Titanium Toad Update

A short(ish) video Update about your Titanium Toad:

(If you don't want to watch the video ...I basically cover a couple of upgrades I've done to your Toad slider and talk about it being a few days late - but shipping does start tomorrow!)

IMPORTANT: At around the 6 minute and 40 second mark in the video I show you a close-up of the Toad body ...and, for some reason, there is a crazy optical illusion where it looks like it's inside-out. I am sorry about that - it's just a weird illusion. Some people will see it ...and some people won't ...but, next time, I'll try and film in a way so that it does not happen!

  • Mick Nelson says:

    OMG I would cancel my order if you’re product’s weren’t so awesome love your work keep it up AAA all the way cheers

  • Roderick says:

    No worries Magnus….a few more days for a more defined product….who would complain… 😀

  • Jonas says:

    I take my hat off for your fantastic professional attitude 😁😁 Your items are definately worth its price and a few days extra are well worth it. Please continue the great work, and bring us more cool stuff like this. Cheers from Sweden

  • Peter says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m even more looking forward to receiving my toad now. I absolutely love the way you over engineer your products and your attention to detail! The way you cover the magnets and not just with a thin plate of brass but from a solid peace that has been milled down and even dimpled to reduce friction no one else does that they don’t even cover the magnets I love your work I just wish that I could afford to buy at least one of all your products

    Cheers Peter

  • Jesus Flores says:

    So kool it will be worth the “wait”

  • Rob says:

    Honestly, would rather have mine not have the cross-hatch. There is something about having a smooth surface. I know you can’t make everyone happy, there is always one of us. haha

  • Ben says:

    Magnus, I have no problem waiting on a quality product. I’m actually glad you set such high standards for your products. I makes them worth the money spent. I have wanted one of your creations ever since I saw your first spinner design. Well worth a few extra days wait. Thanks for the updates. Keep up the great work!

  • Brad says:

    Brilliant and no worries about waiting slightly longer for something that will last and be enjoyed for a long, long time. Love the behind the scenes stuff! It really does add value in my opinion because it starts a connection to our pieces before they even arrive and gives “memories” so helps with that emotional connection as well. Interesting but so cool!

  • Miguel R. says:

    I trust you Magnus! I’ll wait more if that means superb quality.

  • Rick says:

    The quality of craftsmanship you provide in the items you’ve created are truly the best I’ve come across. You are an absolute BOSS when it comes to slider like the “Ridge” it’s easily become my favorite amongst all the sliders I own “by a landslide”. The titanium toad looks to be yet another awesome work of art magnus. Thank you for the update and I can’t wait to receive this.✅🔥

  • Ankit G says:

    Thanks for the update Magnus. Love your work and thank you for putting in extra effort to give us the best products ever!

  • Michael Justice says:

    Great update, and this is going to be epic! Can’t wait.

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