Project ZERO – Update #1

​Welcome to the first official update to "Project ZERO"!

​Firstly, thank you for your support - I really do appreciate it.

​Now, first up, I'm not going to lie to you - this journey we're going to be on over the next few months is going to be a challenge. There will be ups ...and there will be downs ...but it will be worth it. I promise you this.

​A Small Group

I'll mention now that there will not be many (if any) comments on these Update pages - because there is only a small group of die-hards who are on board for "Project ZERO".

I'm not sure if you know common website statistics ...but there is a general rule (and this goes for YouTube, Instagram, etc. too) that less than 5% of people typically comment on anything. So, yeah, statistically there won't be many comments (but, hey, you never know :-).

​Truthfully, I like it that there is only a small group of us ...espcially since I know everyone individully who is on board 😀

Still to do...

There are a number of things still to do on Project ZERO in terms of the design. Here are a few of them:


​Overall blade design (I never got it exactly as I wanted before launch). Actually, I find designing the blade very difficult - because the smallest of tweaks or adjustments to any line totally transforms the blade. So, yeah, will likely be tweaking the blade for a little while yet.

Flipper Tab

Flipper tab shape. Truthfully, the flipper tab shape you've seen in the design so far is more of a "place holder". The reason for this is that I am confident there is going to be quite a bit of testing and tweaking of the design to get it to feel right to use. So, yeah, the design of the flipper tab will most likely be towards the end.

"Screwing Up" The Screws

The backspacer screws have a bit of work to go...

Honestly, I was struggling (just like with the blade) to get the placement of the rear screws done. Take a look at this shot:

Look at that red arrow ...what a mess!

As you can see there is a bunch of work to be done there. One of the reason's it's so tricky is that I spent a LONG time getting the main two bevels right (that run down the length of the scales) ...and I'm reluctant to make any more tweaks to them.

Will play around and see what we can do.

​Pivot Screws

Take a look at the pivot screws from the current design:

The Torx size is fairly small.

However, we've just had these made for the Flixx Friction Folder knife:

While I like this shape ...It may possibly be too "aggressive" looking for Project ZERO. We will play around with this in CAD and see how it goes though.

Also, if you've observed that the pivot screw above is the same tone and colour as the scales ...nice observation. So, um, yeah, I'm sanding and tumbling the pivots to match the scales. I like "little details" like this. (Note: Ignore the little 'dot' in the center of the Torx area ..this screw is a prototype)

Actually, this reminds me of a quote:

​"The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames

​...and I think that's it for today. Please do comment below if you have thoughts to add or comments or such. 🙂

  • Barry says:

    Hi Magnus and all. I like the way the blade almost has an oriental (tanto) style to it. I think it makes the knife ‘feel’ strong, especially when offered with a damascus style steel.

    I’m sure whichever way you go it will be brilliant – just thought I would offer my thoughts.

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you Barry – appreciate your thoughts. I will keep this in mind when I next tackle the blade. The overall shape of the scales on Project ZERO are fairly “strong” looking …and so I think you’re right …the blade needs to match this to some degree.

  • John says:

    I like the larger Torx screw personally (ie. Flixx Friction Folder). A lot of real estate on the smaller torx fastener–perhaps room for concentric circles or “starburst” design surrounding torx opening?

    • Magnus says:

      That’s good to know John – it does make sense. If we do go for this same T30 Torx size …then it might not actually look too aggressive given that the size of the scales on Project ZERO will be quite a bit larger than on the Flixx.

  • Chris says:

    Regarding the flipper tab design, are you thinking the knife will have a strong or light detent? That will partially dictate what your options are.

    Interesting move matching the pivot finish to the scales! Most custom pivots I see are a decorative contrast to the handle. This uniformity must appeal to the minimalist aesthetic here. Another option would have been to make the pivot one of the timascus options.

    The flipper tab screws are a real puzzle. I wonder if having made the knife an integral design would have made this easier?

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