Tyke – EDC Knife Update 4

Things really are happening…

I’ve received all the holders back from my machinist (they are still in the raw form straight off the cnc machine …so a little work to do on these):


In terms of the machining of the scales for the Tyke knife – then I will be doing these myself on the cnc machine (I will be starting these shortly).

While my machinist did the main bevels on the blade …I have just finished doing the chamfering and pocketing myself on the milling machine – here’s a little look at it:


I have just finished the machining of all the blades and they are just about to be sent for heat-treatment. They should hopefully be back by the end of next week. Once they are back we will be sharpening right away.

Again, the “elephant in the room” is that this project is running a bit behind in terms of shipping. If you recall, shipping was meant to be in September, and it is has just become October! As you can hopefully see from this update …we really are getting close to them being finished. I will keep doing these updates so you know what is happening.

Also, if you have any comments or such, then please let me know. I really appreciate your support and your patience!

  • Mark Gamble says:

    Thanks Magnus, looking good mate, out of interest does the coolant get recycled through the machine?

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