Ego Spinner – Update 6

A couple of cool things for you today…

Oh, wait, there have been some questions in the comments about shipping. Most of the comments are something along the lines of this question:

Q: “Hi Magnus, Are we still on track to ship in November?”

A: Yes. Still on track for November shipping.

Now, remember that double-bearing upgrade I mentioned in the last update? Well, after a load of testing I can confirm if works exactly as I had hoped.

Once I confirmed the double-bearing was working – we went into production mode (well, the first stage of production at least).

We make “discs” first …and then machine the actual Ego shape in the next stage.

Here are some of the “disc” blanks:



Now, here’s the second thing…

On the pre-order page the buttons were held in with o-rings. I also mentioned that I had another idea for button retention …but wasn’t sure if it would work.

Well, I’ve been testing like a madman and the new button retention method is working perfectly. Here is how the internal side of the buttons will look:


It is a simple friction-fit of the titanium pressing against the internal diameter of the bearings.

In the next update I should have some of the first finished Ego spinners to show you (well, finished the cnc-machining stage, but still to be tumbled).

Fire away with any comments or questions!

  • Chris Mcmillian says:

    How easy will the buttons be removed? Also, what are the chances the friction tabs could break from the buttons?

  • Victor says:

    After a long period of EDC, how likely are the buttons to need adjustment for retention?

  • Michael says:

    Like Chris, I’m concerned about the retention tags becoming bent or broken. Will the buttons tend to loosen over time? I trust your instincts, but it’s just not as easy to understand how they will work without experiencing them in person.

  • Steven says:

    In still wondering about replacing buttons and ability to table spin…

  • Pluis Robinson says:

    Ever consider using magnets for buttons?

  • Pluis Robinson says:

    I should have worded my question better… Ever consider using magnets to hold the buttons together?

    • Stefan says:

      As William said, magnets in the buttons slow down steel bearings, only full ceramics are unaffected. I hate (neodym) magnets if other methods exist, their production is major harm to the environment and they can do bad things to electronics and credit cards, you don’t want them in your pocket.

      I don’t think the tabs will ever bend or break. Ti grade 5 does not bend, it flexes like a spring, only *much* better than steel -> it will not wear out. Those in favor of threads should think again: titanium threads in pieces you can’t really grip but only unscrew with friction force are not a good idea (cold welding effect). The Tabs are the perfect solution IMHO.

      • Pluis Robinson says:

        Thank you for that info. I didn’t know. Your explanation makes a lot sense. Titanium tabs it is brother.

  • Bryan says:

    Those tabs will break off over time. I am surprised you are putting cheap tabs on a expensive high quality spinner. Should have two pieces with machine threads.

  • Boris says:

    To the people saying that the taps will break, those are 5 titanium tabs. If you manage to break those im actually impressed. They might get more slippery over time tho but i thing that when that time comes you either remove em to much or some fluid got leaked inside

    • Michael says:

      Boris, I agree that grade 5 titanium alloy is very strong and lightweight. I’m just concerned that slight bending over time may compromise the fit tolerance causing the buttons to become looser. I do see from Magnus’ image the tabs appear to be curved which would add to the streng and possibly not allow them to be easily bent.

  • bryan says:

    All it takes is one tab to break and it will be loose and off balance.

    • William says:

      perhaps the tried and tested screw buttons should be used?

      • Michael says:

        I like screw buttons, but I’m thinking Magnus didn’t choose them due to how flush the button is with the spinner body. The buttons barely extend just far enough to allow table spinning. It would likely make hand tightening difficult.

  • k HORIE says:

    Magnus promises a lifetime warranty.
    He will not ship fragile items easily.
    I believe him.

  • Tristan says:

    In Magnus we trust. I’m sure he wouldn’t be designing the buttons this way if the tabs were prone to failure. A thread does sound appealing to me, but as others have mentioned it may be too difficult to grip with how flush they are to the spinner body. If Magnus is choosing to go with tabs I’m sure it’s because they’re the better choice. P.S. Please please please include table spinning 🙂 Also have you considered including a unique serial number with each spinner to indicate the number in the production? I wouldn’t engrave it onto the spinner, would just be cool to have written down somewhere.

  • Thomas Aasen says:

    Magnus, everything sounds well. I’m looking so much forward. I’m a sucker for good bearings. I really like bearings that gets better with use, like hybrid ceramic bearings. I also love bearings that’s custom made or fit for spinners, and it doesn’t have to be r188 and those usual ones. Some feedback and sound I appreciate. So I was wondering, what bearings will u use and would it be possible to chance and try out other bearings?
    I’m proud to be part of this spinner, and I will for sure sign up to every spinners you will make. Now I have got an interest for pens, and those titanium ones you made, whow.
    Anyway, LOVE your work and thankyou so much for your updates. ????????????

  • Thomas Aasen says:

    Just wanted to add, since this is a custom work, I would really like, no, LOVE, if you could sign the spinner with you name or logo, and also put a serial number on it. Just as the custom makers of knives do. For those of us who collect, this would mean a lot. Of you could find a place under the buttons or on the buttons. Or just add a card or sheet with all informations on. Dates when produced, checked for quality, all data of the spinner, Serialnr. and signatur.????

    • Andrew says:

      I would prefer no logos at all. Just a clean look. I love that about most of Magnus’s products. Honestly, when he slapped that giant COGENT logo on the new prybars, it was a huge aesthetic blight.

  • bryan says:

    What about laser etching? For serial number

  • Tristan says:

    If there’s going to be any laser etching on the spinner, I hope it will be somewhere inconspicuous like under the button. Keep it clean!

  • Ian says:

    What is the status of the Ego? November was the target delivery and it is now January. Please let me know.

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