design, makes sense. I will reply to your email about it.

      Also, yeah, I will admit it might need some sort of “anchor” in case someone just grabs it.

  • Guy says:

    Ok, that link didn’t work… Try this:


  • Paul Rogers says:

    I’m in.

  • Bob Michiels says:

    Very nice!

  • John says:

    as Edwin, David, Christopher and Guy have stated: If you could have the solid side made with a looped lid (ie. a loop with a large enough diameter to insert a padlock shackle – that way you could secure it to a padlock, cable lock, or a bar), moisture resistant closure and have a spare key with keychain tool multifunctional: screw/Pry tip and bottle opener, Magnus would satisfy a lot of requests and ideas….I like the idea of size accommodating flash drive…storage of some key info and family photos…always good to have multiple handy electronic backup availability….
    Toothpicks are an issue…sharp tip and dirty tip (mouth bacteria) are bad combination to have self inoculation with if toothpick is not in a secure container in one’s pocket.


  • Joe w says:

    I’ve never seen so many comments on this blog before ha!

    As to your idea Magnus. I think it’s a support cool idea but due to its size I feel as though it’s limited as to what I can put in it.

    Also age on the extra key idea and a flat edge so that placing it on the table means it won’t roll off!

    Any ideas as to potential items I can put in this cache? They would have to be semi important items though for it to be purposeful.

    Nice idea Magnus?

    • Yes, I agree. I could make it larger – but the cost to produce goes ballistic (because of the double-whammy of having to not only have more material to begin with.. but also that it all needs to machined away too!)

      For now it would most likely be a smaller design and see how it goes with that.

  • Klyph says:

    Make the key took a multi tool so that all the peeps that love your edc carry it. No one will worry about spare keys if it’s there key chain.

  • Jo says:

    Ah Magnus, that mind of yours is a fountain of design. Frankly anything Ti spins my wheels. I agree with some of the previous ideas: need 2 ‘keys’; a looped lid so you can cable lock it to something solid…. And I think make it bigger rather than smaller. Sure I can find something that needs hiding…..

  • Ed says:

    Looks interesting but would need to be big enough for money to be put in it, and how much it would be.

  • Eric says:

    Hello Magnus,
    I like the idea, but as others, i don’t know what i would store in this. I’m already at a loss about what to put in the pillpots i’ve backed for 🙂
    Any suggestions?

    • Ha-haa… you don’t need a reason, do you? I buy stuff just because it’s goof quality sometimes. 😀

      Here’s what I’m putting in my “Stack28” PillPots initially: Headache pills, mints and bicarbonate-of-soda (this is a miracle cure for a sore stomach!)

  • Herbert says:

    Spare key, possibility to open both top and bottom, loop to secure it somewhere.
    Must have 40mm inner diamter for my purposes!

  • Robert says:

    I think it’s a great concept Magnus, and I would find a reason to use this. Speaking of salt and pepper shakers, how about a combination salt/pepper shaker? They made these of plastic years ago and were small enough to fit in your pocket. The tops screwed together so it was one cylinder. I used mine for camping and was really handy. Just a thought.
    Keep up the great work Magnus!

    • Believe it or not Robert… but I’ve been working on one of these for some time now. Seriously.

      The problem I’m having is that I don’t want it to look ugly. I can have it made easy enough as-is… but it’s not too pretty. Hopefully will be able to get it solved!

  • Rob says:

    I’d be sure to find something to keep secure in the cache.

  • Robert says:

    Keeping with your minimalist trend I’d really like to see one of these that’s completely smooth on the outside and uses a magnetic key to open it.

  • Roony says:

    It’s cute and I like it 🙂 No idea what I would put in it though… I guess a few USB drives for critical data n stuff. Still, thumbs up!

  • Moshe says:

    I love it!
    Great idea
    Go for it

  • Tom says:

    OK… I’m sold. I want one! Be sure that is has o-ring seals (possibly double) so it is totally waterproof.


  • Mark says:

    I’d be game for one of these. Would be great for hash or some cannabis.

  • Hal Foster says:

    Keep me on the list for these. BTW is it safe to assume these will be a different item from the pill pots that are now on order.

  • Yuwen says:

    Great idea. I’d definitely preorder

  • KET says:

    So…. Whatever happened with this project?

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