Tyke – EDC Knife Update 2

Okay, FINALLY, some progress…

The hold-up in getting started with production of your Tyke has been on the machining side of things. I sold way more than expected …and so it made a lot more sense for my machinist, Warren, to produce the knife (I could have started it earlier by doing it myself …but I would end up finishing it later!).

Warren has been working on his own project(s) recently – but has now been working on your Tyke since Friday. The good news is that, from here, things will be moving a lot faster.

Warren and I will be getting the blade sorted first. As with all our projects we will do a short run of a handful of blades first (to test the process) …and then work our way steadily through the rest.

Here are the initial blade blanks I cut this morning on the water-jet cutter:

I have just dropped these off with Warren a couple of hours ago.

By the end of this week we should have this initial test-run machined and tumbled. I’m not yet sure if I’ll take them all the way to the sharpening stage a this point – will see how it goes.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Magnus, it’s half-way through September …you’re never going to get them shipped in the next couple of weeks!”

And, you know, I think you’re right. Your Tyke will ship a little late – but not by much. I will apologises right now for this potential lateness. What I will try and do is give you a lot more updates now that we are in full-production mode!

I think that’s all I have for you today – let me know if you have any further questions or such…

  • Donald Perreault Jr says:

    I am so excited about the Tyke that I try not to think about it because I get too excited, similar to showing my Rottweiler a steak. However, I never mind waiting for a Magnus designed product because I am confident of the high quality of the product.

    It always feels like Xmas when a package from Magnus arrives. I have never been disappointed n the least with an item I have purchased from Magnus.

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