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Rabbit Update (Custom Titanium Screws and Posts!)

Okay, so, I’m picking the freshly machined Rabbits up this afternoon and will start the tumbling this weekend.

Luckily I have a beast of a tumbler so should be able to put 200 at a time in (maybe more!).

I will do a better update soon but I really have to run off right now and pick up those Rabbits!

In the meantime – here’s how the new, slimline custom titanium screws and posts turned out – enjoy:


Titanium “Hangman” Prototype…


NOTE: Someone kindly pointed out there is already a tool called the “Hangman” by well-known tool-maker Peter Atwood. I will change the name as I don’t want to overlap …got any ideas on a name for this tool? 🙂


It’s in the tumbler right now

I’m talking about this prototype I call the “Hangman”:

Super-Minimalist "Hangman" titanium key-dangler. From 3.5mm thick titanium - so it's got a nice "chunky" feel to it.

Super-Minimalist “Hangman” titanium key-dangler. It’s got a solid, “chunky” feel to it …while remaining super-compact and very, VERY minimal. Maximum pocket-friendliness!

Like I said — I have a handful in the tumbler just now ‘breaking the edges’ (that’s a “technical term” — which makes me sound more sophisticated than I actually am — for describing the process of giving the corners and edges a nice, subtle roundedness).

I took a picture for you just before I turned the tumbler on:


As you’ve probably noticed…

The main “clip” part of these are straight from the design of the Rabbit Key-holder.

I’m been carrying my Rabbit key-holder with me for many months. My favourite part is the pocket-clipping feature – and so these Hangman clips are basically just an excuse to re-use this concept.

Also, after designing a few multi-feature products (like the Rabbit and ViperFish) …I wanted to try a single-function concept for a change.

First impression (before tumbling) is …well, it’s got that “x-factor” that I try to make part of anything I make. I also love the subtle “chunky” feel to it.

Once they’ve been tumbled I’ll update you…

The “Cogent Manifesto”

manifesto-1People need rules…

With all of life’s uncertainties — it’s good to have something rock-solid in place. Something you can TRUST and RELY ON.

Perhaps “rules” is the wrong word. More of a structure to making decisions and knowing what you stand for.

The aim is to help both YOU and I understand what Cogent Industries is about. I know, I know …it a fairly self-centered request for your input. But hey, you don’t have to comment if you don’t want to. 🙂

So, with that, I’d like you to help me put together a “manifesto” or “10 commandments” type thing for Cogent Industries.

I’ll start things off with a couple…

#1 —  Accept only the very best in life and everything.

#2 — You generally get what you pay for. Purchase wisely.

#3 — …

#4 — …




(Man, my first two are pretty poor — hence why I need your help — but hopefully you get the idea, right?)

Titanium Tweezers

These titanium tweezers are fully-functional, final prototypes.

Hand-finished (in fact, there’s a boat-load of hand-finishing done on these!) and in the final stages of tumbling. A little more hand-finishing on the “tips” and they’re ready to ship.

More details to come soon – but here’s a “sneak peak” for you…


Grade 5 titanium and with incredible matte finish. Just 10 of these are going to be available…

“Anyone Else Miss Their Old, Childhood Toys?…”

Where did they go?

I’m talking about all the “old school” toys I used to see when I was a kid.

As you know by now I love Lego (and so “help” my Son with his Lego as an excuse to play with it :-P).

Here’s the thing

There was another toy I played with when I was young – I never owned this toy but my cousin did.

The only way I can describe it is: there were long, plastic strips of ‘track’ that would snap together where you could run small toy cars down it.

It was such an awesome toy because it was so simple and you could make different tracks and do jumps and things with the cars.

I thought, “I’ll get this for my Son”, but…

I couldn’t find it anywhere! I mean, I could find similar toys (i.e. Hot Wheels), but they were really “fancy” and you could only make one track with it.

So, just as with THIS Rabbit project, I had to make my own!

Here’s what I didContinue reading…

Make Your Own Titanium Pocket Tool (TUTORIAL) – Part 1

titanium-pocket-tools-thumbnail-1Ever wanted to make your own, custom titanium pocket tool?

Well – good news …it’s a LOT easier than you think!

I’m gonna reveal – step by step – how to get the tool YOU always wanted…

Let’s jump right in… you first need to ask yourself questions like these:

What do you want it to do?

What size?

How will you use it?

What are the “must have” features?

Continue reading…