Tyke – EDC Knife Update 1

This update is long overdue for sure!

Just as a reminder… you’re seeing this page now because you pre-ordered the Tyke EDC knife.

A few things today for you:

#1 – Machining

We sold something like 113 Tykes …which totally caught me by surprise because I was thinking maybe 30 would sell (and secretly hoping we could do 50). Turned out to be a lot more than that …which is great!

It did end up changing the plan though…

I was going to make the Tyke myself because of the lower numbers …but, because it’s over 100 to be made, my machinist will be doing them (which is good because he will definitely do them faster).

He’s about to start working on them (we were waiting for the steel to arrive).

Which brings me to…

#2 – Blade Steel

The blade steel we are going to use will be …*drumroll* …RWL34.

If you recall, we were trying to decide between CPMS35VN and RWL34. I believe they are somewhat similar in terms of performance – so we were kind of on-the-fence about it.

However, we ended up going for RWL34 because of a supply issue with the S35VN. There was not enough S35VN from my supplier to produce 100+ knives. They had a decent amount of RWL34 (so I bought pretty much all of it :-P) …and so it made the decision on which steel to use fairly easy.

On a side note:

I had TONS of comments and emails asking me to use all sorts of other steels. I briefly considered offering a different steel – but it would almost certainly make the project late. I am confident in our producing the knife with RWL34 …and so I’m sticking to that!


#3 – Progress

I will confess:

The production of these knives is slow out the gate. However, from experience, once we start production – things will move along more swiftly (and with more photos too).

In the meantime, the steel has arrived:

I wanted 50mm wide steel (because it would be more efficient, in terms of material waste, for making the blades). But, alas, only 38mm was available. So be it.

As you can see in the above image the thickness is around 3.5mm (which, I think, is a little thicker than I mentioned on the order page) – this will not change anything in the design though …the blade will just be a bit thicker.

And I think that’s it!

Comment below if you have any thoughts or such. 🙂

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    I’d love to see how the knife works with the sheith. I would like to know how it stays in place and if there would be any issues having it on a key chain or around your neck on a lanyard (I would hate for it to come out of the sheith accidentally)

    Thanks for the update Magnus and I can’t wait to see this project unfold!


    • Magnus says:

      Hey Lucas, yes, for sure. I did quite a lot of testing on the prototypes in terms of the knife staying in the holder (but at the same time being easy enough to pull out).

      I’m confident in saying you will find there will be no issues there.

      I’ll do a video once we get closer to the first few being finished.

  • Hanno says:

    Will the blade thickness now be 3.5 mm? That makes a significant difference on how a blade cuts. Going from 2.1 to 3.5 is a full 60% increase and not just “a little thicker”.

  • Max says:

    Hi All,

    Totally agree with Hanno,2,1 to 3,5 mm thick blade is not “little thicker” at all 🙂
    and play big role on the cutting ability for sure.

    Please Magnus,can you confirm us the final thickness of the blade ?
    you will keep it at the 3,5mm RWL34 stock bar ?
    and so also the final “handle” thickness with Ti scales ?


  • Magnus says:

    Hanno and Maxime,

    Ah, yes, my fault entirely… sorry for the confusion.

    I’ll do an update soon on this to try and sort out any confusion.

    It was bad wording on the pre-order page… I mixed-up the words “thickness” and “width” …and at the same time forgot to provide the thickness of the actual blade.

    On the page I said width is 7mm …but what I meant by that was the thickness of the handle/holder.

    Also on the page it said thickness was 21mm …but I actually meant the width of the knife.

    In summary…

    It seems I completely forgot to provide the actual thickness of the blade steel on the pre-order page (which was initially going to be around 3.2mm or so). But, now that I’m using RWL34, it will be 3.5mm (or around that).

    Hopefully this makes sense.

    • Max says:

      Hi Magnus

      thanks for the ultra fast reply.

      you right,personnaly i was confused by measurements on the page,thicked it was a typing error and so 2,1 mm thick blade.

      for sure going 3,2 mm to 3,5 mm is not big difference,
      the way you will do the “blade grind” on this thick RWL34 stock(for a small fixed knife) will also have big importance due to this thickness,
      but I’m sure you will manage this nicely,as always. 🙂
      Allready impatient to see future updates .

      Thanks again !

  • Matt says:

    Hi Magnus,

    Just wanted to see if there’s any thoughts on when this might start shipping. Super excited to have this in my EDC!


  • Max says:

    Hi Magnus

    Same as Matt,I would like to have some news of the progress on the Tyke making and shipping,long time we do not got a update.
    Please let us know .



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