Make Your Own Titanium Pocket Tool (TUTORIAL) – Part 1

titanium-pocket-tools-thumbnail-1Ever wanted to make your own, custom titanium pocket tool?

Well – good news …it’s a LOT easier than you think!

I’m gonna reveal – step by step – how to get the tool YOU always wanted…

Let’s jump right in… you first need to ask yourself questions like these:

What do you want it to do?

What size?

How will you use it?

What are the “must have” features?

Okay, in this case we’re aiming for a tool that can:

…act as a keyring (i.e. attach my car-key to it)

…opens bottles (beer!)

…can clip onto my pocket

…would like it to be able to hold keys (house keys and maybe even a USB stick) – but not critical.

So we start sketching (did these while sitting in a cafe this morning – I didn’t expect to be doing it and this is why they are in pen and on lined paper – plain paper and pencil is preferred)…

Titanium Pocket Tools

Once you feel you’re starting to get close to what you want – then we look to start getting the final sketch down.

Here’s the thing

I’m no computer design whiz (for from it!) – so I don’t “sketch” with the software – I make sure I have the final design (or at least very close to it) on paper first and THEN I simply open up my 3D-design software and implement it on there.

Let’s get the final design down

Titanium Tool

We’re going to ignore a small issue here …and that’s the fact you can almost guarantee there are dimensions that are not right (but hey, this is why we print it in 3D – to figure out if it’s going to work in the final, titanium version).

This is pretty much unavoidable – BUT, lucky for us, a 3D-printer can help us get the right dimensions FAST!

Right – our final sketch is done – let’s get this into a “fancy-pants” 3D-version: Click Here For Part 2 – (…it’s a LOT easier than you think!)