Who Else Wants To Win These Three Mind-Blowing Prizes? (…You MUST See These!)

“Who Else Wants To Win These Three
Mind-Blowing Prizes? (…You MUST See These!)




If you think competitions are usually a waste of your time, then I urge you to scroll down this page a little…

I must confess to you right now:

Personally I hardly ever enter competitions (yeah, I know, I’m a hypocrite …because I’m running this competition).

And that’s why I’ve put together some prizes so incredible that even the busiest of people will be able to spare just 16 seconds to enter.

Oh, one vitally important thing:

The reason I’m running this competition is because I’m about to launch a NEW Kickstarter project for my latest creation: a high-end, fully-titanium mechanical pencil…


…and that’s why I’m giving away prizes worth so much I’m damn near close to putting myself out of business! (I’m only half-joking here)


Here’s the FIRST PRIZE: (yes, I really am giving away this much stuff …WORTH $1587!!)



The SECOND PRIZE : (not quite as mind-blowing… but still damn good! 2 x Titanium Pens and 2 x Titanium Mechanical Pencils)



The THIRD PRIZE: (yes, it’s the last prize… but, hell, it’s still worth over $265! 1 x Titanium Pen and 2 x Titanium Mechanical Pencil)




If you want to win one of the three prizes above, then here’s what you need to do:


#1Enter your name and email below

#2That’s it!


But wait, it actually gets a helluva lot better for you – here’s why:

After you’ve entered your name and email below, then…

On the next page you’ll find some “Social Buttons” (Facebook, etc.) that, when you click them, will massively increase the likelihood of you winning one of the prizes above.

Enter your name and email below RIGHT NOW: