Make Your Own Titanium Pocket Tool (TUTORIAL) – Part 4

titanium-pocket-tools-thumbnail-4I have a confession

I took the liberty of making a few changes to the design in between Part 3 and this part of the tutorial.

But – don’t worry – they are just small changes …I made them during process of taking the 3D design we did in SketchUp and re-drawing it in 2D in LibreCAD.

Here’s a few “snapshots” of the 2D design in LibreCAD…






That’s the design now in it’s final form in .DXF format and ready to be sent to the water-jet cutters along with this small sheet of titanium…


I’m going to use the thickness piece of titanium I currently have as I want this tool to be quite “chunky” and have a fairly solid feel (even though it’s relatively compact) – the sheet we’ll be using in around 3.5mm (0.140″) thick.

I appreciate your comments below – any questions ….just ask!

Part 5 coming soon…