Make Your Own Titanium Pocket Tool (TUTORIAL) – Part 2

titanium-pocket-tools-thumbnail-2Don’t panic!

This is probably the part of the entire process that scares people the most – hell, it scared me the most when I started!

But Listen…

If I can go from total-rookie-who’s-even-touched-3d-design-software-before to creating and making The ViperFish …then I’m convinced anyone can do it. Seriously.

Okay, so we have our design on paper – we now have two options:

Option #1:

Start drawing our design.

Option #2:

Import a scanned/photo of our final design and essentially “trace” over it (I won’t go into this option just now – will maybe do a post on that in the future).

I use SketchUp to do my 3D designing (but I use other software to do my 2D drawing – I cover this in later parts).

Let’s get our sketch down…






Once we have our 3D design then we’re done!

We then want to export it to a .STL file for 3D-Printing.

We’re now ready for possibly the most exciting part of all: Click Here For Part 3 – 3D-Printing Our Custom Tool