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Titanium Wallet Progress (with photos!)


You will love me or hate me for this…

Actually, you might even love me and hate me 😛

I can’t keep this short today unfortunately (there is a little bit to explain) – so grab a coffee and I’ll wait here for you.

Okay, you’re back. Great! Let’s continue…

Just to make sure you’re up to speed (in case you’re brand new to what I do) – this post is about the titanium wallet I’ve been working on for a long time.

A titanium wallet is something I’ve been working on for, well, it seems like forever. As long as I can remember. Hell, it might even be longer than that. I’ve been asked for a titanium wallet more than any other product. People are hell-bent on it.

In fact – the last post I did on it received something like 130+ comments! So, yeah, serious stuff.

Truthfully, I’ve not been working on the titanium wallet for a year non-stop. It’s been on-and-off whenever I’ve had time to dedicate to it.



I Understand What YOU Want (I Think)

It’s funny…

In the past I never could quite grasp why there was so much interest in a wallet from me.

When I mentioned above that people keep asking me for a titanium wallet …well, that’s a bit of an understatement. I get asked over and over and over. Which is awesome (I’m not complaining!).

The form it usually takes is something like, “Magnus, I want to see YOUR take on a wallet” …or something very close to that.

In fact, whenever I post a photo or make a comment about a new product I’ve just designed …almost always someone says, “That’s all well and good Magnus …but when are you going to make the titanium wallet?!!”

But now I get it.

I finally understand why people are so over-the-top hungry for a titanium wallet from me. And it’s because there is not a wallet out there that works for them.

The reason I’m sure it’s this is because I have the exact same problem.

I’ve spent somewhere between $500 and $1000 on wallets from Kickstarter. Some good. Some horrible. But none that are great.

I’ve lost count of the number of wallets I’ve tried. They’ve been titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, plastic,  …or a combination of a few of these materials. Out of all the wallets I’ve tried only two (yes, just TWO!) have been good enough for me to even attempt to carry with me. And even then they’re far from perfect (for me at least).

And it’s not just me…

I recently had a guy email me asking when I was going to be launching my wallet. But what was interesting about this guy was he had already pledged for some ungodly number of wallets on Kickstarter already (I think it was somewhere around 60+ or 70+).

This may seem crazy. But when you think about it …it’s really not. A wallet is a very personal thing. You use it every day. I’ve bought tons of them and have not yet found one that works for me.

Long story short:

It seems the reason I keep getting asked again and again for my take on a wallet …is because there are a lot of people out there that have not yet found the right wallet for them.


I’m Realistic…

The wallet I’m making (and which is almost ready) will not be for everyone.

Yes, it’s titanium. Yes, it’s minimalist. Yes, it’s had an obscene amount of development. And yes, it’s my personal “holy grail” wallet.

But it’s not going to be for everyone.

How do I know this?


Everyone wants something different and it’s impossible (yes, I really did just use that word!) to do that.

The feedback people have given me about what they want in a wallet varies like this:

“I need it to carry 12+ cards” Vs. “No more than 4 cards is what I need”


“Just cards – I don’t carry physical cash” Vs. “If it can’t carry coins then it’s no use to me”


“It has to have a money-clip” Vs. “I don’t want a place for paper-money. I don’t use it.”

So yeah, you get the idea.

I’m not going to be able to solve everyone’s “wallet issues”.


The Selfish Solution…

Most of my designs and solutions are made with the goal of satisfying my own needs first.

Selfish for sure. But it seems to be something that works (i.e. Titanium Pen, Titanium Pencil, HangKey, etc.).

And so, if I’m heart-stoppingly-honest with you… this wallet is for me. And from past experience I have found that, if I come up with a solution I would personally use, it seems to work damn well for others too!


Why You’ll Hate Me…

Two reasons:


The wallet is not going to be 100% titanium.

It’s likely to be titanium and carbon fiber.

Here’s a “sneak peak” at part of the final prototyping process:




The wallet is going to be super-simple and for cards only for now.

This means you won’t be able to hold coins in it for sure.

But, possibly, you might be able to hold paper-money (still working on that).


Oh, actually, I lied. There is probably a third reason you might hate me…


The wallet is really, REALLY simple in terms of design.

You’ll almost certainly say, “Magnus, why the hell did it take you so long to come up that?”

But let me tell you this:

If you look through my other products you’ll find (almost without exception) that the “simpler” a design is …the longer it’s taken me to design to that point. It’s just one of those freaky, paradoxical laws of design it seems.

There are no moving parts or mechanisms …and the wallet consists of only a few pieces.

I was prototyping like a madman over the weekend and doing stuff like this (this is just for prototyping and not how the finished product will be made):




At this point you’re probably either going to be annoyed or excited.

Either way I thought it was important to get this post to you and let you know where I am and what to expect with the wallet. 🙂


Oh, one last thing…

The reason I’m not showing the wallet prototype yet is that I’m considering filing a patent for a particular part of it.

I’ve not patented anything I’ve made so far. But thinking it might be worth doing so for part of this wallet.

So, until I decide if I should (or need) to, I’m keeping the design under wraps.


If you have any questions of comments then fire away in the comment section below.