High-End Titanium Products…

If you’re looking for the ultimate in high-end titanium gear, then you’re on the right page…

My name is Magnus Macdonald and I design and create original titanium products for you (someone who demands the very best and doesn’t compromise).

I update my blog almost every day with must-see stuff like my latest prototypes, exclusive one-off products and so on (click here to check it out).

To impossibly high standards,

Magnus Macdonald


The One™ – High-End Titanium Pen (Click Here To Learn More…)


The One™ – High-End Titanium Mechanical Pencil (Click Here To Learn More…)



HangKey™ – A Super-Minimalist Titanium “Dangler” For Your Keys (Click Here To Learn More…)


HookUp™ Clips – World’s First Fully-Titanium “Quick Release” Clips For Your Key-Chain (Click Here To Learn More…)



Mr Pry – High-End Titanium Pry-Bar (Click Here To Learn More…)