Ego Spinner – Update 5

Boy, have I got something to show you today!

Actually – two things.

First up:

The very FIRST production Ego spinner has been made. Yes, only one. This one:

A couple of important things…

This is straight off the cnc machine and raw. This means I have not done any of the finishing/tumbling processes on it (I wanted to get this photo to you before I run through the surface finishing process on it). So, yes, it is covered in sharp corners …sharp edges …there are “ripples” …there are machining lines.

The other thing is that I need to do some testing of this final production version to make sure it works the way I designed it to. So a little bit of testing to be done (and possibly some tweaking …but, truthfully, it’s performing pretty well so far).

Right, another photo:

As you probably recall from the pre-order page …The Ego is a fairly thick spinner. And, as a result, this gave me a little room to “play” with.

And with that extra room I’ve upgraded the Ego to have dual-bearings. Yep, you got it, your Ego spinner houses TWO bearings.

Why is that a good thing?

Well, if you’re familiar with spinners, then you already know. But this is for those who have not owned a spinner before (I know there are quite a number of people who held off buying anyone else’s spinner until I produced one …which really makes my “Ego” go through the roof :-P).

Simply put:

When a spinner is spinning and you change axis (i.e. go from holding it horizontal to holding it vertically) there is a vibration that occurs. This is always down to the bearing. It’s the shifting of the balls inside the bearing as you change axis. Some bearings are worse than others.

The dual-bearing eliminates this. Now, honestly, I understand the physics of it …but I just don’t know how to explain it. Can anyone in the comments help me out in describing why the “judder” disappears when you have dual-bearings?

Oh, and there is one more thing…

I’ve UPGRADED the bearing retention mechanism.

Initially the mechanism was going to be a “c-clip” type thing …and then I wanted to make it easier for you to insert and remove bearings – which led me down a path using some sort of screw-in/clip-in holder.

But, in trying to maintain my “impossibly high standards” (as well as aiming to simplify as much as possible wherever I can), I wondered if it was possible to just have the bearings “click” in. So my machinist and I set to work. And…

Did it work?



After a lot of testing and tweaking my machinist and I managed to get it done. Not only that …but I’ve been testing it do death with various bearings and it’s working damn well (with the caveat that ceramic bearings a little tighter to go in and out than steel bearings).

Here are a couple of the “blanks” we used to test the bearing retention as we developed it:

So, yeah, I think that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this update.

Any questions or comments?

  • Jonathan says:

    Lol…..why am I literally smiling ear to ear? Oh can someone post a link to his click pen please

  • Michael Raiola says:

    Awesome to see this coming together, dual bearings is a great idea, that was one of the things I hated most about other spinners.

  • Prof.Youichi says:

    So good,So excellent !

  • Tristan says:

    Have been eagerly anticipating another update.. And it didn’t disappoint! It’s looking and sounding awesome Magnus! Great stuff keep it up 😀

  • Sherry says:

    Whoop whoop whoop!!!!!!! Magnus,
    I can hear you speaking while I read this!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!

  • Lazlo says:

    They laughed when I told them that I bought a $145 fidget spinner.

  • Mark says:

    Wow, this is looking great Magnus

  • Sherry says:

    I actually like the chunky look just like it is!!!!!

  • KENJI HORIE says:

    I am touched by the fact that the real one was finally seen.When I saw the CAD picture, I thought ‘fat,’ but to become a double bearing!I agree with that idea!

  • Fooey says:

    A masterful piece of art. Love seeing it come to life and with twin bearings! Love these 1st looks. Thank you.

  • Cortexpilot says:

    Thanks for showing us the appreciated progress, Magnus! Good to see it in real. 2 bearings: =interesting, however i heard for this to work flawlessly they must be *perfectly* aligned…within a shared rotation plain… so it can be tricky, but you *can* do it, good luck. again: thanks for the update – the design looks great !

  • Brad says:

    Awesome, love the two bearing idea.

    Keep up the good work

  • Steven says:

    Which bearing is it ? Am I understanding correctly, no table spins ? Buttons are not raised enough ? With dual bearing system, can we use other buttons ?

  • Steve says:

    FYI….the shutter experienced with spinners is with the bar-type spinner. I forget the physics behind it all….but it’s an inherent condition when you try to change the rotating plane. This issue does not exist with the triple spinners…as you’ve produced…so the double bearing system, while very cool, may be unnecessary. I own quite a few bar type and triple spinners…and this is true of all of them.

    Either way…I’m excited to see the progress and look forward to the final product!

    • KENJI says:

      You are talking about is “rattling” due to the bar type gravity movement.
      There is always a gap between the ball and the ring in the bearing.
      A “judder” occurs in the rotation of the button shaft and wing from that gap.
      With double bearings, you can support with two parallel points, so you can eliminate “judder”.
      I am not proficient in English, so I hope I can explain with a diagram …

      • Steve says:

        Every single triple spinner I’ve used…even the ones with the same bearing retention system as a bar spinner….does not shutter at all. A double bearing ‘might’ help a bar spinner….but triples don’t need it to prevent that shutter/wobble.

  • Steve says:

    Great update! Anxious to actualy have this but went into this knowing (and desiring) your standards. I can wait longer for you to meet your own high expectations. You hang in there! Keep up the good work! Btw, is there some way of marking this spinner as the origional run to commemorate those who had the patience to wait for this first design/run? I think that would be awsome….

  • Greg Cathey says:

    Hi, I agree with Steve and Steven above him. Also, which would give longer spins, 1 bearing or 2? Will your design allow tablespins?

  • Sam says:

    Hi I also agree with Steve and Steven above and also all above them. This is very much above all standards.

  • STEFANO says:

    Great Magnus fantastic
    Thanks a lot

  • Norman Miyamoto says:

    Yes, more equally dispersed distribution.

  • Coyote says:

    Magnus, I love that I live in a world with people like you in it. If you’re ever in Bangkok, I’ll buy you a drink. Or a whore. But not both… I’m on a budget.

  • Thomas Aasen says:

    Magnus, love to hear thus update, thankyou.
    Dual bearing, perfect. I’m thinking, when you turn the spinner, the weight will go from one bearing to the other, sharing or distributing the weight. No wobbles – Great balance.????

  • Lazlo says:

    Is it still in the polishing machine?

  • Tom Robinson says:

    Hi Magnus, Are we still on track to ship in November?
    … And i may go visit Coyote in Bangkok…..sounds like fun

  • Tom says:

    An estimated shipping date would be much appreciated.
    Thanks Magnus

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