Tri-Spinner Pre-Order

Okay, so here’s the deal… (some bad news, good news and great news)

First the good news:

After a mind-blowing, and frankly never-ending, stream of emails …private messages …and comments …from people DEMANDING I produce one particular tri-spinner design from my YouTube videos – it’s finally ready.

But the “bad” news:

It’s going to be a pre-order sale (so it’s not going to be shipping right away)

Now the great news:

The pre-order is launching around 24 hours after I write and publish this blog post …AND you’re going to have a chance to get it at a price that is the lowest is will EVER be. Guaranteed.

I will post the pre-order link below tomorrow as soon as I launch (I will also email you a direct link just to make sure you get to see it)


>>> Click Here to PRE-Order Your Ego Titanium Spinner <<<


I anticipate various questions from you (i.e. Which bearing will it come with? How much is it? etc.) …and I will answer pretty much everything on the Pre-Order page once it is live.

In the meantime here is a sneak-preview of the tri-spinner:




Oh, one last thing…

This new tri-spinner is independent of the titanium spinner I will be launching on Kickstarter in the next week or two.

Questions or comments?

  • james says:

    don’t like the button being flush, and its not like your other ones you made on youtube.
    most that are saying things just like me we want what you made on youtube not like what your showing in this email.
    You had a triangle and a tri that was hollow and can take the bearing slug out thats what I would buy and know most others that are willing to at your price points knowing your not in the mid to low end witch is fine.
    Any way keep up the good work and regard less what you make and hope to see you share more on youtube when you can.

    • Appreciate the comment James. Also, yes, the triangle one with the “hollow” in it will be happening (it will likely be a little bit more developed …but I will try to keep close to the original).

      • MrScrappyDoo says:

        The video Sinbad left regarding the spinner he wants is where I left off. I didn’t know you made spinners. I thought you were making videos on how to make a spinner plus it was about other stuff as you say in the video. I did not watch all your videos so like I said, I thought you were showing how hard it can be to make things out of certain metals and you chose to make a Spinner. After that video link Sinbad left, I remembered that was the last video I saw. I don’t have much pationence for watching very long…sorry! It sounds like you actually made some to sell. That’s great. Im not ready to watch and wait again. But at least now I know your making them to sell so I will keep an eye open. Thank you for letting me know. Chris

      • Matt says:

        I agree with James. Not impressed by the flush grips and both the lack of cutouts and the narrower arms.
        That’s backwards. You want big fat weights at the ends of the arms, cutouts to keep the center light.


      • Thomas says:

        How much will it be Magnus?

      • Humberto says:

        I do want one

  • Spinbad says:

    I hoped it would be this design…

    I guess I’ll have to pass.

  • Mauricio says:

    Awesome glad to here the gear news. Keep it up and cat wait. ???

  • Carl Newell says:

    Hello Magnus! I was just wondering on what type of bearing you will be using so I know how to prepare for it. Thank you!

  • jimmy says:

    hi there,can we have more choices before preordering?

    • You mean choices of spinner? If so, then unfortunately I’m only offering the above design for now (and another design on Kickstarter in the next week or so). New design will come out …but not for a while yet.

  • Youichi says:

    Well…The design has changed a lot.But I will definitely make a reservation in advance.

  • Josia says:

    Is there any chance i can get an prototyp? I like these way more.

  • Jeremy Jenkins says:

    Awesome.. Glad to see your releasing something.. How much?

  • Carlos says:

    I need this in my life

  • Dylan says:

    I agree with the comment regarding the flush buttons. Yes they make the design very clean cut but because of this you will need to hold with arched fingers and grip with your fingertips only because if you hold it with the flats of your fingers they may rub on the body making spinning difficult. I sense a high degree of finger fatigue with these flush buttons.

  • Leon Quirke says:

    Hi Magnus I was wondering what the spin time would roughly be and also I think there should be caps on it so that you can spin it on a table but it looks really cool.

  • Cory says:

    Yeah bit of ANZAC support will be in touch mate … least its local lol

  • Marcus says:

    Finally can order it, much thanks

  • ks says:

    How long will the preorder be?

  • Eric says:

    Great looking spinner! Where will it be manufactured and assembled? Having is with spinners from China containing lead and/or mercury.
    Thank you!

  • Anshul says:

    What’s the price

  • Youn says:

    Good Work!
    Although I would prefer two wings than three.
    Hope to see soon.

  • Ian says:

    I’m sure that your Tri Spinner will be nice but I think it goes without saying that we all want the FREAKY Fidget Spinner. Never the less I will still put in my order for the Tri because I know you are busting your ass and you need the support.

    Nuff Said…

  • Andy Hoyer says:

    That’s one that I would order right away!! With exactly this (brass) button.

    Also like the prototype

  • Thomas Aasen says:

    I’m in for both. But a little problem from me… I don’t have money before Monday/Tuesday, about a week. That would be a problem I think? Don’t want to miss this.

  • William says:

    Can it do a table spin?

  • Steven Shvartsman says:

    How heavy is it ? Is this going to ship to US ? How bad are shipping prices ?

  • Aaron Stevens says:

    That looks sick! I’m not a big spinner person, and have never seen a tri-spinner that interested me, but this one is intriguing! Love your work, man!
    Also, why so many whiners on here? I keep seeing people complaining about the buttons being flush. Please, stop. Not only would that be a silly thing to complain about, but they aren’t even flush! Both of his spinner designs reach a sort of peak at the buttons and curve slightly down and away from the button as they progress towards the outside of the body, so table spins can still be a thing. Which I noticed from looking at the same pictures everyone else is. Pay attention and stop complaining.

  • Woody says:

    Ready the the order link.

  • lolo says:

    what will be the price ?

  • vagner says:

    I look forward to the link to buy friend. Congratulations on your work and dedication. Strong hug!

  • Kevin says:

    I think the flush buttons are an outstanding idea! I’ve had issues with the wobble/play I’ve gotten from every spinner I’ve ever tried, and I imagine the flush buttons could somewhat, if not totally, mitigate that. Aesthetically, they look amazing. Funny that people are already whining. Great work, Magnus!

    • Brandon says:

      While I agree for “rub-ability” the flush buttons are a sweet idea (it will feel amazing in the hand). 2 things though. First the wobble/play you are talking about has nothing to do with the buttons… that is 100% the bearing (the play between the ball bearings and the cage& race they sit in). If the buttons were to stop the bearing from having that play it would catch and bind the spinner (this would obviously be bad). Secondly there is a bad effect flush buttons could have… people with large thumbs or people who like to hold their spinners by the palm of their thumb and not the tip will probably find that the edge of the thumb catches the body of the spinner. It is possible the slight raise that Magnus did is enough but only testing in hand will tell.

    • Tyler says:

      The flush buttons won’t do anything for wobble…the wobble is from the bearing needing play to spin freely. These buttons won’t be any help for wobble. Needs space or it wouldn’t spin. Will still have the same bearing wobble like others

    • Dylan says:

      Regarding the buttons. It is not whining but a preferred design people prefer. Button wobble has nothing to do with the buttons, it all comes from the bearing so being flush will not prevent this button could in fact cause issues as if the bearing has too much play the button may contact the body.

  • Mike G says:

    Love the flush button. It looks like it is just “Begging” to be held and fidgeted with. What are the dimensions on this one magnus?

    • Tyler says:

      The flush buttons won’t do anything for wobble…the wobble is from the bearing needing play to spin freely. These buttons won’t be any help for wobble. Needs space or it wouldn’t spin. Will still have the same bearing wobble like others

  • Jomo Lettman says:

    this looks like a very tiny spinner
    like a micro which is dissappointing, what is the weight?

  • J. Cole says:

    Good lord , this has become a pile on hasn’t it? Magnus i happen to like the flush caps and the design of both spinners. Will you be offering different finishes on all these spinners or will they all be tumbled?

  • British says:

    Looks like I’m the only one wanting the bar spinner ( and not caring about tri-spinners…

    • Chad says:

      Not sure I understand your post…

      This is ABOUT the Tri – hence why people ‘care’ about it here.
      The bar spinner is, as Magnus mentioned on top of the screen, separate and will launch on Kickstarter.

  • Venkatsai says:

    Can you make a video of all final spinners

  • Brandon says:

    As for the bearing the BEST BY FAR I have tried (and there is no contest) is a Tungsten Steel R188 Bearing. Hands down the best. It does not irredeemably rough over time like steel and ceramic hybrids do and it is super smooth (perfect for a semi-light Titanium spinner).

    Sadly these seem to be very new and only on a hand full of newer cheap China spinners so most have not tried them… but if the one I have used is anything like the rest they are the future of spinner bearings.


  • Will Moore says:

    Looks good… what happened to the “Fatty” or the other one similar to that?

  • Jerome says:

    How long should it take cause im all the way in the Caribbean, kingd ton jamaica

  • Chad says:

    1) Love the design and the flush buttons.

    2) There is a bit of a concern with this being a SUS and not a sale from inventory as, well, time management might not be your strongest side 🙂
    When are these expected to actually ship?

  • Dont says:

    Sorry but all your models before have been better … start selling your prototypes and I’m gonna buy some, but this “stubby-like tri spinner” looks almost standard …

  • john griner says:

    I think the answer is have it come with two sets of buttons. I do really want to try the flush ones, they just look so good.

  • Ethab says:

    Hi, unfortunately for me, I haven’t been keeping close track to your recent goings-on. However, I am curious, I remember a spinner you were talking about a while back (It seemed to me, before the hype really began) and I was curious if that is the spinner you are talking about launching on Kickstarter? Was that one a project that has already completed and I missed it? Thanks,


  • carlos says:

    Please send one to Brazil, tell me the account for deposit, value please contact to address, grateful

  • Noone says:

    Meh…not interested…don’t care for the flush buttons and wanted quickly removable slug in the center. Oh well.


  • Damien says:

    How much will this cost and how long will shipping be , what bearing are you using

  • Aronnson says:

    Hi Magnus! Happy to see an update, I do have a question however, in the post you mention it’s a preorder and will not ship right away. Now how long of a wait-time are we talking, i understand it’s hard for you to say but roughly speaking, are we talking 2 weeks or 2 years? Thanks in advance!

  • Ron says:

    Magnus while I admire your fortitude and drive pre-order to hype up and fund a kickstarter seems like suicide. Are you producing these or did you out source? Can you ACTUALLY deliver all pre-order and kickstarter orders without help? Don’t tarnish your good work and name listen to your customers they do not want THIS spinner.

  • Will says:

    I think both designs are spectacular. I’m definitely impressed and getting both. I had a question about the buttons though, which I love. Would the natural “wobble” of the bearing cause the button to rub against the body of the spinner when changing axis back and forth? I suppose it’ll depend on how large the gap is between the button and the body. This seems like a unique issue with this type of design since most buttons are above and below the body.

  • Ronnie Vilhelmsen says:

    Does it have a black coating? The pictures of it suggest so, I’m guessing “no” since you’ve mentioned that you don’t much like the coating quality, if so, the preview pictures seem a little misleading.

    • Stefan says:

      That’s only a rendered 3D model, incapable of giving the surface shine of tumbled Titanium, what you see are rendered shadows of a shiny texture. As soon as Magnus has a prototype and not just an image you will see that this is only Titanium — he doesn’t coat anything.

  • Tom says:

    I was waiting and was looking forward to this design

  • Thomas says:

    How long will pre orders be available at this pre order price?

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