Project ZERO – Update #3

It's a video update for you this time...

  • Vance says:

    Quality takes time & there are no shortcuts. I want a quality product and I’m willing to wait as long as it takes. When I signed up for Project Zero I signed up knowing that there would be delays & I even expect there to be massive delays. This is a small company and they have monthly bills rent new equipment etc that have to be paid with smaller easier projects that must take priority over Project Zero. I am just grateful that there is a team like this that is focused on making quality Titanium items.

    • Magnus says:

      Vance, I really do appreciate your comment – it means a lot. Thank you. This really will be a special knife …even if it’s going to take longer than my (perhaps) overly-optimistic brain predicted. Things are starting to move now and so more videos and photos from here!

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