Yes, it's really true...

"I'm An IDIOT ...And That's Why
For The Next 48 Hours Only!"
(Just 24 Hours Left!)

I'll cut right to the chase here...

​Usually I'm pretty good at managing my personal and business finances.

But this month I've kinda screwed-up a bit in balancing may cashflow.

​There's a whole bunch of invoices I need to pay a.s.a.p...

Believe it or not... these are just some of the invoices I have to pay. Like I said, I'm usually pretty good at my cashflow - but I've been caught off guard this month!

And here's where it gets good for you:

I'll be flat-out honest with you here. I need to sell some products in the next couple of days (even if it is at cost price) to get these invoices paid.

It's all good. This is part of business. Some months are tougher than others (and then there is a month like this where I really makes a mess of what's coming in and what's going out!)

​And my loss is your gain.

So here's what to do:

#1 - Take note of the following coupon code: idiot22

#2 - Click here to grab what you need while you can: ​

​#3 - Place your order using the above coupon code (oh, and I'll be using DHL Express Worldwide to get it to your door within 3 to 5 days. Yes, really!)

​To impossibly high standards,


P.S. One last thing... the deadline on this is super-strict. It's 48 hours from when I sent out the email (which is around 7:00am EST).
So use the coupon code:  idiot22
And head to the main products page right now:

NOTE: The Titanium Pen and Titanium Pencil are the only products that are not ready to ship right away - there is still a month or two to wait for these unfortunately. But everything else is in stock as of right now.