TiWallet™ – Update

​Firstly, an apology...

​Quite a few people who have order the TiWallet™ did not realise it was a pre-order. I am sorry for not making it clear enough on the order page (I'll do better next time!)

​Also, when I think about it, I should also have provided you with updates for TiWallet™​. I did not plan to ​provide updates for this particular product ...but, in hindsight, it may have been a good idea.

So here's what I'll do:

Going forward I'm going to start updating you (although, in saying that, shipping isn't too far away - March is the shipping date).

I've been doing a little more testing and tweaking to the wallet as well as sourcing the material. Out of interest... the TiWallet™ has been quite popular ...and as a result I've had to order almost 100kg (around 220lbs) of Grade 5 Titanium

​The titanium should be here soon. Once it is here we will prepare the sheets (typically this involved getting the rough surface finish up to around a 600 or 700 grit).

After this it will be onto the cnc milling - which should be fairly quick.

In terms of the design - There isn't really anything I'm going to change visually.

However, for function, I'm going to make the "bridge" a little thicker:

The blue areas above are what I call the bridge - this is what holds the two sides of the wallet together.

I think the current thickness is less than 1mm - and it's just not quite strong enough I reckon. I think that's really the only change though.

Again, I am sorry for not keeping you updated and not making it clear enough that this was a pre-order.