Titanium Fidget Spinner (Final Prototype!)

Yes, it’s been a LONG time since I gave you an update on “The World’s Greatest Fidget Spinner”

Well, today is your lucky day, I’m going to be launching two spinners around the same time (more on that later).

A few months ago I showed you the step-by-step designing of the 3D-model of this one-of-a-kind titanium fidget spinner – here was what it looked like:



I must confess:

Progress has gone a LOT slower that I had hoped (this was due to the blister success of other titanium products I was already producing …including the NEW Titanium “Click” Pen).

But, a few days ago, I was able to get this ultimate titanium fidget spinner into it’s final prototype form (and I’ve been testing it like a madman ever since …making sure it perform as it should …figuring out how to do the final surface finishing …and a whole load of other things before it’s released).

Let’s just get straight to what I know YOU want to see – the world’s greatest fidget spinner…

WAIT …*IMPORTANT* READ THIS: This is not the final, finished form. There is still a little beveling and a lot of surface-finishing to go into the the final piece. This means there are “machining lines”, “marks”, “ripples” etc. that make this look a little rough.


Now remember…

The above photo is of the spinner in it’s “raw” state straight off the cnc-machine and no finishing done.

You’ve probably got a few questions about it – and so feel free to ask those in the comments and I will answer them over the next few days until I launch this.

Let’s talk launch date:

I’m going to annoy some people here I think – but I’m okay with that (the main thing, for me, is that I don’t compromise on the quality or function of the ultimate titanium fidget spinner).

I will be launching this spinner on Kickstarter in the next week or two – and so the downside is that you will have to exercise a little patience before you get it in your hands.

But, the good news is… you will get access to “The World’s Greatest Fidget Spinner…” at a lower price on Kickstarter than you will get anywhere else (I’m going to try and get it under $200 and hopefully even lower for you).

Not only that but, I’m going to have time to further tweak the design as well as further refine the unique (and pretty damn proprietary!) surface finish.


Remember, ask your questions below in the comments and I will get them answered over the next week or so until the Kickstarter is launched.

Oh, and one final thing…

As well as launching this spinner on Kickstarter I’m going to be offering anther titanium fidget spinner – but a very different design (a three-arm design) as an EXCLUSIVE pre-order on my website. I will send out an email about this soon.

  • Christopher Mabey says:

    Have you given any thought to adding any tritium elements to the spinner? Something I would love to see. Thank you.

  • Azmil E. says:

    Wow this is so cool! Really cant wait!

  • Josia says:

    I am glad that it is now so far.

  • Nilesh says:

    GREAT ! Can’t wait to get one 🙂

  • Florian says:

    I want to know the price ,and how can i order?

  • Daniel says:

    Thank you for the News
    I wait and i want this Spinner
    Greeting Daniel

  • Artem says:

    Yay! Great MN! Please let me know about the day you will launch the Kickstarter page and also wanna be the 1st to know about you other 3arm exclusive spinner! 🙂 great job man!

  • Artem says:

    And would be great with tritium! That would put it way beyond the rest of the plant spinners lmao ??

  • Leo Tsui says:

    I want it!!!

  • Prof.Youichi says:

    So beautiful,so sophisticat,so cool…Good design ! Like a futuristic car.

  • Jamie says:

    Looks very clean and smooth …. but i have to admit reservations…

    1. No ‘table spins’ … the buttons look totally flush with the body … meaning maybe some customers won’t want because they like table spinning … maybe on the button if you created a slight curved lip to elevate it a mm or 2
    2. ‘Fat finger’ problems… maybe again because the flush nature of the buttons could cause back of thumb to catch and slow down the spin.

    Is the spinner significantly wider than its prototype design? Looks chunkier.

    Interesting but i hate to say this ‘final’ design is making me question whether i’d order 🙁

    • Jason says:

      I had exactly the same thoughts. I love the look and aesthetics of this design, but worry that form over function would take away from the joy that using such a fun product is meant to give (specifically needing to use the tips of my fingers in order for it to spin uninhibited).

      • Adam says:

        I agree w/ Jason and Jamie, and typically only table spin. Also, while it’s super cool, have you thought about mass producing to get the price point below $50? That way your market could be quite significant. I think it’s a sweet design, but just not worth $200.

        • Simon Höller says:

          yeah…. id say 80 bucks is my max….. 200$ is just too much to ask for.

        • Paul Corya says:

          I agree and i understand that we are paying for quality but it just not worth under 200 dollars many people arent going to buy a 150 dollar spinner but under 75 is a good price.

        • Claire says:

          I agree with a lower price point. I feel like a lot of people don’t even buy $50 ones even if they are really cool because of the their money budget or something else. I do thimk that this spinner will be one of a kind, but I feel like a lot more people would buy it if it were a lower price! So excited to see the final product though!

    • Nathaniel says:

      This spinner isn’t the kind of spinner you’d want to be throwing around

    • Thank you for your constructive comment Jamie!

      In reply…

      1) Yes, it can table spin (the buttons are low-profile …but they stick enough for table-spin …which is something I personally love to do).

      2) They maybe be an issue I will grant that for sure. I am considering offering a less low-profile button …but I will have to see how the designing goes on that side of things (so “watch this space” really).

      It is wider, yes. It needed this to accommodate the 18mm buttons (the original prototype just had random machine-screws as buttons).

    • Marco says:

      from experience with the Ego spinner I agree, the buttons must be wider. fingers slide on the spinner body.

  • Minh says:

    Very nice. That’s exactly what I am looking for. A spinner in worry stone form. I love the smooth transformation of the button to the arms. Really like it.

  • Big Dave says:

    Have been following your progress since the beginning of the Ultimate Spinner Project.
    I am truly excited to see the project nearing completion.
    My sincerest congratulations, it reflects your vision and attention to detail.
    Simplistic elegance and beauty.
    Well Done, my Friend.

  • Kyle says:

    I’m so down to wait, it looks so clean and awesome!

  • Ron says:

    It looks amazing, even in the supposed “raw” form! I LOVE the flush integrated buttons, it makes it incredibly sleek and just beautiful!

    I may go against the norm here but please DO NOT put trit slots in this thing. I love trits but they don’t need to be in every spinner and it would impede the sleek design. Also, please don’t change the design to please the people that seen to think every damn spinner needs to “table spin”. They are freaking FIDGET spinners! Pick the damn things up and fidget with them! Don’t ruin the beautiful flush button look just so someone can spin it in their desk… They can either soon one of the million other table spinners on their desk or get some kind of display stand that perches it up.

    The tentative price is hard to swallow though. I mean I knew it would be at least $100 but was hoping it would be well under $150. $200 is a tough pill to swallow… Even if it’s a pill shaped like this spinner that should side right down lol. Definitely not saying it’s not worth it… Just it’s way up there for some of us.

    Thanks for keeping this design alive! So happy to hear it’s getting closer and even if I get priced out, it’s awesome to see it get made!

  • Mike Miles says:

    As Beautifulas it ever was, ever has been, & shall be. You only make it better I’ve noticed brother with every machined strike you take upon it… I know it’ll be just as gorgeous! Thanks for the peep man!!! \m/

  • Robert Davis says:

    Have you given any thought to leaving a few in a “raw” finish? I personally love to see the work that went into making it rather than wiping it away with a smoother surface finish. I understand production and making it look professional I just like the “raw” look. Fantastic work man keep it up

    • I have considered this – but most likely not. It’s something that just doesn’t sit well with me when I compare a raw finish next to one of my proprietary, tumbled finished (like a night and day difference!)

  • Brent says:

    Now that’s a thing of beauty. I love the flush button, it really sets it apart. I noticed several requests for trit slots. I love trits as much as the next guy, but in this particular case I think trits would actually be a detractor. It’s simply the sleekest spinner I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • James Sandeman says:

    Cant freakenwait man


    ur 1st prototype version is available RIGHT NOW on Amazon for $20-$30
    .. an obvious KNOCKOFF or CLONE from CHINA but its definetly YOUR ORIGINAL PROTO DESIGN..

  • Thomas Aasen says:

    I sure buy this. Wanted to ask what bearing you will use? For me, I love bearings with some nice feedback and a pleasant sound. That’s also addictive. 🙂
    Greatings from Norway.

    • Brandon says:

      My favorite so far has been a R188 Tungsten Steel Hybrid Bearing (Tungsten Ball Bearings and Steel Cage & Housing). Sound great and feel great and do not get super rough over time like all other I have used (steel and ceramic hybrids).

    • Hei Thomas, Hvordan gaar det? I’m still deciding on the best bearing to use. Have spent hundred and hundreds of dollars on bearings so far …but still to be decided.

  • George says:

    What kind of bearing and how is it held in place?

    • SpinYourThoughts says:

      Magnus is all about quality so my guess would be a Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing that has ten balls in it. They speed nice and smooth, but that my guess though.

    • Not sure on the bearing yet. The final prototype uses a custom-made “c-clip” …but I’m still considering another option at this stage.

  • Mark says:

    The Aston Martin of the Spinner World ???

  • Bad says:

    Hi, are you going to email us when it goes live on Kickstarter.?

  • Arie says:

    I like table spinning as well
    And my fingers like buttons that aren’t flush to the spinner body. You might consider making the button higher or adding an extra pair.

  • Adam says:

    Hello, I am very keen on your fidget spinner. Can I ask you some questions? (1) Is this spinner hand made or CNC? (2) What is the bearing? (3) How can I do pre-order? (4) I am living in Hamilton, how much is the postage? (5) When can I get this spinner? Is it limited edition? Thank you very much!

    • Hi Adam, you sure can ask questions… Here are my answers to you…

      1) Cnc machined
      2) The final bearing to be included is still to be decided (I like the idea of ceramics …but they are loud)
      3) This design will be launched on Kickstarter soon
      4) Shipping will likely be around 5 or 10 USD to Hamilton …or you’re welcome to come and pick it up 🙂
      5) Plan to launch in a week or two …but production and shipping won’t be for a number of months.
      6) This is something I will likely continue to make (however, I’ve said that about a number of products that I have discontinued).

  • Jeremy Jenkins says:

    Nice.. I’m digging it.. I know how much pride you put into your products so when you say 2 weeks I’m hoping it doesn’t have a finish issue.. I’d hate for you to have to fly to America & hand deliver me mine cause it’s the only one that came out right & after going through 3 different tumbling processes..lol

  • Shawn Savage says:

    I really can’t wait to see this beauty come to fruition. I think it’s one of the cleanest designs out there. And PLEEEEEASE leave the flush buttons the way they are. It’s such an aesthetically pleasing design and I can’t wait to spin this baby!!!! Thanks for the news Magnus and congrats

  • Nick says:

    The reason I fell in love with your original design was the steep angles it had that touched in the middle of the arms, almost looking like the hood of a sports car. What went into the decision to cut them back just to the tip?

    If I needed to replace the bearing, how will I be able to take the buttons off?

    • Simply aesthetics. Wanted a cleaner design really (but that’s not to say I won’t offer a more angled version in the future). The buttons use a never-before-seen (as far as I am aware I’ve not seen it) retention method. I will show this at a later date.

  • Justin says:

    Is it going to be heavy enough? If not add some weights ?

  • Alex says:

    What happened to the tri-plane design? I liked that a lot more, this one just looks flat on the top and bottom.

  • Casey Thomas says:

    Very Excited about the Tri style!

  • Joseph Faris says:

    Magnus it looks great! Can’t wait to get my hands on one and definitely excited to see the tri-arm design. Thanks for the update, keep it up

  • Michael says:

    What is the cheapest available price for this spinner?

  • Nick says:

    I’m looking forward to it.

  • Parker says:

    Can I get some pictures of progress and design of the three arm

  • Tim T says:

    looking forward to the kickstarter release..
    I love the minimalist look of the spinner. My preference would be on keeping it minimalistic, pure function and focus

    in a world inundated with spinners of all shapes,sizes and colors..yours is the one I’m most looking forward too and kudos for aiming for perfection despite the delays it may cause

  • Ajay says:

    Nice… but maybe if you spray paint the finished design then perhaps it would look more like a cooler design, and even more eye-catching.

  • SpinYourThoughts says:

    Magnus I really like what you did with the buttons. Makes it look nice and sleek. I’m really glad on the decision you made on that. Just wish that I could afford one, but oh well. What can you do right? She does look beautiful though!

  • Sebastian Coe says:

    Will this only be available for a limited time, or will production last long enough for those of us that may not be able to afford it right away?

  • Alex says:

    So far hope you get the spiner ready for sale.

  • Brandon says:

    While I personally am like you and do not table spin (for me personally I find that part boring… but some people love their spin times).

    That said the price is sadly you taking advantage of the market (not that there is anything really wrong with that… but please do not say things like “I’m going to try and get it under $200 and hopefully even lower for you” as it seems disingenuous). The reason it feels disingenuous to me i your Titanium Pen cost only $100 or so and that had to be WAY more design work and way more technical and difficult to produce then this spinner (as solid piece of metal with a hole in the center and caps vs a pen with a shaft, at tip, a roller ball, a roller ball housing, a clip, a button, the first even Titanium spring, ect…). Basically no comparison on cost of development and production… yet this spinner for less cost is being sold for potentially twice as much (and yes I have machining experience… I went to college for it, though I did not pursue it after college as I decided it was not what I wanted to do I do however have enough knowledge to know which of these would require far more work to make).

    Can you please just admit you will, at the very lest in part, be taking advantage of the price knife companies have set before you instead of going by actual work and resources involved? If not can you refute that a single spinner (and no you do not get to say you worked out tons of different designs of spinners as that does not count, that was a hobby for you and besides it would be more akin to you making multiple pen designs so it would not fit this analogy).

    If you are honest and put this baby at $100-ish or even a bit lower I will buy one, but take advantage of the market (again this is your right and I am not criticizing you for that in particular… just saying I will not buy one personally if you do).


    • Brandon says:

      Forgot to finish my first thought 😀

      “While I personally am like you and do not table spin a lot (for me personally I find that part boring… but some people love their spin times) it does look like the cap may still stick up enough for table spins… but if not I personally again would no care.”

    • Bill says:

      I think we’ve all been preconditioned to some degree, the evidence being somewhere in the idea that a simple piece of metal with a hole and a bearing should be “worth” even $100. It’s a form of art, I suppose.

      I like to fool with my spinners while watching movies, and found that table-spinning is something that I often do, but it is, like you say, somewhat boring, as well as unengaging. I appreciate the quality and engineering behind a quiet and silky-smooth 3-minute+ R188 spinner, but find them a little uninteresting in practice. I still have a lot more fun flicking my old Munson ring spinner back and forth.

      • Brandon says:

        To be honest with you… I kind of do not like spinners for the reason that i DO like them. What I mean is they are actually distracting… yes they can sometimes be soothing but mostly they just suck attention & time away from us (so by definition NOT good for ADD as all it does is give you another distraction, one that is proven to be far more distracting then most other things).

        As for worth, yeah those knife companies that made limited edition runs as ruined it (becasue other makers do the same value tactic without the limited edition value to go with it). Part of the reason a Pepyakka is so expensive is there are only so many made… this does not have that part of the equation but it seems he will price it like he does (nor does it have the complexity of a Pepyakka so that is another element lost for higher value).

        I should have said originally what I think he did right and that is the caps as I personally had this same exact idea a month or so ago (when thinking of what I liked in spinners and if a spinner could be more “rub” friendly… as in the caps usually stick out sharply so you cannot really do that).

    • Hi Brandon, thank you for your comment – I really do appreciate it. I understand exactly your thoughts on spinner makers “taking advantage”. I have had the same thoughts on a handful of spinners I have seen available (not many, just a few of them).

      I’d like to take the time to reply to this in detail because (from other comments) I can see this is something a lot of people are thinking. So here are some thoughts for EVERYONE…

      All I can say is that the final price of this spinner (or ANY product I produce) really is priced at what I need to stay in and grow my business. I’m in this for the long-term and put effort into making products that will last (almost literally) forever. As well as that I try to offer a great customers experience and provide indefinite support (lifetime guarantee, etc.)

      I definitely cannot admit to your mention of taking advantage of the pricing knife companies (making spinners) have set before me. I really price my products (including this spinner) independent of that. It’s a case of… what do I NEED to sell this at to stay in this for the long term.

      Hopefully this makes sense.

      Oh, on that pen thing… I made next to no money on that project. Just a little. I’m happy to openly say this – I like to be open and honest. However, I know that I will continue to sell pen for many years to come (so the Kickstarter is an investment of sorts …and it’s why I price cheaper on Kickstarter than anywhere else).

      The spinner is a little bit trickier… because it’s unlikely I will sell near as many as I did pens. Nor will I continue to sell as many spinners as I do pens. The number of sales of a product makes a difference to what the price needs to be to make it feasible.

      • Brandon says:

        I wanted to at least thank you for replying. I cannot really say too much back as you have yet to actually set a price… so I will hold my final judgement until then 😉

  • Bill says:

    It’s a sleek, refreshing design that will set itself apart from the hordes of other spinners.

    It looks as if there’s enough button protrusion to table spin. The button profile seems to follow the angle of the spinner body. Notice that that plane continues into the button itself, and the button height “peaks” at a distance a couple of mm from the edge of the button.

    I love titanium, however for spinners my preference is a heavier metal. I hope there will be choices at some point.

  • Bryan says:

    At 200 this is a no go. It has been a very long time, and even with the tiny buttons there isn’t a picture if one finished. Also the price point is above both the stubby and torqbar, which seems a bit wild for an introduction spinner on kickstarter.

    • Brandon says:

      Completely agree. For context he sold his far harder to develop and produce Titanium Pen for $120 usd on Kickstarter (so basically if the base model spinner is more then then that then he is, as far as I can tell, gouging the price due to the current hype of the high end market… again nothing wrong with that but he should not say things like he is going to try to get it as cheap as possible for us as when he starts at $200 that sentiment just seems completely disingenuous). I guess I do not like being told it is raining when I am really being peed on.

      Now if he makes this a numbered limited edition then he can demand around $200 while still being able to claim he is trying his best for the price to be as low as possible for us… but if he plans to just make a bunch of them then he should not be price gouging like they are limited or like they are anywhere near as costly to develop or make as that Titanium Pen (that must have been a real challenge to develop and to produce… much more so then a solid one piece spinner that can easily be CNC machined).

      Just the 2-cents of a fellow machinist.

    • Tom says:

      About the same price as the Vorso Flat Top.

  • Nathan says:

    I liked the prototype design way better, so sadly I won’t be buying this.

  • IAN CURTIS says:

    Very intersted to see the tri-spinner…. P.S… are you coming back to YouTube any time?…. missing the videos.

  • Keenan says:

    How come thing that are supposed to help people cost so much

  • Bernard Cuneo says:

    The $200 projected cost is a bit high and 90% of the people who want one most likely can not afford it. I do not know what your production costs are but let’s say it’s $75 at the high end. I am not the smartest person in the world but if you sold 2000 @ $100 instead of 200 @ $200 your profits would be higher.

    • I understand your reasoning Bernard. Unfortunately… it’s just not possible to make the numbers work. It’s likely that I will sell a few hundred of these …but unlikely to sell a couple of thousand at even half the price.

      • S says:

        I think you underestimate the market and how quickly these things sell if they’re reasonably priced. See flyawaytoys as an example of a company that sells high quality, precision machined, titanium spinners.

      • Brandon says:

        I too think you are underestimating the market (or trying to fain underestimating the market to justify prices… sorry I know that is harsh but you of all people with all the views you get one YT and all the messages you get know you would sell thousands of these, I just think you would rather not admit it).

      • Brandon says:

        So I just read your newest page about the new Tri-Spinner… and you even go out fo your way to say this: “After a mind-blowing, and frankly never-ending, stream of emails …private messages …and comments …from people DEMANDING I produce one particular tri-spinner design from my YouTube videos – it’s finally ready.”

        That does not sound a though you think this is a small market 😀

  • Matt says:

    Love your views and opinions of what looks good and what doesn’t

  • Larry says:

    Interesting but like most of the others commenting $200 is a bit high with a market that is flooded with product. The version you have shown has basically been cloned already. To get $200, it has to be new, different and very special in some other way or they will be nothing but a bearing and a hunk of metal. Titanium is nice, but it isn’t that special nor is it a very good metal for a device that works best with more weight at the outer edge (like copper or better yet tungsten). Centrifugal force and spin time come from a very low friction bearing and mass at the outer edge of the spinning device.

    Still waiting to see what is produced before making a decision.

  • Nick says:

    Yes I can’t wait till these hit kickstarter been following you for 8 ish months and was sad to see the videos slow down but the pens and stuff along with your buddies vegetable pealers look great. Loving that flush button style to looks classy and sturdy

  • Nick says:

    Can’t wait it looks amazing?

  • Greg Cathey says:

    Simple solution, 2nd set of buttons if it doesn’t already table spin.

  • Marco says:

    wow one for me!!

  • Richard says:

    I am super excited ??

  • Color says:

    Wow this are amazing!!! 🙂

  • Carlod says:

    Take your time we want it to be as perfect as possible.

  • Maddie says:

    I love you are happy with the final product.

  • Devon Price says:

    So excited, will get two when they launch!

  • Shane says:

    Looking good!

  • Tim says:

    Wow, so cool!
    I’ve been waiting for so long now!

  • Steve says:

    I notice quite a following here. Stay true to yourself. Its what the attraction is. I will buy one sight unseen when allowed to due to your excelence in standards and process. A true artist paints their feelings. I dont want anyone elses design. I want yours. Thank you

  • Marcus says:

    I wait it for so long already, thanks so much

  • Gerardo says:

    This is really amazing it looks one of a kind????

  • Dave Werner says:

    Please add me to your email list. Thanks

  • G says:

    To the guys above, you’re joking, right? Where on Earth you can see titanium products with high quality, creative unique design for $50-80?!
    Magnus, my applause to you, well done and cannot wait for the final product. It looks sophisticated and very ‘ceo’-like type of product.

    • Exactly. It’s just the cost of what it takes to produce such a piece. I actually bought a clone of my own original design from China. It was stainless steel and cost me something like 60USD. As a side note… the manufacturing was well done …but it didn’t work in stainless because it was too heavy. This design needs to be titanium.

    • Brandon says:

      I agree. $50-$80 for this one is a bit low… but $200 is way too high. Can we at least agree on that?

  • b says:

    what did you do your other designs are better it looks like yoy squished the design china cloned. i want your other stuff ninja star etc. i watched your channel 6 mnths and unsubed because you took so long.

  • Jimmy says:

    Magnus, you’re an artist! This looks great and I can’t wait to have my very own

  • Jonathan says:

    This looks really awesome. I’m also very excited to see the tri-spinner that you will have available soon. I really like the three arm designed spinners more so than a bar spinner, but that doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t purchase one (I have 3 spinners in the bar design). The one thing I think some people don’t get is that Titanium isn’t exactly a cheap metal to use and not to mention the time and effort it takes to make something so intricate and functional out of it. Also, it’s your design, you are the one making it and you have a set standard where you won’t accept anything less. So to hear people complain about the price (which, if people knew how to read, hasn’t fully been finalized yet) and the design of the buttons or if there will be trit slots, is just silly. Because in the end, the only thing that matters is that YOU are satisfied with the final product that YOU created. You can’t please everyone, my friend, but there are definitely those of us who appreciate your hard work and dedication to your craft. I’m looking forward to the kickstarter launch and, like I mentioned earlier, the tri-spinner design as well. Thank you for keeping everyone, including myself, posted and up to date. Cheers.

    • Thank you for the comment Jonathan. Appreciate it.

      You’re right. Most of the products I make have ME in mind first …it just so happens that what I want in my “holy grail” pen /spinner/pocket-clip/etc design is, more often than not, something that appeal to a lot of others too!

  • Gary says:

    I’m really excited about this. It looks amazing. I’m looking forward to making a purchase for my collection Thanks for your hard work, Magnus.

  • Timothy says:

    Can you make a rainbow chrome color? Would definitely buy!

  • Wei says:

    thats cool! I cant wait it!

  • FrankieB says:

    Magnus, the spinner and custom buttons are looking great! I may have liked the previous beveled, “stealth fighter” look a bit more, but this updated design is also awesome. I suspect you changed it a little to be different from those Chinese knockoffs (which sucks btw). I love how you beveled the buttons to blend right into the body. While tritium in spinners is cool, I agree with keeping this design ultra sleek and streamlined.

    As for table-top spinning, this design does appear to place the buttons just high enough above the sloped body to allow table-top spinning (see the second pic above). While that shouldn’t necessarily be a goal, it is a fun, extra fidget-feature to have.

    I’m patiently waiting to get mine and am willing to pay a premium for perfection, performance, and precision. While it’ll be hard to pay close to $200, it will also be equally hard to pass up a work of art like this. I’d much rather pay a high price for one high quality spinner than multiple cheap spinners for $40 each. I’ve paid about $35 for a spinner that had a loose bearing, cheap plain buttons, and a poor finish. You really get what you pay for.

    I know that it must be insulting to you, Magnus, when people suggest that you should mass produce your spinners or sell them for under $80. Such people just don’t understand you and don’t appreciate your efforts. Anything made with a high degree of quality and precision does not come cheap, but such items do stand the test of time. Keep up the great work Magnus.

    • Thank you for your comment Frankie.

      Interestingly… the final design has nothing to do with the clones of my original prototype. I just continued to develop and refine the design to my own liking to result in what you see above.

      Also, in terms of pricing and mass-production, the way I do things is…

      I design and produce the exact product I want …and in the exact way I want with absolutely no compromises. And then I offer that for sale. It means that it will appeal to only a relatively small percentage of people (in terms of price and design). But at least I know I’m giving people the BEST I can offer (in terms of function, design, quality, etc.)

      • FrankB says:

        I’ve been following you for the past few months and really appreciate your constant drive towards perfection, probably because I’m a lot like that. I typically buy for quality, so I’m looking forward to buying one of your spinners. Rock on Magnus!

        I’m having withdrawals without my daily dose of your vids. I do respect your reasons for discontinuing, though.

  • Hans says:

    I admire your work magnus, i started to build fidget spinners too and its a great hobby but when i saw your channel in youtube i was amazed so i hope the spinners be ready soon Thanks bye

  • NattapholV says:

    Dude I can’t wait! HYPE!

  • John says:

    Is it cheaper to get if you live in New Zealand?(postal fees)

  • Legend says:

    Will you plan on doing any giveaways for those who cant afford the new spinner? Unfortunately I run in that section and 80 to 150 dollar spinners is too expensive for me.

  • Nemo says:

    Is it possible to make the same spinner in different materials so it can je made Staffordshire for people like me 2 ; )

    • For now I only work with titanium …but, in the future, I will likely make another spinner from tungsten. It would be a different design though.

      • Alan Gonzalez says:

        Hey I think for bearings you should give an option of The Alpha Bot Industries Bearing at alphabotindustries.com or an option for a One Drop from One Drop yoyo’s as people love these bearings for being smooth and quiet, and the alphabot one gets long spin times

      • FrankB says:

        Tungsten could yield some interesting designs!

  • Sam says:

    Honestly if you can’t get your price sub $130, I think you will struggle with sales. I love the simple design but I can not see it bringing anything close to the $200 range.

  • Con says:

    Love it- can’t wait for it to be ready.

    Could you maybe offer 2 options? One as is and the other maybe a few mm’s higher on the button to allow for table spins?

  • Roland says:

    Awesome!! Congrats and looking forward to this!

  • David Nicolai says:

    So great look and design but how is the spin quality, is it quiet is it smooth, does it shake when you spin it.

  • Adam says:

    Looks: A+
    Functionality: A (assumed)
    Fit for purpose: B (assumed)
    Quality/ durability: A+
    Price: D-
    Cool factor: A+

  • IAN CURTIS says:

    Hi Magnus, How about some light checkering (type of knurling finish) on the button for grip or concentric circles would work as well….cheers. Ian.C

  • Matthew says:

    Will there be options in SS/copper/brass?

  • Dat emo kid says:

    I’ve been waiting for this spinner ever since he realeased the video it looks like the best spinning figet spinner but it looks different and that’s why I will buy it

  • Ron says:

    Magnus, any chance you might consider making a run, even limited, using aluminum? I only ask because it’s decently close in weight to titanium but exceptionally cheaper, at least in material cost. If you did a limited run in alluminum and maybe more limited “premium” finishing you could offer a budget version that is close to the ideal version. Basically make a “clone” of your own spinner so prior who can’t afford $200 can still contribute to you, rather than some Chinese factory, and you fill that market gap. A couple makers have some something similar, beat the cloners to the punch and they end up with more customers (and income obviously) and the budget customers can have a legit product and feel good about supporting the original maker.

  • David says:

    Magnus. Hope all is well. We can help lower your price point to your customers by offering low priced Titanium raw materials. I still remember our conversation regarding the surface finish requirements you are looking for. Email me so we can discuss.

  • Adam says:

    Hey Magnus, this spinner looks really cool. Excited for it. How much does it weigh? I like a heavier spinner, you think I’ll enjoy this one?

  • Rakin Newaz says:

    dude i really love the low profile button for the spinner, great job dude and keep up the great work and i am defently getting this spinner which will be a little touph for me ?

  • Ritchie says:

    Ahhh dang, he literally went for “perfect”… *sigh* MAGNUS! You’re too much. I probably relate to your perfectionism by more than what is healthy, but I really was hoping for a more “rough” look and feel on this thing. One of your videos shows a prototype that is dark and unpolished, the central disc that you hold had a slot, as if it could be unscrewed. It looked like something a man might keep in his pocket. Something that doesn’t show hand oils. And something that had edges to touch, grip, and move one’s fingers over. Any chance there could be a rustic version as well as this perfected version? It looks like the tolerances are close to that of spacecraft! 🙂

  • Ugo Machuca says:

    Hurry up and make them, I want to buy it because to me I know it’s just a expensive adult toy but it looks serious and functional. Please let me know when you have a few for sale.

  • Thomas NAGLE says:

    Count me in ????

  • Youn says:

    Loot forward to it a lot ~~~~~

  • Antony says:

    Looks great magnus can’t wait to own one.

  • Sam says:

    I’m ready for this!!!

  • Venkatsai says:

    Helooo it’s verrrrry awesome but how much is it’s price

  • Tomdc says:

    I have just seen that you have released the tri spinner, which is different to this spinner. Not sure which one to go for. I have only used a tri but this one seems more figit able? Can you enlighten me which one you prefer and why?

  • Axel says:

    Amazon.com has a titanium knockoff of one of Magnus’ prototype spinners for over $150 USD. I guess the Chinese copies aren’t always cheap.


  • Michael DiSano says:

    Coming up on October hopefully I will get my spinner this month sometime. Ego, I love the design and I hear that the packaging is stylish. Will you be putting serial numbers on the spinners They kind of make the person spinning feel like they and a few others are the only ones that have something incredibly rare. Especially the first ten produced just seeing the #number makes you feel great. LOL Well, let me know what’s going on my friend. Maybe you can give me a timeframe if you’re not so busy.

  • Steve mullinix says:

    Its been a while since you have announced shipping this spinner. Today is feb 15 and, ? Still no spinner…. and no reply to my earlier inquiries. ☹️

  • >